Running 26.2 miles for the League

This April, three supporters are taking their passion for the League’s mission to the streets as part of the 2012 Boston Marathon.

The runners are:

They will be running 26.2 miles between Hopkinton and Boston to raise $15,000 to support the League’s work. Marathon bibs were provided by John Hancock.

Click their names to learn more about their participation in the 2012 Boston Marathon and to make a donation to support their efforts.

Fur Ball 2012

Join us for a dance party to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston and its programs on Friday, March 23rd, 2012 at the Foundation Room, House of Blues Boston.

The Fur Ball will feature DJ Big Missy playing the hits of the 1970’s and 1980’s, a silent auction of amazing items, and a “Best Dressed” competition. All proceeds from the event will benefit the League.

For more information visit the Fur Ball 2012 website.

Photos from the 2009 Fur Ball

The Foundation Room at the House of Blues Boston

Paws for Celebration 2012

The League’s Cape Cod branch will host the second annual “Paws for Celebration” fundraiser on Sunday, May 6 from 12-4pm at Nauset Regional Middle School in Orleans.

The day-long event for people and pooches will include a pledge walk through downtown Orleans and pet-related activities, entertainment, contests, vendors and food on the lawn in front of the middle school.

The event will kick off at 12pm and the one-mile pledge walk will begin at 1pm. Participants can visit vendors in the park, shop, eat, enjoy demonstrations and entertainment, and participate in activities for them and their dogs, including a photo kissing booth, paw print ornament making and much more.

There is no cost to visit the lawn activities, but walkers are encouraged to register with a $25 donation and to collect pledges. A fundraising website will be online shortly where walkers can register and create personal fundraising pages.
For more information visit Paws for Celebration or contact Marci Tyldesley at or 508-317-4345.

Remember Us Too

Huge thanks to Becca, Emily and Abby of who visited the League last week to deliver the proceeds of their fundraising efforts.

They created for their Bat Mitzvah social justice project to support passage of Bill S.682 which allows judges to include pets in restraining orders. They designed and sold over 200 special “S.682 Remember Us Too” bracelets, contacted legislators to advocate for the bill, and collected blankets and other items used in our shelters.

On their visit, they met the cats and dogs in the shelter, including Nana, (pictured below) and presented the League with $520 in donations. It was so inspiring to meet them and see their commitment to making a difference for animals. Visit their website to learn more.

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It’s a lonely life for a dog without a home.

Bud was living on a landfill site at the Covanta Inc. facility in Haverhill, MA. He was first spotted in April of 2011, but was wary of humans and would not come close enough to be put on a leash. He was wearing a collar, but who knows how long he’d been homeless and alone?

Dogs are social animals and are most comfortable as part of a loving family. Aside from being exposed to the elements, disease, danger and a lack of food, Bud must have been lonely.

With winter coming, the staff of Covanta were concerned about Bud living outdoors in the cold. They contacted Granite State Dog Recovery (GSDR) who contacted us for help, as we have a dedicated Rescue team who know how to catch a dog like Bud, and specialists to care for him once he arrived at the shelter.

ARL Rescue staff visited the site and, along with Covanta and GSDR, installed a special cage with tasty food, a comfortable bed and a magnetic trapdoor. When Bud entered the cage for food, the door closed and he was finally safe.

Bud is now in the League’s care and has already allowed our staff to pet him, a major step forward in getting used to people.

He will soon meet our veterinarians for vaccinations and a full health check-up, and visit our behavior specialists to prepare him for domestic living. When he’s ready, our adoption agents will find him a loving forever home.

Taking care of Bud has been a community effort. Covanta, GSDR and the League are all looking out for him, but most important are the donors like you who make this work possible. Congratulations and thank you for your support!

See more photos of Bud on GSDR’s Facebook page and stay up to date with the League on ours.

Dedicated effort and enthusiasm lead to 30 weekend adoptions at Boston

Ever wonder what it’s like finding forever homes for the animals that come to the Animal Rescue League of Boston – particularly not-so-easy-to-place animals – possibly older or shyer or having a harder time adjusting to new situations?

This past weekend saw 27 cats 2 guinea pigs and a dog adopted from the Boston shelter, and the staff-volunteer internet grapevines were humming! Some comments:

“Whoo hoo! We had both quantity and quality in adopters this weekend! Best of both worlds!”

“Great day for adoptions … Sooo glad I could make it in for my Sunday shift! Special shout-out to the volunteers and staff who rocked it today :-): Javier (left) went to a phenomenal couple who have an older, deaf dog at home… I looooved these people!!! Valkyrie (below) went to an awesome lady within the first 10 minutes of adoption opening! She walked in and asked if she could see Valks who she had fallen in love with online. Valks climbed into her lap and sat there for 20 minutes while she filled out the app – the decision was made by 1:10.”

“Today was great not just because so many animals moved out the door, but also because all the adoptions that happened were great ones.”

“[Initially shy] Dusty was amazing with her adopters. She let both of them pick her up and hold her and she gave them headbutts. They could not have been happier. [Eight-year olds] Moe & Bandit’s people initially came in for just one cat but fell in love with M&B’s looks and had to have them both. (Note: two 8-yr adoptions cost less than a single kitten: $150 compared to $155.)”

“[Initially very shy cat] Top Hat’s adopter was super awesome, too. She came in for Javier (met him yesterday) but was a few minutes too late today; she adopted Eloise 2 years ago (tabby w/ white face) and has an 11-year-old dog. She liked Top Hat (top right) more than [not-so-shy] Sherlock because Top Hat was more of a challenge. But by the time she was done with Top Hat, he was curled up in her lap and taking treats out of her hand. Great adoption! ”

“Schone was adopted from the back. She’s going home to a really nice couple who have another cat at home. Two younger females adopted [longer-time resident] Hunny Bunn. They wanted an older cat and spent time with our older cats in adoption, but fell in love with Hunny Bunn in the feline suite. She was a total love and lap cat with them – maybe she’s just particular!”

You can view a list of all available dogs here, all available cats here  and other animals here.

Dr. Martha Smith Named ‘Emerging Leader’ in Veterinary Medicine

Please join us in congratulating the League’s Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore who has been named an “emerging leader” in the field of veterinary medicine by the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA). This is a well-deserved honor for a gifted and compassionate voice in the animal welfare community.

The MVMA has provided her with an all-expense-paid scholarship to the 2012 American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Leadership Conference that is taking place in Chicago this weekend.  The conference is designed to help participants better understand the myriad of opportunities and challenges of team leadership in an animal humane/veterinary care-based organization.

An alumna of the Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine (1997), Dr. Smith-Blackmore joined the Animal Rescue League of Boston veterinary staff in 2001 and was named Director of Veterinary Medical Services in 2006.  She currently serves as President of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians and is on the AVMA Animal Welfare Committee and the American Heartworm Society Board.

She continues her affiliation with Tufts as a Fellow of the Center for Animals and Public Policy and as a Clinical Assistant Professor.

Home for the Holidays – Donner and Blitzen Update

December 29, 2011 – We wanted to share some good news. Donner and Blitzen – 2 dogs taken into our care after being starved and abandonded earlier this month - are friendly, energetic and enjoying playtime together in our play yard. Blitzen is a little shy around people but is warming up toward her caretakers. Both dogs are sweet and have a great time running and playing together.

Our staff have been carefully monitoring both dogs’ body condition, and they are beginning to gain weight. They look great. Having been exposed to the elements, Donner and Blitzen also have minor skin irritations (called dermatitis) that our Shelter Medicine team is successfully treating. They will remain under our care for the time being as they continue to recuperate.

We are humbled by the outpouring of generosity, love and concern for Donner and Blitzen. Thank you for making the holiday season here at the League a brighter one.