Doggy 5K Raises over 3k for the ARL

The Doggy 5K this past Saturday raised over $3,000 for the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The event started at 10am at South Boston’s scenic Castle Island and was attended by over 300 participants, many of whom brought their dogs. The beauty of the course around Pleasure Bay and Castle Island’s Fort Independence was amplified by the gorgeous warm weather this past weekend. A wonderful time was had by all and even a few League employees ran and walked in the Doggy 5K!

After the race, participants and their canine companions were able to enjoy a variety of dog oriented activities in the park.

A big thank you to Racemenu and Doggy 5K for selecting the League to be their featured charity and to all the volunteers and attendees who made the event a success!  Congrats to everyone who ran/walked!

“We Are Fond Of Her Weird Cat Nature”

Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month is the perfect opportunity to share this particular “Happy Tail.” There are many fabulous reasons for adopting a senior pet, but when Joy shared her reason for adopting a senior cat with us, we knew that our readers would find this story to be very touching and admirable.

Originally Joy had intended on adopting a young black kitty, but on her way home, with plans to pick up the little kitty the next day, she realized that at 70 years of age she didn’t want to create a potential situation where, several years down the road, an older cat would have to be given up due to her (Joy’s) moving, illness, death, etc… When she had walked through our shelter she had noticed these were some of the reasons for why older animals had been ended up at the shelter. Joy is in great health, but acknowledged that at her age anything can happen and she thought to herself that she would rather experience the loss of a cat who had lived out his/her last years in a wonderful home than possibly have to give up an older cat who would have a lesser chance of getting adopted. So, the next day Joy went back to our Boston Adoption Center with her mind set on adopting a senior cat. She decided on adopting a stunning 10-year-old female tortoiseshell cat named Tabby now called Persnickitty alias Chirpie (she chirps!). Chirpie is having the time of her life and Joy has grown fond of her “weird cat nature.” Here’s what Joy had to say about how Chirpie is doing now:

Chirpie is the most unusually curious and alert cat I’ve ever had.  She tries to open doors to see what’s there, and tho’ she stayed away from our greyhound for a long time, in a few days time we realized that she was more disliking him than fearing him.  She would run or walk slowly, but with her back to him while hissing.  She still doesn’t like him, and peruses the area to see where he is, but she’s made herself quite comfortable WHEREVER she wants to be. (not on tables or counters)…….Her adoption weight was somewhere over 13 lbs, but she’s now down to 12.6.  Her obsession with food has lessened only slightly.  I feed her in 3 stages (within 10 min) so that she paces herself, and have begun adding a food that is a bit healthier which she doesn’t like, so she eats around those bits, and eats the remainder only when she is desperate!  She is not deaf, but she certainly acts it, not responding unless she wants something……food…….or affection.  She is definitely not a lap-cat, unless you are on the floor with her, and even then she isn’t fond of staying on laps.  Oh well, we have all adjusted, and though I don’t think she and Star will become bosom buddies, they will tolerate each other…..and we really are fond of her and her weird cat nature.

Joy- we thank you for adopting a senior pet and for sharing your adoption story with us. May Chirpie continue gracing you with her “weird cat nature” for many years to come!

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Senior Adoption Spotlight: Mittens

Our senior pet of the week is Mittens, an 8-year-old tortie and white cat. She is currently up for adoption at our Boston shelter and eager to find her forever home.

Mittens was brought to the League when her owner could no longer afford the costs of keeping her, though “she was a joy to have.” Mittens comes from a home with another cat and would fit in very nicely with a home that already has a feline companion. While she enjoys the company of other cats, Mittens came from a quiet home with older children and would benefit being adopted into the same environment.

Mittens favorite thing to do is cuddle up to her human companions. If you sit down, expect her to join you very shortly and in need of lots of petting. Mittens is very affectionate so she will return the favor.

If you are interested in Mittens, stop by our Boston shelter today!

Make Our Holiday Tree Shine!

Help the League’s First Ever Holiday Tree For Pets become a hit!


Help us decorate our 2012 Holiday Tree by displaying a favorite photo of your pet for everyone to see – and help needy animals at the same time!

Support the first annual Animal Rescue League of Boston Holiday Tree for Pets — located in front of the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA) on Tremont Street in the heart of the South End. Donate an ornament to celebrate the a

mazing animals in your life. Don’t have any pets, but love helping animals? For as little as $5, you can show your support for animals in need with a wish ribbon on our tree. 

Holiday Ornaments

For a little more, we will feature your pet’s photo on an ornament for all to admire!

$5    – Wish Ribbon
$20 – Small Star Ornament
$35 – Medium Heart Ornament
$50 – Large Spindle Ornament

We will be adding ornaments to our Holiday Tree for the entire month of December, but to include your pet’s ornament on the tree in time for the lighting ceremony, we must receive your photo and donation by December 1.

Our tree on Restaurant Row will be in the center of the city’s South End festivities. We hope you and your canine companion will join us for the tree lighting on December 8 at the BCA Plaza in Boston’s South End neighborhood.

Please give to our Holiday Tree today – it’s a great way to honor your four-footed friend or the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life. If you do not wish to buy an ornament or a ribbon, you can still support the many other animals who desperately need your help by making a gift today!

Fundraiser for the League this Saturday at Market Bar

Please join League volunteer, Alicia Shaheen, for her 2nd annual event to raise money for all the animals at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Alicia helps the League by running the high energy dogs on the Charles River.

Event will take place on Saturday, November 10 at Market Bar, 21 Broad Street, Boston, from 7:30 pm to close.

$10 donations are asked at the door. All proceeds benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Night will include a live DJ, special “Rescuetini” drink, dances and much more!

Please click here if you would like to attend this event and join the Facebook event page.

Show Some Love To Your Local Animal Shelter

The week of November 4-10 is National Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week, here are some photos of a few of our fabulous staff members.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing shelter and rescue staff at all three of our branches. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping and protecting animals!

Ways you can show how much you appreciate the Animal Rescue League of Boston:

Age Is Just A Number: Trixie Found Her Home At Age 11


Trixie and her parents Kevin & Jihae.

Thanks to many amazing adopters, we have plenty of adorable “Happy Tails” in store for you during Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month. Here’s the first one about Trixie, an 11-year-old female Pomeranian-mix who was adopted on July 12, 2012. She was adopted by Jihae and Kevin and is enjoying her new life with her forever family. Here’s what Jihae had to say about how Trixie:

“Trixie is doing great! Kevin and I love her and we have a lot of fun together! Trixie seems to have no interest in toys, but loves to run and play chase. She does have the leash aggression issue, but she seems to overcome her anxiety when we pick her up in the presence of other dogs. She absolutely loves car rides, she will stick her head out of the window with a big grin. Trixie is just so cute, she is irresistible to people that come across her. When walking her, many people stop and comment on how cute she is, or I catch people smiling at her when she is on the street or even when a car drives up next to us when we are driving.

Trixie in her bike basket. What a life!

We take Trixie to Kevin’s parents’ place that has a huge lawn. She goes off the leash there and we would run together for hours. She also joins us on a bike ride along Memorial Drive in a dog basket!

We are very happy to have met her at the ARL when we visited!”

Jihae and Kevin, thank you so much for the update. We are so glad that Trixie found such a fabulous family!

News Alert: Our Rescue Team Responds to Hurricane Sandy

***November 5 Hurricane Sandy Update:

Top L (1), Top R (2), Bottom L (3), Bottom R (4)

Our Senior Rescue Technicians, Bill Tanguay and Mark Vogel, were very busy this past weekend rescuing animals and reuniting pets with their owners in New Jersey. Here are a few pictures from Mark and Bill’s first two days providing aid to animal victims of Hurricane Sandy in NJ: 1) Bill found some feline friends in need of rescue. 2) This elderly woman wouldn’t leave her home without her four cats, so Mark helped rescue them and made sure that the woman made it safely to a friend’s house. She and her cats are now being cared for by a friend. 3) This sweet kitty is going home to her family thanks to Bill. 4) This handsome guy was reunited with his family last night after his rescue earlier in the day.

Keep up the good work Bill and Mark and stay safe!

Because of supporters like you, our Rescue Team is able to respond at a moment’s notice.  Disaster rescues require highly specialized equipment and expertise, your donations help to make this possible. To support our Rescue Team and the victims of Hurricane Sandy, donate here today:!


November 3 Hurricane Sandy Update:

Senior Rescue Technician Bill Tanguay surveys the damage to a home in Ocean County, New Jersey.

ARL of Boston Senior Rescue Technicians Mark Vogel and Bill Tanguay continue to work with the ASPCA’s Disaster Response Team in Ocean County, NJ.  They are currently working with local officials to assess the situation, and have been providing food, water and care to pets in need. Please check back for updates on our blog, as well as up-to-the-minute information on Rescue Services’ Twitter feed: @ARLBostonRescue.

“We are proud that we were able to join in the effort to help rescue animals affected by flooding and other storm-related perils along the New Jersey coastline,” said Brian O’Connor, manager of Rescue Services at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. “We can ensure that animals are safe and well cared for while the people of Ocean County focus on the rebuilding of their lives and communities.”

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is the only animal welfare agency in Massachusetts with an entire division dedicated to technical field animal rescue. Thanks to our supporters, we can respond to a wide range of emergencies both locally and nationally involving injured pets and wildlife through ice rescue, swift water and high-angle rescue techniques.

To support our Rescue Team and the animals affected by Hurricane Sandy, please donate here today.


***Latest News: Senior Rescue Technicians Bill Tanguay (left) and Mark Vogel (right) are currently in Toms River, New Jersey working with an ASPCA disaster team. Please stay tuned for updates.

Because of supporters like you, our Rescue Team is able to respond at a moment’s notice. Disaster rescues require highly specialized equipment and expertise, and your donations make this possible. To support our Rescue Team and the animals affected by Hurricane Sandy, donate here today.