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In Remembrance of Mayor Kevin White

We wanted to offer our condolences to the family of former Boston Mayor Kevin White. In addition to the many great things he has done for the City of Boston, we will always remember him for his affection for Prescott, a beloved Boston Police Horse who many Bostonians remember fondly. Mayor White gave the horse to the Boston Police Department’s mounted unit and he soon became a fixture on our city’s streets. Everyone – especially children – wanted to catch a glimpse of the beautiful horse. League founder Anna Harris Smith (1843 – 1929) was an early advocate for the welfare of Boston’s working horses, and this would have pleased her to no end.

When Prescott passed away in 1994, Mayor White attended his funeral at our pet cemetery in Dedham.

In addition to his years of service to the people of Boston, we were honored to have gotten to know Mayor White in the most touching of ways – through our shared love of an animal.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The coming of cold weather presents a problem for every dog owner: how will you find ways to provide enough exercise for your dog? Exercise (even indoors) is not only beneficial to a dog’s well being, but also gives your four footed friend time to play.

Nose work games are great to get your dog moving. After delivering a stay command, hide a treat nearby, and then allow your dog to search for it. It works best when the reward is hidden in an easy-to- find place. Over time, gradually increase the complexity of the hiding places, like under a cardboard box. Treats can be substituted with other objects, like toys if your dog is very toy motivated. Nose work games are like treasure hunts for dogs and keep them active.

Puzzles aren’t just for humans. Food puzzles are also a fantastic activity for your dog because they are great for providing both mental and physical stimulation.  If your dog is food motivated, more complex puzzles provide more vigorous exercise, and your dog will have fun in the process.

The canine version of ‘monkey in the middle’ will also give your dog a lot of leg work. Two people call the dog back and forth and, each time your dog reaches the respective person, offer a treat.

While cold weather may keep your dog inside, it doesn’t have to stop him from staying healthy and having fun.

From South of the Border to Across the Pond

While the Animal Rescue League represents all dogs of Boston, Patty Ruiz will be representing all dogs of the world this summer as she carries the torch to the 2012 Olympics in London. Until February 3 however, she will be volunteering in our Boston branch.

Patty has come to Boston to take classes to strengthen her English before heading to London this summer. When she decided to come to Boston, Patty researched shelters in the area. She found the ARL of Boston and now helps out by preparing food, doing laundry, and washing dishes for the dogs.

Patty Ruiz is the founder of Milagros Caninos, the first dog sanctuary of Latin America in Mexico City. Her shelter helps dogs who have been through extreme situations, such as abuse, cancer, burns, blind, deaf and suffering from addiction. She provides a home for these special dogs and gives them a place to live out the rest of their years.

Patty relies on donors to help her with her wonderful mission. You can donate to Milagros Caninos by visiting their website.

We Need Your Vote!

It’s that time of year again! The Boston Phoenix has begun the voting for their annual “Best of Boston” issue. One of the categories is Best Twitter Feed and our Rescue Team wants you to vote for their Twitter feed!

Rescue Services answers dozens of calls each week. Their expeditions are documented through their Twitter feed. From heartfelt tweets about rescuing a cold cat to their often humorous insights into their travels, the Rescue Team’s Twitter feed gives the public an inside glimpse of animal welfare.

The Twitter feed also shows the wide variety of work the team does. Each day is different and each story has its own unique qualities.

Vote for the Rescue Team’s Twitter here! While you’re at it, head over and vote for the Animal Rescue League for “Best Non-Profit” here!

Success in Peabody

While most of us were indoors watching the snowfall Saturday, ARL’s expert rescue team braved the weather to help save another animal. The team received a report about an injured goose on Elginwood Pond in Peabody. Bill Tanguay, a senior rescue technician, successfully brought the goose to safety.

For more information on the rescue, visit boston.com.

Fur Ball 2012

Join us for a dance party to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston and its programs on Friday, March 23rd, 2012 at the Foundation Room, House of Blues Boston.

The Fur Ball will feature DJ Big Missy playing the hits of the 1970’s and 1980’s, a silent auction of amazing items, and a “Best Dressed” competition. All proceeds from the event will benefit the League.

For more information visit the Fur Ball 2012 website.

Photos from the 2009 Fur Ball

The Foundation Room at the House of Blues Boston

Remember Us Too

Huge thanks to Becca, Emily and Abby of www.rememberustoo.com who visited the League last week to deliver the proceeds of their fundraising efforts.

They created www.rememberustoo.com for their Bat Mitzvah social justice project to support passage of Bill S.682 which allows judges to include pets in restraining orders. They designed and sold over 200 special “S.682 Remember Us Too” bracelets, contacted legislators to advocate for the bill, and collected blankets and other items used in our shelters.

On their visit, they met the cats and dogs in the shelter, including Nana, (pictured below) and presented the League with $520 in donations. It was so inspiring to meet them and see their commitment to making a difference for animals. Visit their website to learn more.

Home for the Holidays – Donner and Blitzen Update

December 29, 2011 – We wanted to share some good news. Donner and Blitzen – 2 dogs taken into our care after being starved and abandonded earlier this month – are friendly, energetic and enjoying playtime together in our play yard. Blitzen is a little shy around people but is warming up toward her caretakers. Both dogs are sweet and have a great time running and playing together.

Our staff have been carefully monitoring both dogs’ body condition, and they are beginning to gain weight. They look great. Having been exposed to the elements, Donner and Blitzen also have minor skin irritations (called dermatitis) that our Shelter Medicine team is successfully treating. They will remain under our care for the time being as they continue to recuperate.

We are humbled by the outpouring of generosity, love and concern for Donner and Blitzen. Thank you for making the holiday season here at the League a brighter one.