Fundraiser to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston in Brewster and the Academy of Early Learning


The League’s Cape Cod branch is Brewster is equipped with a stable and paddock to accommodate large animals as well as an animal housing and adoption center for a variety of domestic animals.

Help the shelter animals in Brewster by visiting Cape Maid Farms in Hyannis and donating and/or contact Sara Provos at to make a donation if you are unable to stop by the store. Donation forms will be available at Cape Maid Farms for anyone who prefers to make an in store donation.  For donations of $5 or more, a snowflake will be hung up as a way to say THANKS!

“Every child and pet is like a snowflake.  Each sparkles in a different way—some are playful, some refined. But, unlike fragile snowflakes that fade when the sun appears, children and our pets grow even more beautiful with every passing year.”

Feline Focus: A Cat Who Laughs

LaughingLe-Lo…Well, we don’t really know if he’s laughing, but it sure looks like he is!

On this “Meow Monday” we’d like to share the “Happy Tail” of Animal Rescue League of Boston alum Lee-Lo who was adopted from our Boston Adoption Center in September. Here’s what his new mom had to say about him:

“I would like to share with you this unusual photo of Lee-Lo, my wonderful one-year, four-month old Lilac Point Siamese cross whom I adopted from ARL on September 25, 2012.  I have many many great shots of his adorable self but this one is a fave because it looks for all the world as if he’s laughing!



He is such a mischievous scamp — more like four months than a year plus four!  I call him the Cat Without Boundaries…he’s indoor-only, of course, but even within my one-bedroom Beacon Hill apartment he’s so curious and athletic that I’m continually amazed at the places he can get to, it’s a good thing I’m a patient soul with a good sense of humor!  He brings so much joy to my life!

After Toby, my previous love of a cat, died at age 15 in July 2011, I doubted I’d ever stop grieving long enough to let another little dude into my heart, but magically, thanks to ARL, it did happen…and I am l really looking forward to the holidays and getting a Christmas tree and seeing how long it takes Lee-Lo to climb to the top!” Annie, Boston

Annie, thank you for sharing an update on Lee-Lo, we are so happy that he found a wonderful home where he can flourish and be himself!

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Don’t Miss This Pet Friendly Holiday Event!


Credit: Maria Uribe

Always wished that your canine companion could join you in some holiday fun? Well this is a tree lighting that celebrates the amazing pets in your life while helping animals in need, and your four-legged-friend is more than welcome to join the fun! Additionally, it’s only about two blocks away from our Boston Adoption Center, so stop by and see who’s looking for a new home this holiday season!

tree_lightingJoin us today for our tree lighting on the BCA Plaza in the heart of Boston’s South End! An afternoon of family-friendly entertainment and art-making culminating in the SouthEnd holiday tree lighting with Mayor Menino! Also featuring the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Holiday Tree for Pets. The festivities begin at 3pm and the League’s tree lighting will take place at approximately 4pm. Our lead sponsor, Polkadog Bakery will have goodies for your pup and there will be plenty of fun photo opportunities for you and your pet! We hope to see you this afternoon and remember we will be hanging ornaments on the tree throughout the month of December.

“Thank you” to our generous sponsors:

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Adoption Spotlight: Spock

spockBeam him up, Scotty. Eleven-year-old feline Spock is looking to find his forever home. He was brought to the League when his owners were moving and couldn’t take him with them.

Spock loves to lay in the sun and be spoiled with petting. Though he is older, Spock still has the spunk of a 6-year-old. He has been declawed so he must remain indoors since he only has limited defenses when outside. Spock is very mellow and would do well in a more relaxed home.

Interested in giving Spock a forever home this holiday season? Stop by and visit our Boston shelter or, if you’d like to help Spock out, make him a star by purchasing an ornament in his name for our Holiday Tree today!

Are You Ready For The Tree Lighting?

Are you ready for our tree lighting on Saturday? Our volunteers and Earl Grey sure are!

Don’t forget to order your ornaments for the Holiday Tree For Pets. We will be hanging ornaments throughout the month of December!

To R.S.V.P. for the tree lighting visit our Facebook event page.

The Tree lighting is at 4pm and the festivities begin at 3pm. Everything will take place at the BCA Plaza on Tremont Street in the heart of the South End. We hope to see you and your canine companion on Saturday! Don’t miss it!

Earl Grey

Photo Credit: Maria Uribe

NEWS: Injured Puppy Receives Life Changing Surgery


Kelly Willett of BVC holds little Snowball.

***Breaking News: A 7- month-old Maltese puppy with a broken left paw was recently abandoned at the Metrowest Cat Shelter in Ashland. This little pup was left outside the building in a crate on a cold night with a note that read “I am sorry to do this but I am leaving this dog here [because] unfortunately, I have no money to care for him. His vaccines are not up to date and I believe his left foot is fractured.”

An X-Ray of Snowball's broken paw.

Ashland municipal officials quickly reached out to the Animal Rescue League of Boston to provide the complicated and costly orthopedic surgery necessary to alleviate the dog’s pain and allow him to walk normally again. League Veterinarian Dr. Hugh Davis, DVM of Boston Veterinary Care performed the delicate procedure, and the Animal Rescue League of Boston is covering all costs associated with this pup’s surgery, care and rehabilitation. The staff has lovingly renamed this playful bundle of joy, “Snowball.”

SNowball before his surgery with Dr. Hugh Davis of BVC.

Snowball before his surgery with Dr. Hugh Davis..

Thankfully, Christmas has come early for Snowball and he is now getting the love and care he deserves. Snowball is now recovering under the watchful eye of our dedicated staff at our Boston Adoption Center. For now he has to wear a cast, but he’s adjusting to it quickly and excitedly hops about whenever someone approaches him. Despite all of the hardships that Snowball has endured he is very affectionate and longs for human attention.

At this time we desperately need your help to offset the costs associated with Snowball’s care and rehabilitation. If you would like to help Snowball and other animals like him please make a donation today. Another way you can help Snowball is by making a wish for his swift recovery or dedicating an ornament to him on our Holiday Tree.

Any donations are greatly appreciated, thank you for helping us save neglected and injured animals like Snowball!

Snowball after his surgery with Naomi, Lead Adoption Liaison at our Boston Shelter.

Snowball after his surgery with Naomi, Shelter Supervisor at our Boston Shelter.

A Merry Mutt and Her “Happy Tail”

Daisy & her owner, Tammy at Singing Beach

Happy belated 15th birthday to Daisy!

This sweet ARL alum was adopted in October of 1998 from the League’s old branch in Salem. Here’s what Daisy’s owner had to share with us:

“I adopted Daisy in October 1998 at the League’s old branch in Salem.  She appeared to be a whippet/lab mix with boundless energy.  At 11 months old, she was all black, with an angel-shaped white patch on her chest and white splotches on her paws.  She came with her name, which seemed to fit her, so I kept it.  Daisy has been the best dog a human could ever ask for.  She loves to go for walks and rides, and she is happiest when she’s lounging in the sunshine in her back yard. We celebrated her 15th birthday in November 2012 with a romp on Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea. 

I organize a social group for dogs and their owners called Merry Mutts Meetup of the North Shore (  Since its inception in 2007, Daisy and I have led more than 200 events, including three bowling fundraisers for the ARL.  Initially the group’s doggy leader, Daisy is now more of the senior stateswoman.  She doesn’t hear too well anymore, and she experiences occasional arthritis in her hind quarters, but she’s still quite spry for her age.  Everyone who meets Daisy loves her sweet disposition and often comments on her happy, dainty prance.  It is because of the Animal Rescue League that Daisy and I found each other.  I don’t know how much longer she will be with me, but I count every day with her as a blessing.  Thank you, ARL!”

Feline Focus: So Glad I Adopted An Adult Cat



Remember Kelly the 5-year-old female cat from Dedham who was featured on our blog and adopted shortly after? Well, her new dad, Tim, recently sent us an email with an update on her progress. The most important thing to take away from his message? “For anyone who is thinking that adopting an adult cat isn’t a good idea: … Kelly is wonderful and I’m so glad I adopted her rather than a kitten.

Tim, thank you so much for updating us on Kelly’s progress. We are so thankful for amazing adopters like you!  You can read Tim’s entire update below:

“First – thank you to all the staff at the Dedham shelter. You are all great and I really appreciate your help in adopting Kelly.

‘Kelly’ (I do want to give her a non-shelter name) is doing great. She started purring as soon as she got home, and has been purring regularly since. She has been slowly opening up and becoming a very affectionate cat, and has become more playful each day. She greets me at the door when I get home, excited to see me and get attention. She also excitedly greets all my guests at the door, introduces herself and gets a good scratch from each new entry.

She’s the perfect kitty for me. She came with a little attitude – likely to nip or swat when she was done with getting pat. But I found that she’s usually trying to move from pat to play. She stopped with the nipping (but the swatting is there – and only playful) and now I can tell when she has had enough pat and I need to pull out the ‘stick’ toy and play with her (stick being mouse on cord attached to stick) – she’s a lot of fun to play with.

Currently, she’s snoring fiercely on a windowsill behind me where she was looking out at the neighborhood. I expect as soon as I move from my office nook she will follow me to the sofa and curl up against me as I watch a movie.

Again thank you very much for helping me adopt this wonderful kitty.

If I could ask one more thing: I want to give her a new name (post shelter) and if you have any suggestions I’d appreciate it. I just call her ‘Kitteh!’ now, but would like to find something else that would suit her.

Oh – last – for anyone who is thinking that adopting an adult cat isn’t a good idea: ………… Kelly is wonderful and I’m so glad I adopted her rather than a kitten.” – Tim

Cat lovers, don’t forget to order an ornament for your beloved feline for our Holiday Tree for Pets!heart-example-with-cat2