Remembering Rosie

We are sorry to tell you that today our beloved pig Rosie passed away after a short but serious illness.

Rosie came to us on August 7, 2006 after being found in a crate outside Northeastern University.  She quickly won our hearts and earned a home here in Dedham as our mascot.  Her favorite food was watermelon and she loved nothing more than a good belly rub.

I take great comfort in the fact that, in the 6 short years that she spent with us, she learned what it meant to be a pig.  She was well loved and will be sorely missed.

- Lisa Lagos

Manager, Dedham Animal Care & Adoption Center

Thank you to the Dedham Transcript and Dedham Patch for their touching memorials to Rosie.

6 Ways to Make July 4th Pet Friendly

While we may enjoy the 4th of July fireworks, our pets may not feel quite so enthusiastic. In fact, animals with “noise phobias” – fear of noises and sounds like fireworks and thunderstorms – may be terrified.

To make the holiday more enjoyable for pets and humans alike, here are a few tips from the League’s Dr. Martha Smith to make July 4th a pet-friendly holiday:

  1. Keep small pets indoors preferably in a room with no windows. You can turn on the TV or radio to provide some distraction.
  2. Leave your pet at home if you are planning on attending a fireworks celebration.
  3. Have your pet constrained on a leash or kept in a carrier if you must be outside with them.
  4. Be aware that some pets become “fearfully aggressive” due to loud noises. Protect your pets from people who are waving sparklers or setting off home fireworks. 
  5. Never punish your pet for his fearful behavior, but don’t reinforce the behavior by trying to sooth your pet with ‘It’s ok’ or similar words.  Paying attention to your pet may positively reinforce the fearful behavior.
  6. If you believe any of your pets has a noise phobia, talk with your veterinarian and staff about the best ways to keep your pet safe during the holiday.

Dr. Smith also notes that many animal shelters report increases of “stray” animal intakes after the July 4th holiday due to the number of pets running away in an attempt to avoid the noise and excitement. “Be sure that your pet has a current ID tag and/or microchip so that you and your pet can be easily reunited in the case he or she runs off,” she advises.

Have a happy and healthy Fourth of July!

Pets and Heatstroke

With tomorrow’s temperatures expected to soar into the nineties, please keep your pet safe by following these tips:

Never Leave a Pet Alone in a Car

  • On a hot day, even parking in the shade is dangerous.
  • Cracking the windows does not prevent the temperature from rising. On a 70 degree day, a car’s inside temperature can reach 100 degrees in 15 minutes or less. On a hotter day, temperatures in excess of 100 degrees can occur in the same amount of time.
  • Pets that are older, overweight or have short, flat faces are at the greatest risk of suffering heat stroke.
  • Remember, even during a quick trip inside the grocery store, the temperature is rising while your pet waits.

Take Action
• Never leave your pet alone in a car—even for a few minutes

• If you see a pet in a parked car, immediately call the local police or the Animal Rescue League of Boston at 617-426-9170

• If your pet is in distress on a hot day (panting heavily, unable to get up, not responding to you) immediately rush him/her to the nearest veterinary hospital

• Never leave your pet tied outside in full sun

• If your pet is outside, always have fresh water available

We know you love your pets, so please never leave them unattended in your car!

A Special Guest at the Third Annual Happy Tails Celebration

We are excited to announce that Lilly the Hero Pit Bull will be making a special appearance at the Third Annual Happy Tails Celebration. Originally adopted from the League, Lilly will return home to the League to help us celebrate all of the animals just like her.

In early May, Lilly saved her owner’s life by pulling her from the path of an oncoming freight train. The owner was safe from harm, but Lilly’s right leg was badly mangled. MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center amputated Lilly’s leg shortly after entering their care. Two months later, Lilly is thriving. She is a prime example of the love and perseverance a dog can possess.

If you would like to meet this heroic pup, stop by the Third Annual Happy Tails Celebration on Sunday, July 15, from 11 am to 3 pm at our Boston headquarters.

Dedham Opening a Great Success

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday for our Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center Grand Opening celebration. We were so pleased to have a moment to personally recognize the donors who made this renovation possible, and to welcome so many members of the Dedham community. 

The building’s innovative, sustainable design virtually eliminates contagious disease among shelter animals while providing a more comfortable, soothing environment. Improved animal welfare features include comfort measures such as radiant floor heating in animal housing areas; “sniff holes” in dog rooms and shelves, perches and hiding spaces in special “condo” and group colony-style housing rooms for cats. These improvements were implemented to help animals in their psychological adjustment to the shelter while promoting positive behaviors in a healthier, less stressful environment.

Key environmental features include:

  • An estimated 35-40 percent decrease in energy usage
  • A 40 to 80 percent reduction of potable water consumption through a custom rooftop rainwater reclamation system.
  • The building also features a high-efficiency heating and cooling system comprised of a geothermal heat exchanger and solar thermal collectors.
  • Elevated air change rates and use of 100 percent outside air in animal housing will also enhance air quality for animals, staff and visitors.
  • Additionally, through a creative reconfiguring of the building’s existing footprint, the new design incorporates skylights and extensive window panels creating a more expansive, natural light-filled space.

See photos of our the renovated facility from our grand opening on June 23:

Thank you to Maria Uribe, Aoife Austin, Christine Barton and Stephanie Murphy for these images.