Bring Prince Home for the Holidays

Pet of the Week: 1-Year-Old Prince

Prince Buny earsMeet Prince! This handsome 1-year-old pup has been at our Boston shelter since October 2 and would love to come home with you for the holidays.

Prince is a sweet boy who loves people and playing with toys. He’s eager to please and wants to learn as much as you’re willing to teach him.

He is very intelligent and responds to his name, as well as come basic commands – “sit”, “look”, and “touch.” Prince can be a lot for another dog to handle, as he is quite pushy and will get in their face; therefore, he will need to go to an experienced owner who will be able to manage his dog-to-dog interactions well.

Prince is still a young boy and he needs lots of exercise, play time, and training. If you’re interested in meeting him, please stop by our Boston shelter!

Read Prince’s profile.




Do Right. Be Brite. Vote for ARL.

You Can Help ARL Win $2500

GivingTuesday might be over, but Eventbrite is helping raise money for charities until December 12. Eventbrite is getting into the giving spirit with a friendly competition and your vote can help the ARL win $2500 for shelter pets.

boston_instagramIt’s simple: register now to cast a vote for the Animal Rescue League of Boston. On Friday, December 12, Eventbrite will tally up the votes and donate to each organization based on your votes. 1st place: $2,500, 2nd place: $1,500, 3rd place: $1,000, 4th place: $750, 5th place: $500.

Vote for ARL now.

Want to see the ARL rise to the top of the ranks? Sharing is caring! Share this campaign with friends to stuff the digital ballot box and help more ARL shelter pets find homes for the holidays.

Thank you for your support!

Haven’t heard of Eventbrite? Their technology facilitates gatherings, by helping people find and attend events that feed their interests, while connecting them with others who share their passions.Do Right Be Brite Charitable Partners



Live life #UNselfie!

GivingTuesday is Your Chance to Help Animals Like Carrie

All Carrie wants is a home for the holidays and with your help she will have one someday soon!

Here at the ARL we understand that it can take time for a shelter pet to find the perfect home. Carrie, for example, has been waiting since August. Your donations help provide food, care, and enrichment for shelter pets like Carrie while they wait for a new home, no matter how long it takes.

GivingTuesday is a day dedicated to giving back to the charities and causes you care about most. Express your commitment to helping animals like Carrie by making a gift to the ARL today.

If you’ve already given to the ARL, thank you!

Please take a picture, tag it #unselfie, #givingtuesday and #arlboston and share it on social media to help spread the word about the ARL and GivingTuesday.

For more information about GivingTuesday, visit and thank you for your support!

To make a donation now, click here.

P.S. Do a GivingTuesday Extra and share Carrie’s profile with friends and family looking to adopt a dog!

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Tomorrow’s the Big Day to Give. Make it Count!

Tomorrow is GivingTuesday

watson UNselfieWe have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. On GivingTuesday, we have a day for charity and goodwill.

Tomorrow, December 2, 2014, is GivingTuesday, when people around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and giving back.

Listen to an NPR story about GivingTuesday.

Express your kindness and compassion by donating to animals in need on GivingTuesday!

Here’s how your gift can help animals at ARL shelters and in the community:

  • $10 – Can cover the cost of a shelter pet’s microchip
  • $25 – Can provide two shelter dogs with breakfast and dinner
  • $50 – Can help with spay/neuter surgery for an adoptable animal
  • $100 – Can help an animal receive emergency surgery
  • $500 – Can spay or neuter an entire feral cat colony to prevent over population

If you have already given to the ARL, thank you! Please take a picture, tag it #unselfie, #givingtuesday and #arlboston and share it on social media.

For more information about Giving Tuesday, visit and thank you for your support!

To make a donation now, click the green “donate” button at the top right of our website or click here.

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Leave These 5 Foods Off Your Pet’s Holiday Menu

Ideas for Keeping Your Pets Healthy and Happy this Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, eat great food and enjoy the company of our family and friends, which often includes our pets. While it’s wonderful to include your pets in your holiday traditions, it’s important to limit the amount and types of food that your pets consume on Thanksgiving. Foods that are fine for humans (and would seem okay for dogs) can actually be very dangerous for your pet.

The following foods should be avoided on Thanksgiving, no bones about it!

  1. 11-25 Thanksgiving Foods Photo 3Turkey Bones
    Turkey bones are small and can become lodged in your dog’s throat, stomach, or intestinal tract. They may also splinter and cause severe damage to the stomach or puncture the small intestine.
  2. Fat Trimmings
    Fatty foods like turkey skin and gravy are difficult for dogs to digest, and consuming turkey skin can result in pancreatitis. Symptoms for this serious disease include vomiting, extreme depression, reluctance to move, and abdominal pain.
  3. Dough/Cake Batter
    Since dough and cake batter contain raw eggs, the first concern for people and pets is salmonella bacteria. What’s more, dough may actually rise in your dog’s belly, which can lead to vomiting, severe abdominal pain, and bloating.
  4. Raisins/Grapes
    Though the causes of their toxicity are unknown, ingesting grapes can cause kidney failure in dogs.
  5. Garlic, Mushrooms, and Onions
    All three of these foods can damage your dog’s internal organs, including kidneys, liver, and the central nervous system. Symptoms can include seizures, coma, vomiting, and possibly death.

Need to keep your canine pal busy while you’re busy in the kitchen or entertaining?

“Food puzzles and interactive toys like Kongs or Buster Cubes are a great way to entertain your dog when you’re busy and distracted getting the turkey in and out of the oven,” says Kim Melanson, CPDT-KA.

Remember to keep your vet’s number handy.

Should your pet become ill and show any of the above symptoms, be sure to have your veterinarian’s phone number and the local animal emergency hospital’s number on hand. A quick call to either of them can give you life-saving advice or even help you avoid a trip to the ER. You can reach Boston Veterinary Care at (617) 226-5605.

For more helpful tips about dog and cat health and behavior, visit


Senior Pet of the Week: Rudy, a 10 Year-Young Chi

November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month. Open Your Heart to Rudy!

11-21-14 Rudy_pic1Rudy is a 10-year young chihuahua. This senior dog is really just a friendly, silly little boy.

Don’t let his senior age fool you, he has lots of spunk in his tiny body and enjoys playing and running around. He’ll wiggle around on the rug and put a show on for you.

He does pretty well on crate training but could use some reminders when going home.

This sweet dog has been at the ARL since October 24. Rudy doesn’t ask for much, he just wants a human to love and a little fleece blanket to burrow in and he’ll be one happy man. He would like nothing more than to have a caring home for the holidays! 

Watch his adorable video below and you’ll fall in love with him!

Read Rudy’s profile.

If Rudy sounds like the pup for you, come meet him at our Boston shelter this weekend. He’s waiting for you!

11-21-14 Rudy_pic2


Leo Leo Concert Benefiting ARL on Nov. 29

Animal-Loving Band Will Play Benefit Show for ARL

On Saturday, November 29 Leo*Leo, a duo producing Bossa Nova inspired Rock and Roll with flavors of Soul and Disco will play a concert benefiting the Animal Rescue League. Band members Vanessa and Sarah are huge animal lovers and have adopted three animals from the ARL’s shelters. 

11-20-14 LeoLeoPetsTheir cockatiel, Meegs, is their band mascot. When Sarah cooks Meegs will often fly over to the stove, land on the pan handle and “communicate” just what needs to happen next in the recipe. Otherwise, he is perched next to Vanessa, as she plays guitar, and he corrects her notes with his own. If a visitor should come to the band loft, Meegs flies over and lands on their head and allows them in. This is why he is afforded the nickname, “The Foreman.”

He is also one of 3 reasons why Leo*Leo is honored to play a show benefiting the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The other two reasons are Sarah Hope’s dutch shepherd mix, named Sophia (pictured with Meegs) and Vanessa’s chihuahua/terrier named Basil (you can see her all over their instagram).


Who: Leo Leo
What: Benefit Concert
When: Saturday, November 29 at 4pm
Where: The Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain

Local Artist & ARL supporter, Jenn Marquez Photography will be at the show giving away $15 gift certificates toward a photo session! Additionally, Neuro drink and Cuppow are both going to be giving away goodies!

1st Show – Doors 4pm-5:45pm.
2nd Show – Doors 6pm-7:45pm.

All ages welcome!

Thank you Leo*Leo for helping more animals find homes for the holidays by donating proceeds from your concert to the Animal Rescue League!


ARL’s Black Friday Deal to Help Get Animals Home for the Holidays

Boston, MA –For staff and volunteers at the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL), giving animals in need a chance to experience joy and companionship are what the holidays are all about. To encourage adoption and support for animals in need, the ARL will launch the “Home for the Holidays” community outreach campaign, featuring special events and stories all aimed at helping animals in the community.

Black Friday Deal“The happiest part of the work we do all year is bringing animals and people together,” explains Mary Nee, president of the ARL. “Our biggest holiday wish is for the animals in our care and individuals willing to open their hearts to find each other.”

On Black Friday, all ARL shelters in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham will open for business with a special “Black Friday deal” of its own. Everyone who adopts from the ARL on Black Friday will receive:

  • The unwavering love and loyalty of a shelter pet (no limit on supply!)
  • An ARL pet emergency backpack (cat or dog version, while supplies last)
  • Free first wellness visit at Boston Veterinary Care vet clinic
  • Free pet toothbrush and toothpaste (while supplies last)
  • Coupon for 20% off your entire purchase with PALS reward from Petco Unleashed
  • Coupon for 20% off your entire purchase at D’Tails (73 Berkeley Street, Boston)

Generous supporters of the ARL have also pre-paid the adoption fees on select shelter animals. Visit for shelter hours on Black Friday and to search adoptable animals.

Every year, the ARL unites over 3,000 deserving animals with families and places 850 in foster homes with dedicated ARL volunteers.

For more information about the ARL’s “Home for the Holidays” campaign and how you can help animals in need this holiday season, visit

About the Animal Rescue League of Boston
Founded in 1899, the ARL is dedicated to rescuing domesticated animals and wildlife from suffering, cruelty, abandonment, and neglect. In 2013, the ARL served over 14,000 individual animals through our shelters in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham, and our law enforcement, rescue, and veterinary services. The ARL receives no government funding and relies solely on the generosity of supporters to help animals in need. Visit for more information.




4 Years Lost and a Long Way from Home

Billy is Home for the Holidays After 4 Years Thanks to the ARL & His Microchip!

11-20-14 BillyPicWhen Billy first arrived at our Boston shelter from an animal control facility in Western Massachusetts, we could tell he was special. This handsome Bull Terrier was very friendly and seemed like he had an interesting story to tell.

After doing a quick scan, we discovered that he had a microchip… that traced back to Australia! Our intake liaison called several microchip companies, but none of them had a record for him. With only one more company on her list, were hopeful that this would be Billy’s chance for reconnecting with his family, and it was. The Canadian microchip company confirmed that Billy had been microchipped in Australia.

When Alana called his family they couldn’t believe that their Billy had been found and that he was all the way in Boston. He had been stolen from them fours years ago and they had searched for him far and near. His owner drove over from Western Massachusetts to our Boston shelter the following day and the connection was undeniable.

Billy was thrilled to see his dad! That day we learned a few things about Billy. He had been a show-dog since he was a puppy and now has 8 show-stopping grand kids who were waiting for him at home.

Watch the video of his happy reunion with his owner, below.

52% of dogs who enter a shelter with a microchip are successfully returned to their owners and Billy’s story serves as an important reminder to microchip your pets.

We’re so thrilled that Billy will be home for the holidays after all these years!

Your support makes stories like Billy’s possible.

Please help more animals find a home for the holidays this season by making your year-end donation today! Donate online.


Cat Food Drive for Boston’s Homeless Cats

Prepping for Thanksgiving? Save some for Boston’s Homeless Cats!

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, November 22 and 23, the ARL is hosting a Cat Food Drive, to provide food for the homeless cats of Boston. We’ll accept donations of unopened wet or dry cat food from 9am – 3:30pm both days in the lobby of our Boston headquarters in Boston’s South End.

ARL of Boston Lobby
10 Chandler Street
Boston, MA 02118

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than by giving to those in need?

The cat food bank drive marks the start of the ARL’s “Home for the Holidays” community outreach campaign to encourage adoption and support for animals in need during the holidays. All donations of cat food will defray the food cost associated with the on-going care of homeless cats in the community.

Cat food donations will go to feral cat caretakers in Boston, as well as ARL foster volunteers who provide one-on-one care to cats recovering from surgery or re-acclimating to life in a home prior to adoption.

November_ARL_Cat_Food_Bank_Day Graphic_Hi_Res