Job Posting: Assistant Manager (Brewster)

POSITION: Animal Care and Adoption Center Assistant Manager (Brewster)

RESPONSIBLE TO: Animal Care and Adoption Center Manager (Brewster)


Responsible under the direction of the Brewster Shelter Manager for the general overall day to day supervision and operation of the League’s Brewster animal shelter.  Must be able and willing to perform, manage, teach and supervise all jobs, personnel, and activities associated with accomplishing all aspects of the shelter work required daily in accordance with the standards and procedures established by the League.  Must put a high priority on the welfare of all animals and high standards of sanitation in the building, including but not limited to the: cleaning, feeding, watering, and exercising of animals, expediting medical services for the sick and injured, expedite proper and humane euthanasia of animals when necessary and to supply the pet adoption with as many qualified animals as possible. This position will also be the primary coordinator for the shelter’s foster care program. A high level of professionalism and strong customer service skills are mandatory.  Working in a small, busy environment makes strong interpersonal skills and a willingness to be a team player absolute requirements.  This position has to be flexible in the duties and responsibilities as well as project a positive attitude and leadership style to best fit the changing needs of the shelter and the mission of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.


  1. *Must complete a six-month orientation and training period.
  2. *Must maintain a good attendance record and a good driving record.
  3. Must have a strong emphasis on attention to detail and be effective at organization.
  4. * Open or secure the building and alarm system in the morning and at the end of the work day or on the weekends.
  5. *Serve on various committees and work on special projects as assigned.
  6. *Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds.
  7. Maintain awareness of exposure and cross contamination to animal related parasites and infectious diseases.
  8. *Compile monthly operational, financial and other periodic reports. Understand all departments’ financial boundaries. Assist in ordering supplies and inventory.
  9. *Coordinate shelter staffing and scheduling for sick, vacation, lunch and break times taken.
  10. Participate in interviews with employment candidates, train, supervise and help assess performance on all employees reporting to the position.
  11. Assist the Shelter Manager in coordinating all interior and exterior building maintenance.
  12. *Assist with ordering and be responsible for all Brewster shelter related equipment to be maintained in working order.  Maintain safety standards of the shelter and investigate accidents as necessary.
  13. *Since the shelter office area is either open to or visible by the public, a strong emphasis must be placed on appearance.  Maintain all areas in a neat, clean and organized fashion. Follow the League dress code and wear the League uniform.
  14. *As needed, must be willing and able to assume responsibility for shelter operations on weekdays, weekends and nights and holidays in the absence of the Shelter Manager.
  15. *Handle a wide variety of animals effectively and in a humane manner. Must be able to respond to an emergency situation or rescue and to assess the need for back-up equipment or personnel.
  16. *Must know or be able to learn and perform the League approved techniques for the euthanasia of animals. Ensure strict guideline and security with the euthanasia solutions and euthanasia protocol.
  17. *Guide and counsel the staff.  Must be able to identify performance and behavior issues, problems, and patterns in the workplace with Brewster Shelter staff members.  If necessary, must be capable of conducting disciplinary procedures.
  18. *Must be capable of working independently and be able to support a team approach to operational decision making and problem solving.  Must be able to learn, interpret, and exercise League policies accurately.  Must be creative and cost effective in streamlining operations. Assist any employee reporting to the Shelter Manager.
  19. Responsible for acting as the primary coordinator for the fostercare program with strong emphasis on volunteer relations.  Coordinate feline rounds, attend volunteer/staff meetings (on cats), and maintain awareness of the population management of cats in the shelter.
  20. *Maintains positive community relations, performs education programs, lectures for Kiwanis and Rotary  clubs. Interfaces with the public via telephone or in person.  Coordinates  pet shows and pet information booths, increase adoptions and general donations.  Assist in negotiating animal control contracts.
  21. Must be able to competently perform behavior evaluations, lead playgroup, counsel special adoptions and work closely with the behavior team.
  22. Perform all other assigned duties.


  1. Must be a High School graduate or equivalent. Animal Science degree is preferred.  Minimum of 2 years of animal welfare and experience handling animals required. Minimum of 2 years of supervisory or management experience preferred.
  2. Must have a current and valid Massachusetts Driver’s License and be insurable with the ARL Insurance policy for driving a League vehicle.
  3. Must have and maintain a good driving record.  Should be familiar with the local community streets and areas and ability to read street maps.
  4. Must be of good moral character with an even disposition and the ability to deal effectively and politely with a diverse group of people.  This person must have definite abilities to evaluate problems accurately and display good, sound judgment when working without supervision and under emotional stress.  These are extremely important and critical qualifications. A high level of professionalism and strong interpersonal skills is required.
  5.   Must have demonstrated capability as a motivated self starter who           embraces change with a positive and productive management style.
  6. Must be physically capable of performing all the duties of Animal Care and Adoption Assistant Manager including moderately heavy work.  Required to lift at least 50 pounds
  7. Strong verbal and written communication skills and computer skills required.

How to Apply

Please submit cover letter and resume to or:

Human Resources Department
Animal Rescue League of Boston
10 Chandler Street
Boston, MA 02116

HR fax (617) 423-6201