Sherman Is Now Adoptable!

shermanSherman, the dog from from Needham who was saved by our Rescue Team on January 25 is now available for adoption. He is a very handsome and incredibly sweet and mellow 7 year old dog. We believe him to be a Mastiff/Lab mix, but your guess is as good as ours! (He is approximately 87 pounds and growing.)

Though he was in rough shape (significantly underweight) when he was originally brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, he is now on the road to recovery and doing quite well. Because he was outside for some time, he was covered in ticks, and has tested positive for Lyme disease. He is currently being treated for this, and we will be looking for a home that would be willing to foster him through his treatment until he is adoptable.

Behaviorally Sherman is a wonderful dog who would make a great addition to someone’s home. He is a mellow guy who would love to be a couch potato. He enjoys the company of other dogs, and seems to do fine with quiet well behaved children. We have not tested him with cats. He is great with handling, and no aggression issues were found.

*Please note: as Sherman has proven difficult to catch, he should never be an off leash dog, and his new owners should be knowledgeable about avoiding situations in which he can get loose. 

Currently Sherman is up to date on all vaccines, and has had a health exam. Due to his age and being found as a stray, we have had blood work done on him which has come back normal. He will be neutered and micro chipped before going home. His adoption fee is $205.00. If you’re interested in adopting Sherman please visit our Dedham Adoption Center.

Lil’ Nugget The Foster Kitten Adopted Early!


Lil’ Nugget with his foster dad, before leaving for the Adoption Center. Credit Maria L. Uribe

For the last four weeks we’ve been following the progress of Lil’ Nugget in his foster home. Lil’ Nugget is a kitten who was surrendered to the Animal Rescue League of Boston back in early January and was too young and sick to be placed on the adoption floor immediately. He has spent the last four weeks in the home of Maria and her husband, who have nursed him back to health and helped him grow into a healthy and social kitten!

Last Friday Maria brought Lil’ Nugget in for a check-up and vaccines. He had made such excellent progress that after his exam he was approved for adoption early! He was placed on the adoption floor on Saturday and was adopted within minutes of the shelter opening! Good luck Lil’ Nugget! We are so glad that we got to follow you on your journey as a foster kitten!

Credit: Maria L. Uribe

Credit: Maria L. Uribe

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Feline Focus: Three Ways to Recycle for Your Cat

Let’s face it: pet products can get expensive. But we sometimes forget that keeping our pets healthy and entertained doesn’t have to put a burden on your wallet. So in honor of keeping things green, here are three easy ways to recycle with your feline in mind:

blog_egg carton1. Food Puzzle Egg Carton

Yes, it’s really that easy. Just take some of your cat’s favorite dry food and sprinkle it into an empty egg carton. It immediately becomes a food puzzle as your cat figures out how to get the food!

Food puzzles are a great way to stimulate your cat’s problem-solving skills while giving it an active way to obtain dinner. Food puzzles are a great way to have your cat burn a few extra calories while slowing down food intake to prevent vomiting.

blog_castle2. Cardboard Castle

Sure, your cat will most likely hop into a cardboard box without any alterations. But why not turn it into a more sophisticated kitty playground? By taping it closed and cutting out a couple doors and windows, it will add fun to playtime as your cat tries to grab at toys through the holes. Put a couple boxes together and you could have your very own cat jungle gym!

And when your cat is no longer interested or you need to clear out some space, it’s easy to recycle and make a new one.blog_scratcher

3. Home-made Scratching Post

Have a lot of leftover cardboard from the holidays? While this project takes a bit of time (several hours for the larger sized scratcher), it costs hardly anything to make and will last! Take a box such as an empty can tray (pictured) or go smaller with an empty tissue box. Carefully cut strips of cardboard (from discarded packaging or clean recycling) and glue them together with any type of non-toxic glue. Then add a dash of catnip and your cat will be happily scratching where its supposed to!

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2013 Center for Shelter Dogs Summer Institute

2013 Center for Shelter Dogs Summer Institute

Registration Now Open!CSD Group

The Center for Shelter Dogs is holding its annual Summer Institute on June 10–13, 2013 at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The Summer Institute is a unique, intensive, four-day training opportunity for animal care professionals whose job involves dog intake, behavior evaluation, training, and adoption.

Over the course of the four-day session, attendees will learn about the Match-Up II Online program tips and techniques on behavior modification and enrichment, as well as sessions on special adoptions, research, and doggie playgroups! The Institute combines lectures with hands-on training for a unique, intensive learning experience.

Learn More!

Register Now!

Adoption Spotlight: Clooney


Clooney is an independent, 5 year old dog who was found as a stray. He’s been at the Animal Rescue League of Boston since December. Clooney enjoys playing with other large dogs here in our playgroup. His prey drive is pretty high, so he should not go home with small dogs, cats or other small critters. Just yesterday he stopped during his walk to watch the squirrels in the tree. He’s not the most cuddly dog, but he’s a great companion for someone who enjoys being outdoors or wants a dog who doesn’t require a lot of attention. He walks nicely on an easy walk harness and knows how to sit.

If you’re looking for a handsome dog to add to your family, Clooney is your guy! You can meet him at our Boston Adoption Center this weekend. We’re open Friday-Sunday 1-4pm, Tuesday-Thursday 1-7pm. If you know someone who’d be able to give Clooney the loving home he deserves, please share Clooney’s story with them!

How can anyone say "no" to a face like this?

How can anyone say “no” to a face like this?

Cold Temperatures Mean More Animal Rescues

Cold weather poses danger for stray animals.

SuttonDog1Our Rescue Team has been very busy saving animals in danger from the freezing temperatures. On Sunday, they rescued an American Bulldog mix (pictured here with Senior Rescue Technician Danielle Genter) from the Purgatory Chasm State Reservation in Sutton. This poor girl had been out in the cold since Thursday, and possibly even longer.

The dog, now named Miranda, suffered from frostbite and had painful cracks in the soft underside of her paws from exposure to the cold. Lt. Alan Borgal, the League’s Director of the Center for Animal Protection, said that Miranda’s only water source was from a nearby stream. “She had to go through a lot of brush to get to the water, and as a result her body is covered in small cuts,” he explains. While Miranda was living outside, temperatures were averaging at about zero degrees at night and her short coat offers little protection from the elements. “We were so glad to have found her in time.” After Miranda had a chance to warm up, she received a full medical evaluation and vaccines from our shelter veterinarian and is currently resting comfortably at our Dedham Adoption Center.



Last week our Rescue Team also spent several days assisting Needham Animal Control in catching a dog. The nights were getting unbearably cold, the dog was hungry and cold and they knew that they had to catch him soon. They finally caught him on Thursday, January 24 in zero degree temperatures with a wind chill factor of about 15 to 18 below zero. The dog was named Sherman. He is about 15 pounds underweight, and being so thin, he was severely


compromised, trying to survive in such extreme cold weather temperatures. He is also being cared for at our Dedham Adoption Center and is currently undergoing medical and behavioral evaluations. He is a friendly dog and was very well-behaved during his bath the other day.

Miranda and Sherman are just two of the many animals we have saved from the bitter cold recently. If you’d like to help these animals and others like them, please donate today.

BVC Offers 20% Off Dental Services In February

At Boston Veterinary Care, February is Pet Dental Health Month! Did you know that dental disease, if left untreated, can lead to serious health concerns ranging from tooth loss to bacterial infection of the heart, liver and kidneys? Or that 80% of dogs over the age of 3 and at least 50% of cats have advanced periodontal disease that requires immediate professional treatment?[1]

We encourage you to have your pet’s teeth examined by one of the veterinarians at Boston Veterinary Care. February is a great time to do this as all dental-related products and services booked this month are 20% off! Call 617-226-5605 to schedule an appointment for your pet today!


[1] Wiggs RB, Lobprise HB. Periontontology. In: Veterinary Dentistry. Principles and Practice. Philadelphia, PA: Lippin-Raven, 1997:186-231

Lil’ Nugget: The Story of an ARLB Foster Kitten (Part III)

Lil' Nugget enjoys the sun.Photo: Maria L. Uribe

Lil’ Nugget enjoys the sun.
Photo: Maria L. Uribe

As Lil’ Nugget approaches his third week in foster care it’s clear that this kitten has made some astounding improvements. He is in great health, he is growing fast and has become much more outgoing. His foster mom, Maria, says that “he likes to climb to the couch and snuggle when we are watching TV.”

As for Lil’ Nugget’s introduction to his foster sister (a cat named Dog) –”he tries to interact with Dog, but she is not interested in playing with him (Dog is 12 years old and Lil’ Nugget is just a baby).” Not to worry, Lil’ Nugget has found other ways to occupy his time. He continuously attacks one of Maria’s plants, to the point that she has had to move it out of Lil’ Nugget’s reach and he is becoming a master stair climber! Lil’ Nugget’s appetite is very healthy. He keeps trying to eat his foster sister’s food, so during mealtime his foster mom has to keep a watchful eye on him. Lil’ Nugget will be going to the vet this week for a check-up and some vaccines.

Maria said that one of Lil’ Nugget’s current obsessions is playing in grocery bags! He found a Trader Joe’s bag and played in it all Sunday.

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A Custom-Made Pair

Bondeed CatsWere furtive glances exchanged across the adoption floor? Was there batting of eyelashes and flexing of muscles behind their cage doors? We’ll never know.

But when Faith, a shy, petite 6-year-old, and Slick, a chill and anything-but-petite 8-year-old, were adopted together last year, it was apparent from the start that these two cats were meant for each other.

They had another couple to thank for uniting them. John and Liz knew they wanted to adopt two cats. As John puts it, “We have a lot of love to give.” Faith’s glamour shot caught John’s eye. Liz also went web surfing and fell for Slick’s longhaired good looks.

SlickPhoto Credit: Christine Barton

Slick Photo Credit: Christine Barton

Both cats had gone through some hard times. Faith’s owner had too many cats to properly care for. Sadly, Slick’s owner became homeless and had to give him up. Since both had lived with other cats before, the match was promising.  What’s more, Faith had tested well in our weekly feline playgroup.

Once home, the two were renamed Nina and Tony, an homage to Liz’s Italian roots. After a few days of recommended separation, they met face to face. Little Nina sauntered up to Tony, who outweighs her by about ten pounds, and gave him a head butt.

A few days later, John spotted the two intertwined on his office chair. “They were in each other’s arms and it looked like a single cat.” The two have been inseparable ever since.

FaithPhoto Credit: Christine Barton

Photo Credit: Christine Barton

Some people are hesitant to adopt two cats for fear they won’t bond with their human companions. But that hasn’t been John’s experience. “This is the second pair I’ve lived with and each cat has bonded in their own way with me.”

For instance, Nina seeks out belly rubs and likes to plop Ping-Pong balls in front of Liz and John as an invitation to play. And Tony? “He loves lap time with both of us. He will sleep for hours without moving.”

If you’re considering creating your own custom-made pair like Tony and Nina or are looking for a companion for your cat at home, our staff and volunteers would be happy to help with recommendations, based on the cat’s history and behavior at the shelter, including its time in feline playgroup. We can also guide you through the process of introducing cats to each other.

Or if you’re in the market for a ready-made pair, we often have bonded cats who need to go home together. We currently have two bonded pairs available for adoption: BUTTERCUP and TIGGER and WATSON and SHERLOCK.

John and Liz couldn’t be happier with their feline pairing. “We love having them here. We feel so fortunate they are with us.”

There is one point of disagreement between Nina and Tony. Those Ping-Pong balls Nina likes to play with? Tony has no interest in them. “They just bounce off his big head if he gets in the middle of playing with us.”