Cold Temperatures Mean More Animal Rescues

Cold weather poses danger for stray animals.

SuttonDog1Our Rescue Team has been very busy saving animals in danger from the freezing temperatures. On Sunday, they rescued an American Bulldog mix (pictured here with Senior Rescue Technician Danielle Genter) from the Purgatory Chasm State Reservation in Sutton. This poor girl had been out in the cold since Thursday, and possibly even longer.

The dog, now named Miranda, suffered from frostbite and had painful cracks in the soft underside of her paws from exposure to the cold. Lt. Alan Borgal, the League’s Director of the Center for Animal Protection, said that Miranda’s only water source was from a nearby stream. “She had to go through a lot of brush to get to the water, and as a result her body is covered in small cuts,” he explains. While Miranda was living outside, temperatures were averaging at about zero degrees at night and her short coat offers little protection from the elements. “We were so glad to have found her in time.” After Miranda had a chance to warm up, she received a full medical evaluation and vaccines from our shelter veterinarian and is currently resting comfortably at our Dedham Adoption Center.



Last week our Rescue Team also spent several days assisting Needham Animal Control in catching a dog. The nights were getting unbearably cold, the dog was hungry and cold and they knew that they had to catch him soon. They finally caught him on Thursday, January 24 in zero degree temperatures with a wind chill factor of about 15 to 18 below zero. The dog was named Sherman. He is about 15 pounds underweight, and being so thin, he was severely


compromised, trying to survive in such extreme cold weather temperatures. He is also being cared for at our Dedham Adoption Center and is currently undergoing medical and behavioral evaluations. He is a friendly dog and was very well-behaved during his bath the other day.

Miranda and Sherman are just two of the many animals we have saved from the bitter cold recently. If you’d like to help these animals and others like them, please donate today.