Kittens Abandoned in Closed Plastic Bag

Yesterday, Rescue Services responded to a call concerning kittens who were found zipped in a plastic retail bedding bag on a doorstep in Dorchester.

With the bag only being ten inches by twelve inches and three inches in width, five kittens were packed inside. The 3-week-old kittens seemed in good condition despite their stressful situation. They were taken to the League’s Boston shelter and examined by Dr. Martha Smith. After being checked out, Dr. Smith said, “They’re pretty sassy, so they should do well.”

The kittens were immediately put into foster homes and will remain there until they are 8 weeks old and able to be adopted.

One step closer to home

By Alana Mahoney

It is days like today that I feel truly grateful that I work for an organization like the Animal Rescue League of Boston.  Today my foster puppy, Jet, is now available for adoption.  He is a puppy that a lot of organizations might have given up on.  When he came to the Animal Rescue League of Boston he was diagnosed with a serious heart murmur.  I have been fostering Jet for the past two months while we waited to have a second echocardiogram performed that would determine how adoptable Jet would be.  Good news!  Jet’s heart has corrected itself and grown large enough to account for his previous condition.  He now barely has a heart murmur and was given a clean bill of health from his cardiologist.

Jet has always been a typical puppy.  His favorite thing to do is ‘hug’ people where he puts one paw on either shoulder and kisses your face.  He LOVES other dogs and has been keeping my younger dog very busy over the past couple of months.  Jet loves going to the dog park, playing with his toys, and going for car rides.  At the end of a long day, Jet would like nothing better than to snuggle up with his person on the couch and watch a movie.

Jet’s heart will need to be monitored periodically in his new home to ensure that his condition does not return and he takes an affordable medication daily.  He really is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met and really deserves a special home.  Like any puppy, he still occasionally chews on the wrong thing or has an accident in the house as he is still learning how to be a real dog.  If you are looking to adopt a puppy who has defied the odds and has the sweetest, most genuine personality, then Jet is your guy.  He aims to please and cannot wait to have a family to call his own.  Please call the shelter before coming in to meet Jet as he is sometimes at his foster home.  Thanks for reading!

Spanish Wine Dinner Tonight

Brownstone, located in the South End, is having a Spanish Wine Dinner tonight to benefit the League.

Each course will be paired with a glass of wine that compliments the dish perfectly. At $39.95, this is a wonderful deal and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the League. Please call 617-867-4142 to make a reservation. You can view the menu here.

It’s kitten season at area animal shelters

May 3, 2012

By Alli Knothe, Boston Globe Correspondent

Now that spring has arrived in New England it’s not just plants that are popping up. It’s kitten season.

Because of the warm weather, cats are having litters of kittens and filling up animal shelters, which are looking to find them homes.

Marianne Gasbarro, manager of the Animal Care and Adoption Center with the Animal Rescue League of Boston, said this is the busiest time of year for the organization.

Between May and October roughly 1,000 kittens will go through the system, she said. Last week, about 20 kittens were brought in. In April, about 100 were rescued.

“When people are looking to adopt a kitten from the end of spring to the summer and the fall they’re going to find something,” Gasbarro said.

Most of the kittens need foster care before they can be adopted.

Foster care, which lasts about eight weeks, is when a family takes in a litter of kittens and helps the mother care for them until they are old enough to be placed in permanent homes. That not only helps the kittens’ health but also exposes them to people so they’re more suitable for adoption. Before being sent to their new homes, the young cats are neutered and then vaccinated to prevent the spread of disease.

If a resident finds a litter of kittens in their neighborhood, Gasbarro urges them to call her organization. If the kittens are younger than four or five months, they can get used to people and be put up for adoption. Older cats, Gasbarro said, can be neutered, vaccinated, and released as feral cats, which are considered wild animals that cannot be adopted.

She urged those who want to take in a litter of kittens from the street to consider the amount of time and money required. The kittens should be taken to a shelter to be checked out, she said, noting that many stray cats can suffer from fleas or ticks.

Alli Knothe can be reached at

Another Happy Tail

Two more miniature horses have found their forever homes. Percy and Lucille are settling in nicely with their new family.

Their new owner has been doting on them and giving them the loving care they need. For their first check up, Percy and Lucille’s new veterinarian found them to be wonderful patients and warmed up to them quite a bit.

Percy and Lucille are inseparable and their new owner is delighted to have them. We are so happy to know that they are flourishing in their new home.

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love

This Sunday, May 6th, the League will host Paws for Celebration 2012. Special guest Oogy from NY Times Bestseller OOGY: The Dog Only a Family Could Love, along with his owner Larry Levin, will be at the event to sign books and meet fans.

 In 2002, Larry Levin and his twin sons, Dan and Noah, took their terminally ill cat to the Ardmore Animal Hospital outside Philadelphia to have the beloved pet put to sleep. What would begin as a terrible day suddenly got brighter as the ugliest dog they had ever seen–one who was missing an ear and had half his face covered in scar tissue–ran up to them and captured their hearts. Used as bait for fighting dogs when he was just a few months old, police rescued the pup and the staff at Ardmore Animal Hospital saved his life. The Levins were unable to resist Oogy’s charms and decided to take him home.

Heartwarming and redemptive, OOGY is the story of the family who took home the dog they eventually called “Oogy” – a twist on “ugly” – and made him one of their own.

Come down to Nauset Regional Middle School this Sunday to meet Oogy and participate in a great cause for the League.

Kitten Season is in Full Swing

The warmer weather brings one of the more hectic times of year for the League … kitten season.

Every year, we experience an influx of kittens starting in the months of March and April. An arrival of a litter is almost a daily occurrence. Most kittens that come into the shelter are in need of foster care before they are able to be adopted, so foster parents volunteer their time and resources. Over a period of 8 weeks, a foster parent cares for a litter of kittens providing their basic needs as well as a human-animal bond.

Kitten season will continue until the fall when the colder weather comes back. Until then, the League will continue to care for each furry bundle that comes into the shelter.

The help provided by foster parents is invaluable to us, not only for kittens but all animals in need of foster care. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, click here.