What to Consider When Adopting a Puppy

In honor of National Puppy Day this past Friday, the League’s Marianne Gasbarro spoke with Boston.com on what families should consider before adopting a puppy.

Comparing puppies to babies, Gasbarro says there is very little difference and gives insight into how to make a proper decision about them. She also speaks on finding a puppy that fits your lifestyle.

To read more on what to consider when adopting a puppy, click here.

Dedham: Low Cost Vaccine/Microchip Clinic Apr. 7

Dedham, Mass. – The Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Dedham branch is offering a low-cost vaccination and microchip clinic in Dedham on Saturday, April 7, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Cats and dogs are eligible for a one-year vaccine if:

  • They have never had a rabies vaccine before and are over 12 weeks old, or
  • Owner has no proof of a previous 3-year vaccine, or
  • The most recent 1-year rabies vaccine is more than one year old as of April 7, 2011.

Cats and dogs are eligible for a three-year vaccine if:

  • The owner can show proof of a previous 3-year vaccine, or
  • The owner can show proof of a current 1-year rabies vaccine that was received between April 7 – July 7, 2011

WHAT:        Low-Cost Vaccination and Microchip Clinic

WHEN:        Saturday, April 7, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

WHERE:      The ARL of Boston’s Dedham Branch 


  • $5 for rabies vaccine ($2 for seniors with ID)
  • $15 for microchip (includes enrollment)
  • $10 for personalized ID tags (double-sided)

Fees are payable with cash, check or money order.

All animals must be properly restrained and in control of the owner/keeper at all times. Aggressive animals must be muzzled. For additional information, please call the ARL of Boston’s Dedham branch at (781) 326-0279.

Making the Rounds: Socialization

Department of Animal Welfare and Protection Coordinator Hugh Mulligan takes time out of his day to visit with JoJo who is being fostered in a League employee’s office. Office fostering gives nervous or shy cats a quieter environment with the one-on-one attention they need. Volunteer Dann Brown helps Annie acclimate to her new surroundings.

Fur Ball 2012 Tonight!

Join us for a dance party to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston and its programs tonight at the House of Blues in Boston.

The Fur Ball will feature DJ Big Missy playing the hits of the 1970’s and 1980’s, a silent auction of amazing items, and a “Best Dressed” competition. All proceeds from the event will benefit the League.

Get a paw up by bidding on the packages listed below and other great auction items now!
Click here to submit a bid

Green Monstah Package
4 tickets to a 2012 Sox game and 3 innings INSIDE the Green Monster Scoreboard
Bruuuuuuuce Package
2 Tickets to Bruce Springsteen at TD Garden and dinner for 2 at Toscano’s
Shamrock Package
4 tickets donated by Doc Rivers to C’s vs. Utah on 3/28/12 AND a Ray Allen autographed basketball.
Black and Gold Package
2 tickets to see B’s vs. Tampa Bay on 3/27/12 AND autographed Patrice Bergeron #37 game jersey

For more information visit the Fur Ball 2012 website.

10 Ways to Protect Your Pet from High Rise Syndrome

Yesterday, Sugar the cat fell 19 stories from her owner’s window. With such warm temperatures, we are more likely to open our windows. However, open windows provide an excellent opportunity for escape if your pet becomes startled or suffers from anxiety when left home alone. This has become such a regular occurrence that veterinarians have named it “High Rise Syndrome.” Below are 10 facts you should know when it comes to your cat:

  1. Cats have excellent survival instincts and won’t deliberately “jump” from high  places that would be dangerous. Most cats slip and fall accidentally.
  2. Cats have an incredible ability to focus their attention on whatever interests them. Any distracting attraction can be enough to cause them to lose their balance and fall.
  3. Cats have little fear of heights and enjoy perching in high places. Although cats can cling to the bark of trees with their claws, other surfaces are much more difficult, such as window ledges, concrete or brick surfaces.
  4. When pets fall from high places, they don’t land squarely on their feet. Instead, they land with their feet splayed apart causing severe head and pelvis injuries.
  5. It is a misconception that cats won’t be injured if they fall from one- or two-story buildings and may actually be at greater risk for injury because it does not give them enough time to adjust their body posture to land in the safest position.
  6. To protect your pets, install snug and sturdy screens in all your windows.
  7. If you have adjustable screens, please make sure that they are tightly wedged into window frames.
  8. Cats can slip through childproof window guards—these don’t provide adequate protection!
  9. Keep cats indoors to protect them from additional dangers such as cars, other animals and disease.
  10. When pets fall from high-rise buildings, they may end up on sidewalks or streets that are dangerous and unfamiliar to them. Don’t assume that the animal has not survived the fall; immediately locate the animal and rush it to the nearest animal hospital.

Cat Survives 19-Story Plunge from High Rise Window

Many thanks to Rescue Services and Boston Veterinary Care’s Dr. Hugh Davis for their great work yesterday. Thankfully, “Sugar” is okay after her ordeal.

Article below courtesy of Boston.com.

BOSTON—A veterinarian says acting like a flying squirrel may have saved a cat from serious injury in a 19-story plunge from a Boston high rise.

Sugar the cat had no broken bones or cuts, just some bruising on her lungs after the fall from a window owner Brittany Kirk had opened to enjoy the recent unseasonably warm weather.

The Animal Rescue League estimates Sugar fell between 150 and 200 feet.

Kirk tells WBZ-TV (http://boston.cbslocal.com/2012/03/21/cat-survives-19-story-fall-from-boston-apartment-building/) she thinks Sugar used up “one or two, or maybe eight” of her nine lives.

Veterinarian Hugh Davis says in falls from high places, cats splay their legs in a “flying squirrel position” which slows their descent.

Kirk calls Sugar’s survival a “miracle” and says building management has since installed a screen in her window.


Information from: WBZ-TV, http://www.wbz4.com

An Update on Blitzen

In December, we rescued 2 neglected pit bull mixes named Donner and Blitzen. Starving and cold, they were in need of food and shelter. Donner was adopted shortly after the new year while Blitzen took a little longer to find her forever home. On March 17, Blitzen’s new owner, Peter, gave the League an update on how she was doing:

“I am glad to let you know Blitzen is doing awesome! Since we have had her, she has adapted very well…Overall we are so happy with her and have no concerns or problems. We hope to come visit you guys soon , she misses you guys…”

She looks pretty comfortable to us! We are glad to hear that Blitzen is doing so well in her new home!

Meet Freckles

Freckles is a sweet, mellow 8-year-old spayed female boxer mix. She was brought to the League’s South End location in January and has been in search of her forever home since.

You will most likely find Freckles curled up on a dog bed or going on a stroll through the streets of Boston with a volunteer. With such a gentle nature, a quiet home would be best for her. She loves affection from her human companions and can’t wait to find one to call her own.

Freckles is still looking for her forever home, so come visit her today! For more information, please email adoption@arlboston.org.