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Lost Dog – Solomon

Lost Dog “Solomon” Last Seen in Canton/Stoughton, Mass. Area

April 17 Update: Solomon was last seen on Overlook Road in Stoughton on Friday, April 13. If you see him, please don’t approach him (he is shy and will likely run away) and call Granite State Dog Recovery at (657) 777-2752 or the League’s Rescue Services team at (617) 226-5620.

Please help Solomon’s owners locate him – he was last seen on Neponsett Street in Canton, Mass. on March 10. He is white with black “cow-like” markings and upright ears. Solomon is shy, so we ask that you do not approach him because he is likely to run away. If you see him, please call Granite State Dog Recovery at (657) 777-2752 or the League’s Rescue Services Team at (617) 226-5620.

League Named ‘Best Local Cause’ by Boston Phoenix

Last night, the League was named “Best Local Cause” in the Boston Phoenix “Best of” readers poll.

You think you’ve got it bad in this economy? Another downside of the endless recession is the cascade of abandoned pets. No, not that mythical flushed alligator left to mutate in the city sewers, but the orphaned dogs, cats, and small animals that await new owners at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. In addition to an adoption center staffed by helpful volunteers, the South End location features extensive animal housing and an outpatient veterinary clinic to take care of the medical needs of your new best friend.-Boston Phoenix

We would like to thank all of you who voted for us and to the Boston Phoenix for this award!

Abandoned Kittens Rescued in Dorchester

Tuesday, the League’s rescue team received a call about one-month old kittens left in a box on the caller’s porch.

The mother of the litter was nowhere to be found. Danielle Genter Moore, Senior Rescue Technician, said that calls about abandoned cats have been becoming more frequent. When this litter of three was found, they were dirty and frightened. The League has cleaned them up and given them a warm place to sleep.

The kittens will be in foster care for approximately one month until they will be adopted into their forever homes. Click here to watch WHDH-TV’s coverage on our new, tiny four-footed friends

Toto the Tornado Kitten

When a tornado hit Brimfield, MA back in June, the area was devastated. Volunteers banded together to help clean the area up. A tree worker was clearing debris when he came across the tiniest survivor of the storm, a 2-week old kitten.

Thought to be swept up by the wind into the tree, the kitten was taken to the emergency operations center and was in need of immediate care. Luckily, the League’s Rescue Team was already there aiding in efforts to help other animals. We assumed care of the kitten until he was healthy enough for adoption. Two months later, Jonathan Hall, a volunteer paramedic during the tornado, came to adopt the kitten now named Toto.

Toto’s whirlwind adventure has now been turned into a children’s book (see photo with the real-life Toto, now fully grown) by Jonathan. All proceeds will benefit the League, so purchase your copy here today.

Dr. Martha Smith in the Huffington Post

“It’s time to break out of old habits that don’t work and become creative and innovative, so we can improve life for cats in shelters,” says Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore, DVM, director of Veterinary Medical Services for the ARL of Boston and a former president of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians.

Read the full story here.

Cat Survives 19-Story Plunge from High Rise Window

Many thanks to Rescue Services and Boston Veterinary Care’s Dr. Hugh Davis for their great work yesterday. Thankfully, “Sugar” is okay after her ordeal.

Article below courtesy of Boston.com.

BOSTON—A veterinarian says acting like a flying squirrel may have saved a cat from serious injury in a 19-story plunge from a Boston high rise.

Sugar the cat had no broken bones or cuts, just some bruising on her lungs after the fall from a window owner Brittany Kirk had opened to enjoy the recent unseasonably warm weather.

The Animal Rescue League estimates Sugar fell between 150 and 200 feet.

Kirk tells WBZ-TV (http://boston.cbslocal.com/2012/03/21/cat-survives-19-story-fall-from-boston-apartment-building/) she thinks Sugar used up “one or two, or maybe eight” of her nine lives.

Veterinarian Hugh Davis says in falls from high places, cats splay their legs in a “flying squirrel position” which slows their descent.

Kirk calls Sugar’s survival a “miracle” and says building management has since installed a screen in her window.


Information from: WBZ-TV, http://www.wbz4.com

Mini Horses Continuing to Thrive

One week ago, news broke that 34 miniature horses were rescued, with 14 going into the League’s care. Today the minis are recuperating at the Dedham shelter and undergoing constant observation.

Ashley Arseneau, livestock liaison at Dedham, spoke with Boston.com and gave them an update on our miniature companions. Check out the article here.

Mini Horses, Extraordinary Hero

Lt. Alan Borgal has always gone above and beyond in his work as director for the Center for Animal Protection. In February, he was named one of America’s “Top 10 Animal Defenders” by the Animal Legal Defense Fund and now 34 mini-horses from West Bolyston also see him as their hero.

Upon hearing of the sub-standard conditions the mini-horses were living in, Alan worked with the overwhelmed owner and acquired 4 horses, now in the League’s care, on February 28. Last Thursday, the League received another 14. The remaining 20 are being cared for by the MSPCA.

The horses were treated at Tufts Veterinary Emergency Specialties and now are residing in their new home at our Dedham Shelter. Once the horses are back to full health, they will be adopted out to their forever homes. Because of the heroic actions of Lt. Borgal, these mini-horses are safe and getting the care they desperately need.

Thank you Alan for your hard work and compassion.

To help these mini-horses and continue the work Alan started, click here to donate.

Breaking News: 32 miniature horses rescued in West Boylston, MA

Thirty two miniature horses were rescued yesterday from a farm in West Boylston, MA.

The overwhelmed owner surrendered them into the care of the League, the MSPCA and other animal welfare organizations. We are caring for eighteen of the horses, with four currently at our Dedham Shelter and the rest being treated at Tufts Veterinary Emergency Specialties.

The severely malnourished horses are suffering from intestinal parasites and “rain rot,” a skin condition resulting from prolonged exposure to the elements. They are receiving small feedings every two hours and round-the-clock care from League staff.

Despite their poor condition, the Dedham staff were surprised by how readily the horses welcomed their care-givers. While carrying out the horses’ progressive feeding program, the horses nuzzled staff members – perhaps the first loving, humane act that these horses had ever experienced.

We anticipate that caring for these horses will cost at least $15,000 – expenses that were not included in our budget. Please consider a gift to help pay for their care. Visit www.arlboston.org/horses to make a donation.