Happy Adopt-a-Cat Month!

Got Cats on Your Mind?

Everyone at the Animal Rescue League sure has cats on our minds this June during national Adopt-a-Cat Month!

During the spring and summer, new litters of kittens flood our shelters, along with a steady stream of adult cats who also need care and shelter.

Because we have so many cats and kittens coming in at this time of year, the feline areas of our shelters fill up fast.  When we have no room left, we place cats on a waiting list for admission to our shelters or try to find space at another shelter or rescue group.

You can see how important finding safe and loving homes for cats and kittens as quickly as possible becomes during the busy month of June!

When you adopt from a shelter, you will feel good about giving a cat a chance a better life.  And not just one cat – when you take your new pet home with you, the ARL can bring another cat into our shelter.

Miss Cookie 2yoBefore your new pet goes home, every adoptable cat at the ARL receives:

  • Health screening and veterinary examination
  • Behavior screening and evaluations
  • Vaccinations
  • Feline leukemia test
  • Flea, tick and mite treatment
  • Microchip identification and registration
  • Spay/neuter services

ARL staff find plenty of opportunities to give the cats and kittens in our shelters one-on-one attention to get to know their personalities and likes/dislikes.  Our shelter staff is ready to answer questions and help you find the perfect feline match for your lifestyle and household.

Read more about adopting from the ARL

Our care and support for cats in our shelters continues after you take your pet home, too.  Have a question about your new pet?  You can call the shelter and ask!

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Brewster & BuddyYou can also join us on Tuesday, June 10, at 12 pm, for a cat health and wellness lunchtime ARL Ask a Vet Twitter Chat hosted by Dr. Edward Schettino, director of veterinary medical services at the ARL.

To participate in the conversation, follow the ARL on Twitter (@arlboston) and submit your questions using the hashtag #ARLAskaVet. Questions may be submitted real time or in advance.

Happy Adopt-a-Cat Month!

Adopt-a-Cat Month Historical Fact:  The American Humane Association started Adopt-a-Cat Month in 1975 to help bring awareness to the large number of cats and kittens coming into shelters in the spring and summer, and to promote cat adoptions.