Nauset Pet Services Named Presenting Sponsor of Paws for Celebration 2013

For the second consecutive year, Nauset Pet Services in Eastham will be the presentingarlboston_paws_for_celebration-6 sponsor of “Paws for Celebration”, giving it top billing at the signature annual fundraiser for the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Cape Cod branch. Nauset Pet Services has been serving pets and their people on the Cape for forty-one years. They are a full service pet care facility offering boarding, doggie daycare, grooming, training, and petsitting services in Eastham.

“We are so thrilled and appreciative to have Nauset Pet Services as the presenting sponsor for the second year in a row,” added Sandra Luppi, Brewster Animal Care and Adoption Center manager. “Their support and generous donation gives the fundraising initiative a huge jump start. They’re a wonderful community partner.” Said Noelle Smith, co-owner of Nauset Pet Services, “We are so excited to be a part of this amazing event once again! It’s such a great day to acknowledge all that the Animal Rescue League of Boston does, as well as to celebrate our pets.”

The Third Annual “Paws for Celebration” will take place on Saturday, June 22, 2013 from 11 AM – 3 PM. The signature, annual event includes a pledge walk through downtown Orleans and pet-related activities, entertainment and vendors on the front lawn of Nauset Regional Middle School.

Last year’s event attracted nearly 2,000 people and 700 dogs. Once again, the event will be emceed by Cool 102’s Joe Rossetti and John Taylor, and WCOD’s Stephanie Viva. Among the entertainment and activities already planned are a Frisbee dog show, a police K-9 unit demo, a caricature artist doing caricatures of people and dogs, a “doggie” photo kissing booth, contests, face painting, a silent auction and, of course, the one mile pledge walk. People will be encouraged to form walk teams, recruit walkers and collect pledges from friends and family, all to benefit the adoption center in Brewster.

For more information about the 2013 Paws for Celebration event, visit

Stray Dog Finally Gets A Second Chance

SandyBlogImagine being homeless for over a year, especially in the freezing cold weather we’ve had recently. 7-year-old Sandy had been a stray for the past year or so, and was recently saved by our Rescue Team. She came to us in pretty bad shape. She was missing a lot of fur, (you can see that the fur on her tail has yet to grow back) and she was fearful of people, but with some TLC, regular meals, and a warm place to sleep, Sandy is in much better shape and improving daily! She would do best in a quieter home with older children, and maybe another quiet dog. She enjoys attention and being petted. Sandy loves to play with squeaky toys and going for walks. She already knows “sit,” “down” and “paw.”

Due to her extended time outside without proper care, Sandy tested positive for heart worm. She will be sent home as a foster to adopt until she completes her round of treatment. If you are interested in adopting Sandy please call our Boston Adoption Center at 617-226-5602 or stop by and meet her! If you’d like to make a donation to help Sandy and other animals like her you can do that too!

Dental Disease Awareness

FINNYImagine what your teeth would look like after years of not brushing. It’s not a pleasant visual but is a reality for our pets. Dental disease is an issue that can often go over looked. It’s common for humans not to consider their pets’ teeth like they do their own. However, the risks involved when our furry companions’ teeth go un-cared for can be very serious. Periodontal disease can lead to infection of the blood causing heart disease, kidney disease, or liver disease. It can also lead to infection of the mouth, making it very painful for our pets to chew.

If dental disease is diagnosed by a veterinarian, your pet will have to undergo anesthesia and a dental cleaning with possible tooth extractions, depending on the severity. As one can imagine, the bill for a procedure like this can be very costly, but is crucial to your beloved cat or dog’s health. Dr. Mekler, Veterinarian at Boston Veterinary Care, warns us that, “Dental disease can allow bacteria to get under the gum line, which can cause a sinus abscess. When this occurs it can be an emergency situation. When it comes to the gums, red means pain!”  Luckily there are many steps we as owners can take in order to prevent periodontal disease.

Dr. Davis, Veterinarian at Boston Veterinary Care, shares some advice on helping to prevent dental disease. “Brush your pet’s teeth! T/D does work.” (T/D stands for “tooth diet” and is a prescription brand of food by Hills Science Diet made specifically to help control the tartar that builds on the teeth). Dr. Davis adds that, “At this point water additives have not proven to be effective – but are undergoing clinical trials. The best way to maintain good health and avoid periodontal disease is to brush routinely. The recommended amount of brushing is every day- and at the very least, every 48 hours. Brushing any less than every 48 hours is not effective.”

For some pets, brushing their teeth may be a challenge. Dr. Mekler suggests slowly introducing brushing. This is a life time prevention and if it takes months to get your pet comfortable with it, that’s okay! Some ways to go about this are simply finding a pet tooth paste that your pet enjoys and considers a treat. Start by getting your pet used to having their teeth touched and use your finger as the tooth brush. As your pet gets used to this, you can then begin to introduce a tooth brush. You can find one at your local pet store or veterinary clinic. For our treat motivated pets, you can also incorporate a reward to help make this process easier and fun for your pet!

If you think your pet suffers from dental disease, you should see a veterinarian immediately. If your pets’ teeth are not yet a problem, then it’s important to keep them that way.  Most importantly, Dr. Shophet of Boston Veterinary care reminds us to “Brush, brush, brush!”


TeamPhotoCloseUp2Does all of this snow have you feeling a little stir crazy? If so, then come out and join the League’s Boston Marathon team on Friday, March 1 from 6:30-8:30p.m. at the Granary Tavern for an evening filled with great people, fabulous raffle prizes, and a silent auction! Items include, one week on Martha’s Vineyard, one night stay at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, a golf outing for four at Sterling Golf Club, Red Sox tickets, a personally autographed hockey puck from Andrew Ference, a gift basket from Polka Dog Bakery, a gift basket from Harpoon Brewery, a case of wine from Atlantic distribution, as well as gift cards to restaurants and many other excellent items. The best part of the night – the proceeds of the event will help the League’s marathon team raise money for the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

To support this year’s four runners and view their progress, please visit their fundraising page. You can donate online to the entire team or a specific runner.

We hope to see you on March 1!


  • Friday, March 1
  • 6:30-8:30
  • Granary Tavern, 170 Milk St., Boston
  • Downstairs area

How a Shelter Agent Nursed a Gecko Back to Health



When you visit an animal shelter, you probably don’t plan on adopting a reptile. Not surprisingly most animal shelters don’t offer small animal or reptile adoptions. Reptile care is very different from cat or dog care, and shelters are not always equipped to care for them. However, here at the at the Animal Rescue League of Boston we take in all sorts of animals and have a very well-rounded staff who are capable of caring for a variety of species of animals. One such staff member is Lex, an Animal Care and Adoption Agent at the League’s Boston branch with a passion for reptiles.


Lex & Olive

“I am a shelter agent here at League. It is well known around the shelter that I own multiple reptiles and like to go to Reptile Expos in my spare time. This is where Olive comes in.

One morning, Rescue Technician Bill walked up to me with something hidden in his sweatshirt.

“Do you want to take care of this?”
“What is it?”

He showed me a small leopard gecko. She was cold, thin, and trying to shed, but with little success. Her nose indicated an Upper Respiratory Infection. She was abandoned in an apartment and left for the cleaning crew to find. Luckily, they contacted us to take her. Our Rescue Team usually brings these types of reptiles to rescue groups designed to care for them, but Bill knew I would love to care for her. Reptiles are often found abandoned or as “stays,” meaning they were let loose. People often don’t know where to turn if they have to surrender such an animal.

Olive being bottle-fed.

Olive being bottle-fed.

Olive was really upset when she came in and rightly so. I brought her home where my fiancé and I nursed her back to health. She saw Dr. Mertz at the New England Wildlife Center for a medical checkup and medication. We had to force feed every day, because she was underweight and unwilling to eat on her own. We also had to soak her a couple of times a week and spray her down with reptile shedding aid. Overtime, she improved to the point where she started to eat on her own. She also became comfortable with us and her temporary home. Her personality started to show through as resilient, playful, and a little sassy. She was often comical when she would shake her head so fast that her food would fly out of her mouth, basically a reptile’s way of saying YUCK!

Two weeks ago Olive was brought back to the League’s Boston branch and deemed adoptable. She was still a little underweight but improving with a hearty appetite for meal worms. (Geckos often take time to build up the fat reserves.) She no longer has full fingers due to poor shedding in the past, but these are just proof of how resilient this little lady is, since she still climbs all over her cage accessories.

Geckos make great beginner reptile pets and they live a long time. To help out abandoned reptiles like Olive, you can donate reptile items at one of the League’s Adoption Center or support our cause by donating online.” – Lex, Animal Care and Adoption Agent

We are thrilled to say that Olive was adopted this past weekend! Thank you Lex for taking care of this lil’ gal and nursing her back to health! We are so thankful to have dedicated staff like you!


Lex, Olive and Olive’s new dad, as Olive gets ready to go to her new home.

Donate Maybe

Donate Maybe is a video by one of our Boston Marathon runners, Maureen Doran. Watch her fun, animal-centric take on Call Me Maybe and donate!

Hop On Over And Adopt A Rabbit


Tulip was recently adopted!

February is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month and we have a few rabbits waiting for a wonderful home at our Dedham Adoption Center. Rabbits can make great pets for the right people, meaning someone who doesn’t mind a pet that they’ll spend just as much time observing as handling. If you’re someone who isn’t looking for a pet that will require your constant attention, then a rabbit might be a good choice for you. They are very smart and make excellent pets for city dwellers.

Michelle Chandler, Assistant Director of the Annual Fund at the League and mom to 3 year-old Scofield said that “one of the benefits of having a rabbit in the city is that they are great apartment pets. They are quiet, low maintenance and do not take up much space. Also they are trainable – my rabbit is litter box trained so he can spend hours outside of his crate exploring the apartment.” Michelle also notes that “before allowing your rabbit to have free reign do make sure apartment is bunny proof – they love to chew – on everything including electrical cords.”



Mocha is one of several rabbits available for adoption at our Dedham Adoption center. She is a very sweet 1 year-old female Rhinelander mix. She was found as a stray and gave birth to 7 baby rabbits in the shelter! She was put in foster care while she nursed her babies and has been well socialized. She will be spayed before her adoption. If you are interested in adopting her please call the Dedham branch of the Animal Rescue League of Boston at (781) 326-0729 for more information or stop by the shelter to meet her!



Hans is currently the only rabbit at our Boston Adoption Center. He is a is a super sweet and friendly 1 year-old neutered male Dutch rabbit who was transferred to the League from another shelter. Stop by our Boston Adoption Center to meet him or give us a call at (617) 226-5602.

The People’s Choice For Best In Show Is…


The people have spoken and Diesel was shown the most love in our “Best In Show” Rescue Dog contest! This will be an extra special Valentine’s Day for Diesel. This sweet pup had been at our Boston Adoption Center since Christmas Eve and was just moved to our Brewster Adoption Shelter in hopes that someone will adopt him there. The staff at our Brewster shelter just sent us the photo below of Diesel in his new Valentine’s Day gift, a red jacket to keep him nice and warm!

Diesel’s ideal home is one where he will be the only dog. He loves the attention of his human companions and needs someone who will give him the time he deserves, after all, he’s been through a lot. He’ll do best in an adult home without any children. He is undergoing an evaluation this afternoon and will be available for adoption tomorrow. If you are interested in adopting Diesel please visit him at our Brewster shelter or give them at call at (508) 255-1030.

diesel 035