The Newest Recruit

Poppy, an 8-month-old Labrador-hound mix, graces the cover of today’s Boston Herald with Brewster Shelter Manager Sandra Luppi.

Poppy arrived in Brewster a month ago after being transferred from our Dedham shelter. She is a very smart pup that has been described as having an abounding energy.

Poppy’s lively demeanor and ability to focus was a perfect fit for the Plymouth County’s Sheriff Department, resulting in her adoption. This rambunctious girl will enter a 10-week training program to eventually become the police unit’s drug sniffing dog.

Lt. Barney Murphy, a Barnstable County deputy sheriff, said, “She will be a superstar. I know it’s in her.”

Congratulations to Poppy and her new forever friends! To read the full article in the Herald, click here.

Help Support the League’s Spay Waggin’

On June 29th, K-9 Daycare in Weymouth will be grooming to support the League’s Spay Waggin’.

Half of all grooming proceeds for the day will go directly to help Spay Waggin’, which provides low-cost spay and neuter services for all who need it. The Spay Waggin’s staff work hard to provide this service, so K-9′s groomer will work free for that day in support of them.

K-9 Daycare will also be accepting any sheets or old blankets to donate to the League’s shelters. Call 1-781-331-6400 to book your grooming appointment,or donate online.

A Special Adoption

Last week we met Parly, a stray kitten found in Everett. She’s a beautiful girl, but we immediately noticed that she staggers and stumbles as she walks. Thankfully, we are well-prepared to help.

Our staff veterinarians found that she has “cerebellar hypoplasia” or CH, which affects the balance centers of her brain. We feared that, like many other CH kittens, she would be unable to eat properly and would injure herself from frequent falls. If she was unable to use a litterbox, it would affect her chances of being adopted into a loving home.

At the League, we always make a special effort for animals like Parly. We placed her into foster care with Deb, a League staff member, to get to know her a little better. The first thing Deb noticed was how lovely she is. “She’s addictive – you just can’t stop spending time with her.” Even though she finds it hard to walk, Parly is very friendly, loves to play and cuddle, and is fearless – she isn’t scared of dogs or children.

She’s able to use a high-sided litterbox too, so we’ve approved her for “special adoption.” We’ll provide a letter from the vet describing her special needs, and a careful owner will find that she makes a wonderful addition to their home.

At the Animal Rescue League of Boston we excel at special cases like this. Our rescue staff, veterinarians, foster familes and shelter staff all work together as a team so that special kittens like Parly can find a forever home.

All this work is only possible thanks to your support. Have you made a gift recently? If not,please click here to make a contribution, and save an animal like Parly, today.

Toto the tornado kitten, one year later

Check out our friends Jonathan Hall and Toto – the Brimfield tornado’s tiniest survivor and star of a widely popular children’s book – on NECN today. We’re so glad to see them doing so well after what they, and so many others, went through last year. We are thinking of all of the people in western Mass. who continue to rebuild their lives. We wish them our best.

ASPCA Grant Helps Support Neglected Miniature Horses

Thursday, May 17, 2012 – 12:45pm

Last month, the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston and the MSPCA Nevins-Farm rescued 34 miniature horses kept on a small property in West Boylston, Massachusetts. The overwhelmed owner voluntarily surrendered the severely neglected animals after a state veterinarian concluded their basic needs were not being met.

“These horses were extremely malnourished due to an alarmingly high level of intestinal parasites,” explains Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore, director of veterinary medical services at the ARL of Boston. Dr. Smith-Blackmore adds that the horses’ hooves were in very poor condition, and that they were also suffering from severe skin infections known as “rain rot” from living outside without shelter.

To help cover the costs of caring for and medically treating the horses, the ASPCA granted $9,000 grant to the ARL of Boston.

The ARL of Boston is happy to report that 17 of the 19 mini horses in its care have been placed in loving, permanent homes. The remaining two minis continue to be cared for by ARL of Boston’s Animal Care and Adoption Center staff in Dedham. Both horses require additional socialization and are growing more confident every day. The ARL of Boston is hoping to place them in permanent homes soon.

“We would like to thank the ASPCA for being there when we needed them,” Dr. Smith-Blackmore says. “Their financial support allowed us to focus on these horses’ care and rehabilitation by relieving some of the budgetary pressure of such large-scale rescue effort.”

A Celebrity Sighting

Many thanks to BVC client and local celebrity Catie Copley and her owner Joe Fallon for sharing their “moment” with Bernadette Peters who was recently in town performing with the Boston Pops.

Note Catie’s stylish Animal Rescue League of Boston vest…

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The Magic Zoo artist, Merry Rosenfield wants to donate 17% of all her sales during their 5 day only online benefit for the League.

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An Exotic Adoption

About a month ago, the League’s Rescue team had quite a weekend rescuing a Chinese Golden Pheasant and a Florida King Snake.

The pheasant, now named Phil, has taken up residence at our Brewster shelter while he waits for his forever home. Pheasants are quieter birds, but Phil gets along with chickens rather well. Since Phil is considered an exotic species, his new owner will need to obtain a permit to care for him.

If you would like to learn more about Phil, click here or visit our Brewster shelter.

Billy’s Happily Ever After

By Hannah Harvey

Billy sat up as I approached him. His green eyes met mine, and it only took a moment after I had taken a seat for him to curl up next to me. He hadn’t had a good chin scratch in a few hours, and though he’d been showered with toys and soft bedding, I could tell he was lonely. As I sat and talked with him, Billy rolled back and forth, embracing the human interaction. He found a comfortable position, asked for belly rubs and gently reached a soft, white paw toward me. Without a long tail to get in the way, he curled perfectly into the round top of his small cat perch. Considering what Billy had been through, he seemed to be more than okay with how life turned out for him.

Billy, a former nomad, arrived at the Animal Rescue League of Boston in the middle of March. Half of his tail was missing and had become infected. After examining the tail, shelter veterinarian Dr. Doyle said, “His wound on his tail looked old but had significant infection and redness,” and she noted that he was likely very uncomfortable. It became apparent that because of the infection Billy would have to lose an additional three to four inches of his tail.

Unfortunately, Billy’s tail was not healing as well as expected after the amputation. After performing some tests, it was discovered that Billy had at one time been exposed to Methicillin-resistant Staph aureus, or MRSA, a type of bacteria that is very resistant to common antibiotics. The veterinarians did not know for certain how Billy could have been exposed to MRSA, but because he was a stray with an open wound the risk for contracting MRSA from an affected animal or person was much greater. Luckily, after days of having his amputation site cleaned regularly, Billy began to improve. During the recovery process, Dr. Doyle described him as “unfailingly sweet and patient the whole time.”

Based on his extremely friendly interactions with everyone at the Animal Rescue League of Boston, staff members were confident that he would find a home. On Wednesday, May 16 a wonderful couple came in to see Billy, having heard about him from their daughter. The couple instantly fell for Billy’s sweet nature and filled out an application to adopt him. They took him home that day. Shelter staff were happily greeted with an email from his adopters the next day, which included pictures of his happy ending. After a rough, lonely start to life on the street, Billy finally found his family.