The Center for Shelter Dogs is holding its annual Summer Institute on June 4 – 7, 2012 at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The Summer Institute is a unique, intensive, four-day training opportunity for animal care professionals whose job involves dog intake, behavior evaluation, training, and adoption.

The first session, led by Dr. Amy Marder,  focuses on Match-Up II Online the groundbreaking online version of the Match-Up II Shelter Dog Rehoming Program. The program is a multi-part system that incorporates information from a dog’s behavioral history, behavior evaluation, and behavior in a shelter, in order to get a comprehensive view of a dog’s individual needs. Shelters are able to learn more about a dog’s personality and use the program to make more successful dog-adopter matches.

The second session, led by Dr. Sheila D’Arpino, focuses on implementing enrichment and training techniques to improve the lives of shelter dogs. It also focuses on the treatment of common shelter dog behavior issues such as jumpy mouthy and food aggressive behaviors.

Attendees will not only gain extensive knowledge, but they’ll also learn how to implement the techniques in their own shelters and organizations through “hands-on learning.”