1 Person, 286 Cats And Kittens!

rose & henry maxwelOn March 19, Rose Hendricks celebrated her 11 year anniversary of being a foster parent at the Animal Rescue League of Boston! Her first foster was “Zippy”, a big orange cat with a broken hip that needed cage rest 6 weeks. Since then Rose has fostered 286 cats and kittens! Thanks to amazing foster parents like Rose, the League to take in hundreds more animals than we would be able to otherwise.

After so many years of fostering, Rose still loves it! “There’s so much I love about fostering, first is the feeling that you are really helping the cats in need: they’ve been surrendered or were found as strays and put into a cage in a room surrounded by other cats, probably very frightened, and I can give them a warm, quiet loving home with lots of food, space and toys. They are able to thrive in this environment. I feel like I’m really making a difference in their lives” said Rose. “Every time I get a call to pick up a new cat or kitten it’s like Christmas – getting a wonderful surprise. I also enjoy observing their behavior - I sometimes feel like I’m a researcher observing animals in the wild, because I’ve been exposed to so many interesting feline personalities. And who wouldn’t love being able to play with kittens all the time? I feel so lucky!”

Thank you, Rose! We so appreciate the work of foster parents like YOU!

Becoming a foster parent for the Animal Rescue League of Boston is one of the most important ways you can help the animals in our care. Our shelters in Boston, Brewster and Dedham are always in need of great foster parents.

Diamond: She Can Be Your Hero

DiamondDiamond is a large American Staffordshire terrier at our Dedham Adoption Center. She is incredibly sweet and knows basic obedience commands. She is well behaved and hasn’t had any accidents inside her kennel. She loves to cuddle and may be a good jogging partner as she loves to go on brisk walks. Because Diamond is a large dog who can sometimes become jumpy when she is excited, we recommend that she goes to a home with no children or only children over the age of 13. Diamond is selective about which dogs she gets along with, so we also recommend that she goes to a home with no other dogs.

Diamond is spayed and she has been vaccinated and given a clean bill of health by a veterinarian. Her adoption fee is $205.00. If you are interested in Diamond or have any questions, you can visit her at our DEDHAM SHELTER or give them a call at (781) 326-0729.

Upcoming Microchip & Rabies Clinic In Dedham

Photo: Maria L. Uribe

Photo: Maria L. Uribe

The League is offering a low-cost microchip and rabies clinic at our Dedham shelter on Saturday, April 6. If your dog or cat is not microchipped we strongly encourage you to stop by on April 6. With the warm weather approaching, pets will be spending more time outside and indoor cats may be eager to slip out the door. If your microchipped pet escapes and is found by a local Animal Control Officer, he can be identified and returned to you.

Here are the details:

  • Saturday, April 6 
  • 10am to 2pm
  • Dedham Adoption Center at 55 Anna’s Place
  • Price is $5 for the rabies vaccine ($2 for senior citizens) and $15 for microchips ($12 for senior citizens).  Proof of prior vaccination with valid dates must be given in order for pets to receive a 3 year rabies vaccine.  

Cat Of The Week: Bette Midler

BetteMidlerBlogBette is an independent yet playful 6 year-old spayed female cat who was brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston due to allergies in the previous home. Her favorite toy is a wand toy and likes to eat greenies treats. Like any star, Bette can be a little bit of a diva and she likes to accessorize with with feathery cat toys! Because of her high energy and free spirit, she would do best in a home without young children.

For more information on Bette Midler stop by our Boston Adoption Center or contact us at 617.226.5602.


Bar Mitvah Project For Animals

We’re always excited and touched when young people like Toby here, choose to do something meaningful for animals for their Bar Mitzvah project. Last Friday 13-year-old Toby from Needham dropped of this donation at our Dedham shelter. For months he collected towels, crates, carriers, food and pet supplies to donate to our shelter animals. Young people like Toby, are inspiring other teens to become more involved with helping the League. There are so many ways to donate and make a difference. How will you help? A big “thank you” to Toby for showing how it’s done! Keep up the great work! 


Toby K. at our Dedham Adoption Center.

5 Spring Safety Tips For Your Pet

Though it may not feel like it, today is indeed the first day of spring! While there may still be a few wintry days ahead of us, it’s not too early to start thinking about springtime safety tips for your pets. Please see our 5 tips below to ensure that your pet is safe this season:

Photo: Maria L. Uribe

Photo: Maria L. Uribe

Microchip your pets: Once the warm weather starts we inevitably spend more time outside. That means we’re opening our door more often, which is the perfect opportunity for your indoor cat to slip out of the house. When you’re strutting around town with your pup, make sure he’s in a collar or harness and most importantly make sure your pets are MICROCHIPPED. Even indoor cats should be microchipped as this will ensure that if they escape and are found by a local Animal Control Officer, they can be identified and returned to you.

Spring cleaning: While you’re sprucing up your place for spring don’t forget to keep the cleaning chemicals away from your pet! Almost all commercially sold cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to animals. Keep your vet’s emergency hotline in a prominent place, just in case.

Keep Easter lilies and candy bunnies out of your pets reach: Chocolate is toxic and Easter lilies can be fatal if ingested by our furry friends. And be mindful, cats love to munch on colorful plastic grass and ribbons, which can lead to an obstructed digestive tract, severe vomiting and dehydration if ingested.

Gardeners, beware: Fertilizers and insecticides are great for a pretty lawns and garden, but their ingredients aren’t meant for animal consumption and can be fatal if your pet ingests them. Fore more info you can call the ASPCA poison control hotline.

Carseats for your pets: It’s adorable to see a pup with his head out the window with the wind in his floppy ears, but this can be dangerous. Debris can get in their eyes, ears or lungs and cause injury or infection. Your pet should ALWAYS be secure in a carseat, crate or seatbelt harness when riding in the car.

Sprint Lends Us A Hand

A big “thank you” to a few people from Sprint who spent the day at our Boston Adoption Center helping us with some spring cleaning yesterday! They scrubbed shelter walls and floors and cleaned outdoor kennels – all with smiles on their faces. We appreciate your help, come back soon!


The Sprint team and Kobe.