A Kitten Becomes a Star

Toto the Tornado Kitten stopped by Fox 25 this morning with Jonathan Hall and the League’s Rescue Technician, Brian O’Connor.

Almost a year after the tornado hit Brimfield, MA, Toto is doing wonderfully and happy in his new home. Check out the new little celebrity in Massachusetts here.


Lost Dog – Solomon

Lost Dog “Solomon” Last Seen in Canton/Stoughton, Mass. Area

April 17 Update: Solomon was last seen on Overlook Road in Stoughton on Friday, April 13. If you see him, please don’t approach him (he is shy and will likely run away) and call Granite State Dog Recovery at (657) 777-2752 or the League’s Rescue Services team at (617) 226-5620.

Please help Solomon’s owners locate him – he was last seen on Neponsett Street in Canton, Mass. on March 10. He is white with black “cow-like” markings and upright ears. Solomon is shy, so we ask that you do not approach him because he is likely to run away. If you see him, please call Granite State Dog Recovery at (657) 777-2752 or the League’s Rescue Services Team at (617) 226-5620.

Ducklings Trapped in Storm Drain Rescued

Excerpted from an article in the Salem Evening News, Apr. 13, 2012

Yesterday morning, ducklings trapped in a storm drain behind PetSmart on Route 114 got an assist from two of the pet store’s employees and the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

A stream runs behind the store, and at first, the two thought the family of ducklings must be down there.

The pet store employees called the Animal Rescue League of Boston, which sent Brian O’Connor and Bill Tanguay to the rescue. When they arrived, the mother was standing on the curb overlooking the storm drain, and the men could hear the ducklings inside.

The men lifted the storm grate, and Tanguay used a net to scoop approximately 10 ducklings from the murky water and put them in a cardboard pet carrier. The first eight were rescued pretty easily, but it took some time for the last two to “make themselves available,” O’Connor said.

Mom [who wouldn't leave the storm grate while her babies were trapped] didn’t make things easy after her wayward brood was lifted to safety, so Tanguay and O’Connor had to capture the mom before the duckling family could be reunited. The family of ducks was later released into the wild at a nearby pond.

This time of the year, it’s not uncommon for the Animal Rescue League to get these kinds of duck calls, O’Connor said. What probably happened was the ducklings were following the mother, whose webbed feet are big enough to pass over the grate. While mom was able to walk over the storm drain, the ducklings probably fell in one by one, O’Connor said.

Troop Brings Tunes to Pets

The pets in the Animal Rescue League’s Cape Cod shelter are enjoying the sweet sounds of Bach, Beethoven and other soothing classics thanks to some local Girl Scouts.  Brewster Senior Girl Scouts Troop 80930 spearheaded a fundraising effort to install a sound system in the kennel area of the shelter, knowing that a backdrop of soothing melodies can reduce stress among pets in a shelter environment.

Scouts Jessica Taylor and Alex Cassel piloted the effort, proving that Girl Scouts have some serious muscle on the Cape. The girls got Nantucket Sound in Hyannis to donate a new system. They solicited financial donations from Guapo’s Restaurant and The Lost Dog Pub to fund the audio equipment.  And they recruited a group of handy helpers to do the installation.

The new system was installed on March 31 and the kennel has been filled with the sweet sounds of the classics, some light jazz and a little R&B ever since. The initiative earned the Scouts a Silver Award.  And the dogs?  A good night’s sleep!

Thanks Girl Scouts for your enthusiastic efforts and warm support!

A Message From Queen Fluffy

On April 4, Rescue received a call about a cat stuck in the floorboards. The cat, Fluffy, became frightened when some realtors came through the house and got itself into a small hole in the floorboards of the 2nd story, where the pipes went in. Rescue technicians, Brian O’Connor and Mike Brammer, had to open a small hole in the laundry room ceiling (on the 1st floor) to see where Fluffy could get to. This could only take place after the Saugus Fire Dept. came and disconnected the gas dryer.  It was a bit of a maze but Rescue narrowed down where she could have been and then enlarged an existing opening in a 2nd floor closet. Utilizing a camera phone with flash, and also a flashlight and mirror, Brian and Mike spotted the cat. The problem was that it was 15 feet away and in between the ceiling/floor joists. They enlarged the opening a little more and baited it with tuna and the cat was able to free itself later that evening.

Queen Fluffy was so grateful, she named April 4th Brian and Mike Day in honor of her rescuers.

League Named ‘Best Local Cause’ by Boston Phoenix

Last night, the League was named “Best Local Cause” in the Boston Phoenix “Best of” readers poll.

You think you’ve got it bad in this economy? Another downside of the endless recession is the cascade of abandoned pets. No, not that mythical flushed alligator left to mutate in the city sewers, but the orphaned dogs, cats, and small animals that await new owners at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. In addition to an adoption center staffed by helpful volunteers, the South End location features extensive animal housing and an outpatient veterinary clinic to take care of the medical needs of your new best friend.-Boston Phoenix

We would like to thank all of you who voted for us and to the Boston Phoenix for this award!