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The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is an unwavering champion for animals in need, committed to keeping them safe and healthy in their habitats and homes. Founded in 1899, ARL provides high-quality veterinary care, adoption, and rescue services; while also confronting the root causes of animal cruelty and neglect through innovative community programs, police investigations, and public advocacy.

In 2016, ARL served more than 17,800 animals in need throughout Massachusetts.

ARL does not receive any government or public funding and relies solely on the generosity of compassionate individuals to carry on our important work to help animals and communities in need.

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To help avoid confusion with other animal welfare agencies, and so that we can better serve animals in need in a timely manner, please refer to us in all reports as the “Animal Rescue League of Boston”, followed by “ARL” for short.

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Non-Media Related Requests

ARL is unable to accommodate students or artists engaging in research projects who are seeking: interviews with a staff member or volunteer; permission to draw, take photographs, or videotape animals, staff, volunteers, or facilities.

For corporations interested in volunteer opportunities, contact Debby Chaplic at or (617) 226-5670.

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Our Mission in Action

The stories below highlight ARL’s important for animals and people most in need. Learn more about us.

For details about a particular story, contact Michael DeFinaCommunications & Media Relations Officer, at or (617) 293-3530.

Holliston Fire Animal Care 1.23.18

Bristol County Donkey and Pony 1.12.18

UPS Roxbury Kittens 1.7.18

Tethering Weather Advisories 1.3.18

Pets cold weather 12.30.17

ARL Awarded PetSmart Charities Grant 12.28.17

PR Puppy Transport 12.28.17

Carly Copley 12.27.17

Joey the Therapy Bunny 12.21.17

Home for the Holidays — Ellen 12.7.17

Special Needs Kittens Dedham 12.5.17

Mount Ida Kitten 11.27.17

Woburn Raccoon Head in Jar 11.16.17

Hyde Park Kittens 11.9.17

ACO of the year 2017 press release

Maybelle Adopted 10.27.17

State House Hearing 10.17.17

PR Puppy Transport 10.10.17

Florida Emergency Cat Transport 9.14.17

Tunnel Kitten2 9.5.17

Florida Kitten Transport 8.29.17

ARL Bristol County Hoarding Case 8.23.17

ARL Hoarding Cases 8.23.17

ARL Central Mass Hoarding Case 8.16.17

Tragic Dog Death 8.1.17

State Trooper Recognition Handout 7.20.17

Marconi Cat Rescue 7.12.17

PR Puppy Transport 7.12.17

Coffee StowawayKitten 7.11.17

Too Hot for Spot 6.29.17

Maybelle Overfed Pig 6.7.17

Dog Abandoned in Ware 5.24.17

Memorial Day Travel Tips 5.23.17

Keep Your Pets Cool 5.17.17

Northeastern Duck Rescue 5.15.17

WGBH Geese Rescue 5.8.17

Tethering Work Shop 5.5.17

Volunteer Week 4.21.17

Animal Cruelty Awareness Week 4.18.17

Brewster Puppy Transport 4.8.17

Foxboro Deer Rescue 3.27.17

Mass Animal Fund Line 33F 2.24.17

Phil Finds a New Home 2.24.17

Hingham Abandoned Dog 1.31.17

ARL Celebrates Legislative Win 1.27.17