Spay Waggin’ Serves Over 3,000 Pets in 2012

DSC_1618The League’s Spay Waggin,’ serving the South Shore and Cape Cod, has helped over 3,000 pet owners by providing access to affordable spay/neuter services in 2012.

If your animals have yet to be spayed or neutered, take a look at our schedule below to see when the Spay Waggin’ is coming near you.

To make an appointment, please call 1-877-590-SPAY(7729) or book online (cats only). The Spay Waggin’ phone line is open Monday – Wednesday and Friday, or you can also reach us at

January 2013 Schedule

1/2 Taunton Cats
1/3 Brockton Cats
1/7 Wareham Cats
1/8 Plymouth Cats
1/10 Brockton Cats
1/14 Brockton Dogs
1/15 Hyannis Cats
1/22 Brockton Cats
1/28 Plymouth Cats
1/29 Taunton Cats
1/31 Brockton Dogs

Chi Chi Is Dreaming Of A Home For The Holidays

Chi ChiChi Chi is a friendly and sweet black and white 5 year old female cat. She has been at the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Cape Cod branch in Brewster since November 2.

She loves to be petted and rub against you. She even gives kisses to her friends! ChiChi prefers a home as the only cat. She was brought to us because she was afraid of the young kids in her past home, so this time she will be looking for a more mature environment.

Chi Chi is searching for a quiet adult home with no other pets, in return Chi Chi will give you kisses and will sleep by your feet.  She will make a nice companion for someone who wants a loving cat.

Let’s find Chi Chi a home for the holidays! Please share this will anyone who you think would be interested in adopting Chi Chi! If you’d like to meet her, stop by our Brewster Adoption Center.

Have A Holly Jolly Bernie


Bernie is a very handsome 7-year-old dog who has been at our Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center since September (we can’t believe he’s been here this long either!)! He is believed to be a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mix. Bernie is tri-color (black, tan and white) with a gorgeous fluffy tail. Bernie loves people, but has been known to chase cats and small animals including small dogs, so he would do best in a home without other dogs, cats or other small animals. Since he’s a powerful and playful guy he would probably do best with a family that has older children.

Bernie enjoys going on walks and playing outside! He will need someone who has the time to help him develop better leash manners and provide him with plenty of exercise. He loves being outdoors! Bernie’s best feature (other than his adorable head tilt) is his cuddly nature. He is a total love bug!

We hope that you’ll help us find Bernie a home for the holidays. For him, a loving family would be the best present of all! Please share Bernie’s story with everyone you know!


Athena, The One-Eyed Dog Has A Home!

Athena1Someone found a home for the holidays!  Athena, the loving 1.5-year-old, one-eyed female dog, who was transferred to the Animal Rescue League of Boston from a shelter in Vermont, because they could not afford her eye surgery was adopted from our Brewster Adoption Center earlier this week!

Thanks to all of you we were able to provide a life changing laser eye procedure that saved Athena remaining eye and now this wonderful dog will be able to see the world around her as she settles into her new home!

We are beyond excited that Athena found her forever home in time for the holidays. Congrats Athena! Happy holidays to you Steve and David!

To read Athena’s whole story, visit our website.

Elsie Reminds Us That Happy Endings Do Exist

Elsie & her dad in our Boston lobby.

Elsie & her dad in our Boston lobby.

Remember Elsie Maude, the sickly, stray cat that was found shivering in the bitter cold in February of 2011? The poor girl was so badly frost bitten that she lost both ears and her tail. Yet hers is a touching story of survival. We were delighted that lovely Elsie and her new owner, a North Andover resident, stopped by the Animal Rescue League of Boston yesterday to pay us a little visit and spread some holiday cheer. Stories like this remind us all that happy endings do exist.

Back in 2011 you helped the League rescue, shelter and care for Elsie. Your donations provided the resources our rescue team needed to pick her up, for our shelter veterinarian to care for her and your support helped Elsie Maude find her forever home.

Her adopted dad the following to say about her:

“Elsie is doing really well. She is the sweetest cat I’ve ever had – and I’ve had some very nice, sweet and gentle cats over the years. I have never had a cat that likes people so much – she can’t get enough attention.  She will run right up to someone new, flop over on her back and wait for the belly rub. I couldn’t be happier and judging from Elsie’s behavior, I think she feels the same way.”

Thanks to your support we were able to rescue, shelter and care for Elsie. Please help us continue to be there for animals in need.

Elsie explores our lobby!

Elsie explores our lobby!

Help Us Find A Forever Home for Wiley

WileyEblast “Wiley is one of my favorite dogs to greet in the shelter each day and I can’t imagine how he’s been in our care for 229 days!

I’m writing all of you, because I need you to help me find Wiley a home for the holidays.  You may read this article and say ‘gosh he’s cute but I can’t take him in my house’ but you’ll share this post with a friend and they’ll pass it to their friends and pretty soon you’ve helped to find Wiley his new home!

He started off his journey in Cape Cod at our Brewster branch where staff and volunteers became enthralled with his personality and fell completely in love. Sadly he didn’t get many interested people in Brewster.  Perhaps his ‘rough exterior’ (short cropped ears do make people think a dog is mean) was one of the reasons. So even though Brewster was madly in love with him they decided to ask me, the Shelter Manager in Boston, if Wiley could come up and live with us.  Maybe a bully breed would get more interest in our  city shelter.

So Wiley has been with the Animal Rescue League of Boston since 5/4 and has been in Boston since 11/28. 

He’s well-mannered in his kennel which is why he is a favorite of mine.  He is quiet when you greet him and he does the cutest little dance to get you to say hi.  Picture a dog that is half lifting his paw to wave at you while the same time trying to give you an adorable play bow – that’s Wiley!

He loves to play with toys especially to play fetch.  He attends our morning playgroup with some other dogs.

WileyBlogMy ideal match for Wiley would be a family with older children who understand bully breeds are lovable just like any other dog.  If the new home had a dog it would be best if that dog was not too rambunctious during play because Wiley can get easily overwhelmed by another dog that wants to wrestle him to the ground.  The new family might have experience with crate training or be willing to learn because Wiley enjoys the crate that he has at the shelter and crate training prevents a dog from getting into items that are off limits.

So, come on!  Let’s get working on this together and find Wiley a home for the holidays!

Mariannne Gasbarro
Manager of the Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center

Watch a video of Wiley being his usual adorable self below!

 If you have room in your heart and home, we hope you’ll stop by our Boston Adoption Center to meet Wiley.

Count on a Guinea Pig to Bring You Some Holiday Cheer

Titoblog1We’re continuing this week’s “home for the holidays” spotlights with an animal on the smaller side. If you’re looking for a small animal to fill your home with holiday cheer this season then look no further, Tito is the guinea pig for you! Tito is a charming 2 year-old male guinea pig who was brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston due to landlord restrictions. Tito has been at the League’s Boston shelter since August and this little fella deserves to find his forever home for the holidays. Please help Tito find a home by Christmas by sharing this with any small animal lovers you know.

Here’s a little more info about Tito:


  • His favorite snack is dried cranberries!
  • He doesn’t mind being held and carried.
  • He loves to hide.
  • He may seem shy at first, but once he feels comfortable with you he lets his personality shine.
  • When you pet him he sometimes makes the little guinea pig purring and bubbling sound!

This multi-colored guy is a real charmer, so come meet him today! Our Boston Adoption Center is open from 1-7pm.

Help Bambi Find A Home By Christmas

BambiBlogWith Christmas just around the corner, the League would like to take this week to focus on several of our shelter animals who have been with us for a long time and who are most deserving of a loving home for the holidays. These are amazing animals who for some reason have been at our shelter for much longer than the average stay. We think it’s about time that the fabulous animals we’re going to feature this week found their forever homes. Today we’re introducing you to Bambi.

Bambi is a friendly, playful, and absolutely gorgeous 3 year-old spayed female cat who was brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, because she had too much energy for her previous owners. If you’re looking for a beautiful, social cat, who plays like a kitten, then Bambi is the girl for you! This week we need your help to find her a home before Christmas. Please share her adoption profile with everyone you know.

Here is a little bit more information about Bambi:

  • What a face! While Bambi is listed as a Domestic Shorthair, she has a face that strongly resembles a Red Abyssinian. Although we don’t do DNA testing here at the shelter, it’s possible she could be mixed!
  • Bambi is playful and particularly enjoys feather toys and things she can jump up and catch.
  • She enjoys the company of her human friends and loves being petted on her head and along her back.
  • Because of her playfulness and desire to explore, she would probably do best in a home without very young children.

If you are interested in meeting Bambi stop by our Boston Adoption Center (we’re open Tuesday-Sunday) and ask to meet her. She has her own room in our Feline Suite, so you won’t find her on the adoption floor!