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Adopting a Cat? Think Older!

Right now we’re in kitten season, which means there are lots of adorable kittens waiting for their forever homes. But while all of our shelter animals need to be adopted, it’s important not to forget the amazing older cats who are often overlooked among their tiny-pawed companions.

There are many reasons why older cats make fantastic pets, but here are just a few:

  •  Cat personalities don’t begin to solidify until at least eight months of age, so it’s difficult to tell what type of cat your kitten will turn into in terms of playfulness, energy level, sociability, desire to sit in your lap, etc. With an adult cat you can pick and choose all of your favorite traits!
  • The older the cat, the less work they tend to be. A cat that has matured doesn’t mind so much if you’re at work all day, and is much more likely to sleep through the night. If you don’t like being woken up early, you definitely want to think adult!
  • Older cats know that you’ve rescued them and give tons of love and thanks in return.
  • Indoors cats can live on average between 16 and 18 years. Some can even live into their twenties! So a 7-year-old shelter cat is only just middle-aged. Even a 13-year-old cat could remain happy and healthy for the next five years! Particularly for first-time adopters, consider your own ability to commit to the rest of an animal’s life.
  • If you’re worried that an older cat means more medical bills, consider that even with a kitten you should be prepared to pay for unforeseen medical issues. All of our shelter animals get a full health check by our veterinarian, so we’re able to inform you about any long-term health care your pet might need.
  • Lastly, opening your home to an adult cat is extremely rewarding. There are great cats that spend weeks or even months at the shelter, simply because they get overlooked.

When it’s time to add a new member to your feline family, be sure to ask our staff and volunteers what type of cat (age, personality, etc.) would be a good match for your lifestyle. We’ve spent lots of time getting to know each animal, and are happy to help you start a relationship that will last!

Here are some of our wonderful adult cats currently waiting for their forever homes at our Boston shelter:

Whiskers (pictured above, 13 years): very calm & mellow, easy to handle, looking for a quiet home
Ginger Root (9 years): affectionate & charming
Teddy (9 years): shy & gentle
Princess (7 years): lovebug & lap cat, loves other cats
Bruno (6 years): playful & outgoing, loves other cats
Abby (6 years): talkative, people-oriented

Adoption Spotlight: Meet Whiskers

Meet the face of our Whisker Patrol, Whiskers, the black tabby cat!

Whiskers is a delightful 13-year-old cat. Don’t let his age fool you, this handsome fellow has a lot of personality and a lot of love to give. If you’re looking for a laid back, relaxed, and affectionate companion, Whiskers is the cat for you!

We chose him as the face of our campaign for three good reasons. 1) His name fit the bill, 2) He’s just so charming and wise, and 3) he’s the oldest cat at the shelter and he deserves to be spending his golden years in a caring home.

Summer is a particularly difficult time of year for the Animal Rescue League. Many cats are being surrendered and our shelter is nearing capacity. During these busy months, cats like Whiskers are sometimes overlooked by adopters. 

Please help adult cats like Whiskers find their forever homes by participating in our “Whisker Patrol”. From August 17th until August 31st, the Animal Rescue League of Boston has reduced its adoption fee for adult cats 1 year and older to $50! Discounted adoptions will be available at all three of our shelters. Check us out on Twitter and Facebook to follow the #WhiskerPatrol!

Happy Birthday!

-By Alana Mahoney

I’d like to wish a happy second birthday to a litter of 12 puppies that I fostered 2 years ago!  Some of you may remember Lacey who came to our shelter as part of a Law Enforcement case.  Lacey, a now 4-year-old Mastiff mix, came to our shelter emaciated and heavily pregnant.  It wasn’t long before she gave birth to 12 puppies that I ended up taking home to foster because it is better for young puppies to grow up in a home environment.  It was my first time fostering puppies and, especially with a litter so large, it was a truly unforgettable experience.  I had to help Lacey out with bottle feeding, as 12 mouths were too many for her to feed on her own.  I will never forget watching all the puppies run around in my backyard together, tumbling over each other.  

At two months of age, all 12 healthy puppies had grown to be quite friendly and were adopted into wonderful homes. Lacey was also adopted a few months later. 

The puppies even have an annual group birthday party (which they celebrated this past weekend) at one of the adopter’s homes. The festivities included a walk around the reservoir for the pups! 

I so enjoyed fostering the puppies and Lacey will always hold a special place in my heart.  There are so many organizations that may have turned Lacey’s puppies away due to the overwhelming size of her litter and I cannot express how much the adopters and I appreciate all of the time and effort the Animal Rescue League of Boston put into this family.

Happy Birthday to Tink, Daphne, Hunter, Eowyn, Jax, Kody, Patience, Hazel, Zack, Wilbur, Stella, and Amber!

– As anyone who has ever cared for a puppy can attest, having to raise 12 at once requires patience, energy and a sense of humor to say the least. Kudos to Alana for giving them such a great start. -Ed. 

Alana Mahoney is an Intake and Special Placement Liaison at the Boston Animal Care & Adoption Center.

Click here for a slideshow of ‘before and after’ photos of the pups.

Meet Sheba

Sheba, an gorgeous 8-year-old female German Shepherd, has been at the League’s Boston shelter since March 29. She was surrendered when her owner entered a nursing home and could no longer care for her.

Sheba has a sweet and gentle nature that makes her the perfect forever friend. She loves spending time with shelter staff and visitors and especially enjoys being petted. Although she is 8, Sheba stills plays like a puppy, favoring the chance to play fetch on a nice Boston day.

If you are interested in Sheba, please visit our Boston shelter and give her a forever home.

An Update on Celeste

Back in April, you may remember our update about Celeste, one of the mini horses being care for by our Dedham staff. Celeste is now her forever home and is being treated like a princess (and she even likes to dress like one, too). Below is a photo of her in her royal best at the “Susan G Komen for a Cure – Ride for the Ribbon” on June 3.

The Newest Recruit

Poppy, an 8-month-old Labrador-hound mix, graces the cover of today’s Boston Herald with Brewster Shelter Manager Sandra Luppi.

Poppy arrived in Brewster a month ago after being transferred from our Dedham shelter. She is a very smart pup that has been described as having an abounding energy.

Poppy’s lively demeanor and ability to focus was a perfect fit for the Plymouth County’s Sheriff Department, resulting in her adoption. This rambunctious girl will enter a 10-week training program to eventually become the police unit’s drug sniffing dog.

Lt. Barney Murphy, a Barnstable County deputy sheriff, said, “She will be a superstar. I know it’s in her.”

Congratulations to Poppy and her new forever friends! To read the full article in the Herald, click here.

A Special Adoption

Last week we met Parly, a stray kitten found in Everett. She’s a beautiful girl, but we immediately noticed that she staggers and stumbles as she walks. Thankfully, we are well-prepared to help.

Our staff veterinarians found that she has “cerebellar hypoplasia” or CH, which affects the balance centers of her brain. We feared that, like many other CH kittens, she would be unable to eat properly and would injure herself from frequent falls. If she was unable to use a litterbox, it would affect her chances of being adopted into a loving home.

At the League, we always make a special effort for animals like Parly. We placed her into foster care with Deb, a League staff member, to get to know her a little better. The first thing Deb noticed was how lovely she is. “She’s addictive – you just can’t stop spending time with her.” Even though she finds it hard to walk, Parly is very friendly, loves to play and cuddle, and is fearless – she isn’t scared of dogs or children.

She’s able to use a high-sided litterbox too, so we’ve approved her for “special adoption.” We’ll provide a letter from the vet describing her special needs, and a careful owner will find that she makes a wonderful addition to their home.

At the Animal Rescue League of Boston we excel at special cases like this. Our rescue staff, veterinarians, foster familes and shelter staff all work together as a team so that special kittens like Parly can find a forever home.

All this work is only possible thanks to your support. Have you made a gift recently? If not,please click here to make a contribution, and save an animal like Parly, today.

An Exotic Adoption

About a month ago, the League’s Rescue team had quite a weekend rescuing a Chinese Golden Pheasant and a Florida King Snake.

The pheasant, now named Phil, has taken up residence at our Brewster shelter while he waits for his forever home. Pheasants are quieter birds, but Phil gets along with chickens rather well. Since Phil is considered an exotic species, his new owner will need to obtain a permit to care for him.

If you would like to learn more about Phil, click here or visit our Brewster shelter.