For the next 12 hours, generous donor will match $12k of your donations

There are just 10 DAYS left to make a difference for animals in need in 2015.

Now’s the time to make a donation…

Moved by the compassionate care and chance at a better  life the ARL gave his rescue pets, the chairman of the ARL’s Board of Directors Malcolm McDonald will match up to $12,000 in donations to the ARL for the next 12 hours,TODAY ONLY.

Every day, Malcolm personally witnesses how critical the ARL’s important work is to animals in our community. He sees the impact not only as the chairman of the board, but also as a proud pet parent:

Over the years, Millie and Henry have become the best of friends.

Over the years, Millie and Henry became the best of friends.

All of my pets were saved from very difficult circumstances by the ARL…

My family’s cat Millie’s owner passed away, and she was surrendered multiple times for being too timid.

Our cat Henry was abandoned in a boarded up home after his owner had passed.

Our cat Max was a ward of the court after the Boston Police Department and the ARL’s law enforcement team saved him from an abusive home.

Our newest addition, Hazel, a Shar Pei mix, came from a hoarding situation.”

Large or small, your donation TODAY will make an even BIGGER difference for animals in need…

Recently adopted Hazel now has a home to call her own and a kitty brother named Max!

Recently adopted Hazel now has a home to call her own and a kitty brother named Max!

At the ARL, a love for animals inspires us to do more.

Whether you’re talking about our incredible volunteers, dedicated staff members, our dear friend and Board chair Malcolm, or generous supporters like you, everyone is committed to going the extra mile to give animals in need a chance at a better life.


The clock is ticking and the ARL still needs to raise $787,300 before the end of the year!

The ARL receives no government or public funding and relies entirely on the support of people like you to provide assistance when and where animals need help most.

If you love and care about animals, or if the ARL has made an impact on the special pets in your life, show  your support by making a donation today!

Visit or click on the DONATE button below to make a donation to the Animal Rescue League of Boston!


A WARM AND FUZZY THANK YOU to Malcolm McDonald, chairman of the ARL’s Board of Directors, and to everyone who has already donated to the ARL in 2015 to help animals in need!