Help Animals Find a Home for the Holidays!

Holiday animal awareness campaign kicks off with extra help from Macy’s Boston

What better way to start the holiday Thanksgiving week than with a round of thank yous and news about what’s coming up at the ARL during the holidays!

Thanks to the generous support of Macy’s Boston, we’ve kicked off our annual “Home for the Holidays” public awareness campaign to encourage adoption and support for animals in need in our community.

After all, giving animals in need a chance to experience kindness, joy, and companionship are what the holidays are all about!

Our Home for the Holidays campaign will feature special blog posts and events, including our very successful cat food drive this past weekend to provide food for the homeless cats of Boston.

Special thanks to supporters like Abby, Dan and Tom.H (Pictured) who donated during our weekend-long Cat Food Drive!

Special thanks to supporters like Abby, Dan and Tom.H (Pictured) who donated during our weekend-long Cat Food Drive!

Feral cats have had little or no human contact for an extended period of time, but they still rely on human caregivers for food and shelter. Every day, volunteer community cat caretakers feed hundreds of cats – often at their own expense.

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously during the cat food drive!  All donations went directly to feral cat caretakers who will use the supplies all winter long.

Next up on our event calendar: Home for the Holidays adoption events!

If you’re thinking SMALL this holiday — as in you’d like to add a bunny, guinea pig, or hamster to your household — you can feel especially good when you ADOPT a new pet on Friday or Saturday this week…..Not only will you give an animal a chance at a better life, but you can save BIG!

Thanks to generous adoption sponsors, you can enjoy $20 off the adoption fees of all small animals on Black Friday, November 27, at our Boston and Brewster shelters and on Super Saturday, November 28, at our mobile location at the Needham Petco, 163 Highland Avenue.

And while supplies last, adopters of all species will also get an ARL “Home for the Holidays” pet pack.


Many amazing animals at our Adoption Centers are waiting for you take them home for the holidays! Click the photo to search ARL adoptables.

Not ready to adopt?  There are still many ways you can help animals in need this holiday season:

  1. Check out the wishlists at our shelters in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham
  2. Use Amazon Smile when you shop and select the Animal Rescue League of Boston as the charity you support
  3. Consider giving a donation to the ARL in honor of an animal-friendly friend or family member.  With a donation of $25 or more, you can select a special card, too!  Learn more

Tune in tomorrow for a special announcement about Giving Tuesday, December 1!


Our Shelters Are Closed for Veterans Day

In observance of Veterans Day, ARL shelters are closed

In honor of the Veterans Day holiday, ARL shelters are closed to the public today, Wednesday, November 11.

You can search adoptable animals now to learn more about the cats, dogs, small animals, and livestock currently looking for a home and contact our shelters tomorrow during regular hours, 1:00 pm-6:30 pm.

Boston Shelter: (617) 426-9170 or
Brewster: (508) 255-1030 or
Dedham: The shelter is currently closed for remodeling.

Thank you to our veterans for your service to our country!


ARL Rescue Assists in Capture of Brookline Cockatoo

Pet bird finally brought in after months on the fly

After several months of living out in the wilds of Brookline, Massachusetts, pet cockatoo Dino is finally back in his cage.

The ARL’s Rescue Services team stepped in to assist the owners of the bird and Brookline police and animal control last week.

Dino Brookline Cockatoo evades capture

Dino, an escaped pet cockatoo, evaded capture all summer long. The ARL rescue services team stepped in to offer assistance in his capture late last week in the hopes of bringing him before winter.

Though residents of the Brookline neighborhood had grown a bit weary of his penchant for eating siding and early morning screeching, they also felt concern for Dino’s well-being with winter on the way.

As temperatures began to plummet late last week, the urgency to bring him in grew.

Working alongside other concerned rescuers, the ARL relied on a bit of bird psychology to bring in this feathered friend.  Cockatoos can become jealous of other birds, so the team set a special trap and with a lure bird to draw Dino’s attention.

Apparently green with envy, Dino entered the cage and his rogue wanderer days were over.

This evening, Dino is headed for a visit with his veterinarian to make sure all is well.

THANK YOU to the Brookline Police, Brookline Animal Control, the other rescue and caged bird groups, and the very patient neighbors and owner of the home that had become Dino’s favorite roosting spot.  Your kindness and compassion for this wayward bird is very much appreciated!

Photos courtesy of The Boston Globe.



It’s Hip to Snip on the ARL’s Spay Waggin’!

Learn about the ARL’s largest community spay/neuter program

The ARL’s mobile Spay Waggin’ is our largest community spay and neuter program, bringing affordable, accessible, and – most importantly – high quality spay and neuter services to pet owners in Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod every month.

community spay program coordinator

The ARL’s Cheryl Traversi welcomes a new patient onto the Spay Waggin’.

As the longest running mobile spay and neuter clinic in Massachusetts, the staff on the Spay Waggin’ have been building their expertise providing mobile veterinary care since 2000.

Staffed by an ARL veterinarian and two certified veterinary technicians, the Spay Waggin’ follows the same high-level of surgical protocols as a stationary clinic and your pet’s comfort and well-being is the top priority.

Through the years, the  community reach and involvement has continued to develop, and 2014 was no exception.

Just ask Cheryl Traversi, shelter & community veterinary medicine program coordinator at the ARL.

She describes 2014 as the “best, feel-good year yet” for the Spay Waggin’. Thanks to the generosity of supporters, over 3,900 cats and dogs received spay or neuter services and other veterinary care.

The Spay Waggin’ also formed very important partnerships with the Massachusetts Animal Fund, a tax-funded spay/neuter program, as well as many local and city town officials and animal control officers. With help from new partners, the mobile program reached deeper into the local communities to help pet owners in financial need and prevent animal homelessness.

community spay program

ARL shelter veterinarian Dr. Kyle Quigley assisting a patient during last week’s Commonwealth Fix.

Last week, the Spay Waggin’ participated in the Massachusetts Animal Fund’s Commonwealth Fix, a push to spay or neuter more than 500 cats and dogs statewide in one week.  Stationed in Brockton, the Spay Waggin’ welcomed a steady stream of clients who qualified for special spay and neuter vouchers offered by the Massachusetts Animal Fund.

To learn more about the Spay Waggin’, visit

IT’S HIP TO SNIP SPECIAL THANKS! As we wind down our “It’s Hip to Snip” spay/neuter awareness campaign, we wanted to once again thank our media partners Clear Channel Outdoor, The Pet Gazette, 98.5 The Sports Hub, WEEI, WRKO, and WZLX for sharing the benefits of spay and neuter for pets, people, and the community with your readers and listeners.

We also wanted to thank the Ellen B. Gray Memorial Fund who challenged us to triple a $5,000 donation and raise $15K in 15-days for spay and neuter programs during our “It’s Hip to Snip” fund drive.  You inspired us and donors across the state to support programs such as the Spay Waggin’ that prevent animal homelessness!

And of course, thank you to supporters like you who donated during the fund drive and helped spread the word that it’s hip to snip!

hip to snip spay neuter sticker


Meet the 2015 ARL Boston Marathon Team!

Our 5th Run with a John Hancock Boston Marathon Charity Team

Boston Marathon sponsor JH

Thank you to Boston Marathon sponsor John Hancock for including the ARL in the 2015 charity bib program!

Thanks to the generosity of the John Hancock Nonprofit Program, four inspired marathoners – Chris Aronis, Mal Malme, Scott Shapiro, and Alexis Sheehan – are hitting the ground running to raise money for animals in need at the ARL ahead of this year’s Boston Marathon.

Each year, Marathon sponsor John Hancock awards a limited number of runner’s bibs to select non-profit organization in Massachusetts.  To qualify for a charity bib, runners apply to the non-profit they care about most, explaining how they will raise money to support the organization’s work.

We’re very excited to introduce the members of the 2015 ARL Boston Marathon team who have two very big goals – to raise over $30,000 and finish the grueling 26.2 mile course!

Learn more about why our team members chose to run for animal welfare and how you can support them below….

Chris Aronis boston marathon team

Meet ARL Boston Marathon Charity Team runner Chris Aronis and his Boston terrier pal.

Meet Chris

“My family has forever been lovers of rescue animals – cats, dogs, and the occasional lost creature in the wild. The cause of ensuring that every pet is safe, care for, and ultimately has a forever home is near and dear to us.”

Support Chris at

Boston marathon runner Mal Malme

ARL Boston Marathon team runner Mal Malme with a sleepy canine supporter.

Meet Mal

“My experiences as a volunteer at ARL, working alongside staff to enrich the lives of the dogs at the shelter, and helping to ensure they get adopted into loving homes, has made my life immeasurably more meaningful. Now I get to say thank you by running the 2015 Boston Marathon with Team ARL!”

Support Mal at

boston marathon runner scott

ARL Boston Marathon team runner Scott Shapiro at home with his personal cheering squad.

Meet Scott

“I’m running the Boston Marathon in memory of our first dog Gizmo and to honor everything ARL does to support our city’s animals.”

Support Scott at

boston marathon runner Alexis Sheehan

ARL Boston Marathon runner Alexis Sheehan getting a pawsitive post-run pup talk from her canine pal.

Meet Alexis

“Why I am running the Boston marathon? I was born to run this race.  I love animals and I love running.  It just doesn’t get any better than this for a runner or a human with a heart.”

Support Alexis at

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the dedicated runners on our 2015 Boston Marathon team!  Through sleet, snow, ice, and bitter cold this winter, our four team members have trained hard and worked tirelessly to raise money for animals in our community.

Show your support for team members by making a donation to an individual runner or on the ARL Boston Marathon Team fundraising page at



Thank You to Media Partners Who Say It’s Hip to Snip!

Media partners help spread the word

media partners high five

High five paw to all of our media partners who helped spread the word during our “It’s Hip to Snip” campaign!

During our “It’s Hip to Snip” campaign, several media partners stepped forward to help spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering your pet.

Please put your paws together for Clear Channel Outdoor, The Pet Gazette, 98.5 The Sports Hub, WEEI, WRKO, and WZLX for sharing the benefits of spay and neuter for pets, people, and the community with your readers and listeners.

THANK YOU! Your help spreading the word will go along way towards increasing spay/neuter rates in Massachusetts and preventing animal homelessness.

media partners thank you


Thank You Spring Cat Food Drive Donors!

Excellent turnout to support Boston’s homeless cats

cat food drive

Thank you to everyone who donated cat food during our Spring Cat Food Drive!

Thank you to everyone who dropped off cat food during our Spring cat food drive last weekend!

A steady stream of supporters brought in bags and bags of dry food, and case upon case of wet food to help Boston’s homeless cats.

All cat food donations collected during the drive went directly to feral cat caretakers in Boston.

These caretakers feed feral cats living in areas around the city on a daily basis.  They often cover the cost of providing large quantities of food at their own expense.

Your donations of food last weekend will make a huge difference in caring for animals in your community. 



ARL Assisting Bridgewater PD Dog Investigation

Providing Forensic Assistance in Breaking Case

Bridgewater Police today release information about two deceased pit bull-type dogs found on Sunday, March 15, by a local resident out walking his dogs.   Both dogs had wounds on different parts of their bodies that could be consistent with dog fighting, though their origin has not yet been confirmed.

The Police turned to the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL)  for forensic assistance to determine potential causes of the wounds.  The ARL will provide findings from the necropsy of the two dogs to the Bridgewater Police within the next several days.

In the meantime, anyone with information about this case should immediately contact the Bridgewater Police Department at (508) 697-6118.

SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING – Because 4 out of 5 cases of animal cruelty go undiscovered, the public plays a critical role in prevention.  Thank you to the concerned citizen who contacted police after finding the two deceased dogs.

You saw something.  You said something.  And it made a difference in your community.



Spay Waggin’ Clients Say It’s Hip to Snip

294 Cats and Dogs Spayed and Neutered in February

neuter numbers and clientsIn spite of the almost weekly snow storms, dedicated pet owners in Southeastern Massachusetts braved the elements to get their cats and dogs spayed or neutered on the ARL’s Spay Waggin’ in February.

February’s spay and neuter total: 294 cats and dogs!

Too many cats and dogs in Massachusetts don’t have homes.  When you spay or neuter your pet, you help prevent this problem.

THANK YOU to all the pet owners who became part of the solution in February!

It’s Hip to Snip Spay/Neuter Fact The Spay Waggin’ offers high quality, affordable spay and neuter services to clients in financial need. The Spay Waggin’s veterinarians and vet technicians have successfully performed more than 40,000 surgeries and are dedicated to ensuring clients have a full understanding of post-care procedures before they take their pets home.




Spring into Action: Cat Food Drive

Two-day cat food drive to help feed homeless cats in Boston

cat food drive

Help spread the word! Share this graphic with your followers on twitter to let them know how they can help feral cats in Boston this weekend.

Help feed homeless cats in Boston by donating unopened wet or dry cat food during the ARL’s Spring Cat Food Drive this weekend!

Saturday and Sunday
March 14-15, 10 am – 2 pm

Drop Off Location:
Lobby of ARL’s Boston Shelter
10 Chandler Street, Boston, MA

Free on-site parking!

Every day, a dedicated group of concerned citizens feed feral cats living in areas around the city. This group covers the cost of providing large quantities of food often at their own expense.

All cat food donations collected during the drive will go directly to feral cat caretakers in Boston, as well as ARL foster volunteers who provide one-on-one care to cats recovering from surgery or re-acclimating to life in a home prior to adoption.

As a special thank you for your kindness, everyone who donates food during the cat food drive this weekend will receive an ARL pet emergency pack, while supplies last.

SPREAD THE WORD: Share news about the ARL’s Spring Cat Food Drive with family and friends!  Let them know how they can help animals in need!