A Sweet Swan Reunion


Last Tuesday our Rescue Department received a call from a concerned citizen about a swan who was stuck behind a fence and couldn’t get back to the local pond where he lives. One of our staff members was along for the ride and was able to document the whole rescue from start to finish.

Senior Rescue Technician Danielle Genter drove out to Peabody, Mass. where the swan was trapped. He appeared to be perfectly healthy, but it was unclear as to how he ended up in this small, enclosed area. He was also  clearly frustrated that he could not escape the enclosure. For those of you who have never had to catch a healthy swan, it is quite the task—these birds are massive, powerful and very strong.

Danielle was not daunted and, after a few attempts, was able to catch him with nothing more than her gloved hands  (which was safer than using a net since the swan may have injured himself trying to escape). She carried the bird into the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s van to be transported back to the pond.

She carefully removed the swan, who continued to hiss and wiggle angrily, and walked over to the pond. Thrilled to be released back to his home, he quickly swam to the center of the water toward his mate, who had been waiting patiently for him. They rubbed their necks together, as if to greet each other and make sure that everything was ok.

The bond between these two majestic birds is evident and their beautiful reunion seemed to be the perfect “thank you.”

Please remember to call the League’s Rescue Services Department at (617)426-9170 if you see an animal in distress.