Job Posting: Dedham Shelter Supervisor – Intake/Cemetery

RESPONSIBLE TO: Shelter Manager, Shelter Assistant Manager (Dedham)



Responsible, under the direction of Dedham Assistant Shelter Manager, for the general overall day to day supervision and operation of the Dedham Shelter with a particular emphasis on the Intake Office, as well as acting as a liaison for the Pine Ridge Cemetery.   This hourly position is responsible for assessing and evaluating animals for admission into the shelter according to Animal Rescue League of Boston policy and philosophy, as outlined in the ARL Intake Position Statement with special placements of animals, such as with rescue groups, barns (cats), and transfers to animal control agencies. Although primarily Dedham focused, this position requires strategic thinking and careful coordinating with branch managers, Rescue and mobile operations, and other organizations, such as Animal Control Officers to prioritize and optimize the intake process across the organization.

Additionally, this position is key to Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery operations because it consist of managing every aspect of the office, which includes but not limited to the primary functions of all client interactions for Cemetery business, scheduling burials, receiving deceased animals, accepting payment and creating receipts, coordinating the return of ashes, maintaining and scheduling duties for cemetery workers and record keeping.

This position has to be flexible in the duties and responsibilities to best fit the changing needs of Dedham Adoption Center, Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery, and the mission of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.



  1. *Must be able to handle a wide variety of animals effectively and in a humane manner. Must be able to respond to an emergency situation or rescue and be able to assess the need for back-up equipment or personnel;
  2. *Must complete a ninety (90) day orientation and training period;
  3. *Must maintain a good attendance record;
  4. *The regular workweek is 40 hours, but must be willing to work a reasonable amount of overtime or when other duties require it at night, weekends and holidays.  Must be willing to work weekends or rotating schedule.  Must be willing and able to assume the duties of a Shelter Agent and any other duties as assigned;
  5. *Must be able to perform intake examinations of animals to assess ‘fast track’ animals and animals needing immediate medical intervention. Must know or be able to learn ARL protocols for intake vaccines and be able to administer vaccines upon intake of animals. Maintain awareness of exposure to animal related parasites and infectious diseases;
  6. *Must know or be able to learn and perform the ARL approved techniques for the euthanasia of animals.  Evaluate animals being surrendered for euthanasia according to ARL policies and make decisions regarding euthanasia as a member of the management team. Ensure strict guideline and security with the euthanasia solution and euthanasia protocol;
  7. *Responsible for assessing alternative placement options for cats, dogs, small animals and livestock, maintaining current contacts for placement options and recruiting new ones;
  8. *Must be able to work efficiently with Dedham Animal Control officer for receiving of town of Dedham’s stray canines. Responsible for complying with town contract, state stray animal control regulations, coordinating kenneling space, animal owner returns, collection and processing of fees, coordinating quarantine releases, and any other required duties;
  9. *Must be able to work efficiently in a busy office performing multiple tasks including answering telephones, manage and maintain the message systems, email, social media, data entry, accessing the computer system for information, completing paper work, assisting the public, maintaining appointment logs, and collect and process service fees in a neat and accurate manner. Provide service and information over the phone and through email to the public and other organizations in a prompt professional manner. Must be aware of alternative resources for clients looking for assistance if the Animal Rescue League of Boston is unable to provide assistance. Must also perform other duties associated with the operations of the intake office and Pine Ridge Cemetery, as well as be able to perform all duties of a Shelter Agent;
  10. *Responsible for cross-referencing lost animal reports with found animal reports and animals admitted to the shelter.  Responsible for exercising due diligence relating to stray animals admitted to the shelter which may include activities such as: posting animals to websites, contacting Animal Control officers in the town where the animal came from, checking microchip reports, etc.;
  11. *Responsible for  being part of the management team that performs daily animal inventory checks and ensures that all animals are admitted, vaccinated, evaluated, held and discharged correctly. Required to participate, collaborate, and attend various management team related and volunteer/staff related meetings for shelter operations and intake. A high priority is placed on overseeing animals received at the Dedham shelter through the animal transport program ensuring that all isolation, vaccine, and care protocols are followed and collaborating with the other branch intake supervisors and volunteer departments for transfer;
  12. *Must be able to act independently in a management role in the absence of the Manager or Assistant Manager, including coaching, mentoring, and delegating to staff and volunteers;
  13. *Interview and counsel clients surrendering, reclaiming and looking for lost pets. Ensure accurate and complete filling out of intake information. Provide training tips; pet care information, and other animal related information and resources;
  14. *Must be willing and able to assume responsibility for opening and closing various areas of the campus on weekends, nights and holidays in the absence of the Shelter Manager and Shelter Assistant Manager. This includes making sure the animals have been properly cared for and securing the premises;
  15. * Must be capable of working independently and be able to support a team approach to operational decision-making and problem solving.  Must be able to learn, interpret, exercise, and explain the ARL’s mission, policies, and procedures accurately, as well as those for Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery.  Must be creative and cost effective in streamlining operations. Assist any employee reporting to the position;
  16. *Arrange burials or cremations for deceased animals and handle deceased pets in a respectful and humane manner;
  17. *Make arrangements for cremation remains to be returned to client by scheduling appointments for pick up in Dedham, arranging the mailing of ashes by UPS, or transporting them to pick up location.   Contact clients to inform them about arrangements and pick-ups information;
  18. Since the Intake office area is open and or visible by the public, a strong emphasis must be placed on appearance.  Maintain all areas in a neat, clean and organized fashion. Follow the ARL dress code and wear the ARL uniform and name tag;
  19.  *Establish and maintain a network of resources through conferring and working with other humane animal welfare organizations, shelters, animal control officers and facilities, veterinarians, and animal hospitals;
  20. *Drive an animal ambulance and do emergency calls whenever needed.  Keep the vehicle clean, well-stocked and ready for use at all times.  Report any accidents, vehicle damage or need for vehicle or equipment repairs to the shelter manager immediately;
  21. *Perform general grounds keeping work including snow and ice removal, evaluation and maintenance of environment for safety in all animal and human areas as well as trash pick-up. Responsible for reporting shelter equipment deficiencies or repairs.  Follow-up to ensure completion;
  22. *Maintain inventory of cemetery and intake program supplies and make recommendations of purchasing needs.



  1. Must be a High School graduate or equivalent.  A minimum of an Associate degree in related animal welfare field, preferred;
  2. Minimum of one year of prior animal handling experience, preferably working in a humane organization.  Certified Euthanasia Technician, preferred;
  3. Must have a current and valid Massachusetts Driver’s License and be insurable with the ARL Insurance policy for driving a ARL vehicle;
  4. Must be of good moral character, with an even disposition, and the ability to deal effectively, compassionately, and politely with a diverse group of people in various situations.  This person must have definite abilities to evaluate problems accurately and display good, sound judgment when working without supervision and under emotional stress.  These are extremely important and critical qualifications;
  5. A high level of professionalism, customer service skills, and strong interpersonal skills are required. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and computer skills, required;
  6. Must be physically capable of performing all the duties of Shelter Supervisor including moderately heavy work.  Required to lift at least 50 pounds.



Please submit cover letter and resume to (please include the job title in your email subject line) or:
Human Resources Department
Animal Rescue League of Boston
10 Chandler Street
Boston, MA 02116

HR fax (617)-423-6201

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is an equal opportunity employer, and we make all employment-related decisions without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetic information, veteran’s status or any other protected characteristic.