Current Legislation the Animal Rescue League of Boston is Following:

Senate Bill 860: An act relative to prohibiting internet hunting.

Internet hunting allows customers to point and shoot at animals in a video game-like setting, only through this technology, it can actually kill animals. The system connects the person “hunting” on the internet to a camera and rifle set up on a platform aimed at potential animals. The bill, signed into law on August 2, 2007, makes it illegal to hunt via an internet connection or operate a physical or internet site where this activity is conducted.
Sponsor: Senator Robert S. Creedon (D-2nd Plymouth and Bristol)
Signed into law by Governor Patrick August 2, 2007.

Senate Bill 1787: An Act Establishing a Massachusetts Cat and Dog Overpopulation Fund  
This bill would create a voluntary tax check-off to prevent pet overpopulation through spaying and neutering. The fund would be used to assist persons meeting income limit standards to sterilize and vaccinate dogs and cats and to educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering.
Sponsor:  Senator Pamela P. Resor (D- Middlesex and Worcester)

Senate Bill 2002: An Act Relating to the Treatment of Elephants
The bill would disallow any person who houses, possesses or travels with elephants (with a few exceptions) to use any implement that would result in physical harm to the elephants. The bill would also prohibit keeping the elephants constantly restrained by chain or similar device. For example, the bullhook (or ankus) which is a club made of wood, metal, or other substantial material, with a sharp steel hook and metal poker at one end is commonly used to train an elephant.
Sponsor: Senator Robert Hedlund (D- Plymouth and Norfolk)
Reported unfavorably.
The Animal Rescue League still supports this bill and will be pushing it again in the next legislative session.

House Bill 3563: An Act Relating to Regulating the Display of Red and Blue Flashing, Rotating or Oscillating Lights
This bill would grant officers of the Animal Rescue League of Boston, who are commissioned as special state police officers, the authority to utilize emergency flashing lights on their vehicles. Officers of these agencies are mandatory EMS providers and have administered emergency first aid to victims of motor vehicle accidents. These warning lights would ensure both officer and victim safety.
Sponsor: Representative David Linsky (D- Norfolk and Sherborn)

House Docket 4864: An Act Prohibiting the Renting of Pets
This bill was filed in response to a new company, Flex Petz, that rents dogs.  It was filed on February 23rd and is currently in the Rules Committee.

House Bill 774: Resolve providing for an investigation and study in order to balance the needs of property owners with those of coyotes.
This bill would create a 7-member special commission to investigate and study coyote-related issues.
Sponsor: Representative Frank Hynes (D-Plymouth)

House Bill 834: An Act Safeguarding our Natural Resources.
This bill would allow the use of the body-gripping conibear trap for recreational trapping.
Sponsor: Representative George Peterson (R- Worcester)

House Bill 761: An Act relative to the control of coyotes.
This bill expands the use of padded leghold traps for capturing coyote (pursuant to the health or safety exception) by allowing the Director of Fisheries and Wildlife to authorize this use (currently the state and federal departments of health can already do this).
Sponsor: Representative Wiliam Greene (D- Middlesex)

Hosue Bill 762: An Act Relative to property damage caused by beaver.
This bill would allow a so-called “pilot program” that woudl allow the use of the body-gripping conibear trap in most counties in the Commonwealth for recreational trapping.
Sponsor: Representative Wiliam Greene (D- Middlesex)

Senate Bill 540: Relating to Wildlife Management Commission
This bill will create a commission to evaluate and recommend methods to wildlife managers and the public to successfully manage and co-exist with beaver, muskrat, coyote and moose.
Sponsor: Senator Pamela Resor (D- Middlesex and Worcester)

House Bill 836: Relating to Further Defining the Term “Domesticated Animal” Concerning Animal Cruelty.
This would prevent the ARL of Boston from enforcing the animal cruelty statutes as they pertain to wildlife.
Sponsor: Representative George Peterson (R- Worcester)

House Bill 749: Relating to the Director of Wildlife and Fisheries.
This bill would give additional authority to the DFW and allow them to permit hunting on Sundays.
Sponsor: Representative Paul Frost (R- Worcester)

House Bill 2315: Relating to Hunting on Sundays.
This bill would allow hunting on Sundays.
Sponsor: Representative Anne Gobi (D-Worcester)

House Bill 754: Relating to the Moose Population.
This bill would allow a moose hunting season to be established in Massachusetts.
Sponsor: Representative Anne Gobi (D-Worcester)

Senate Bill 479: Relating to the Conservation of Fisheries and Wildlife.
This bill would give exclusive authority to the state DFW over the taking, possession and management of wildlife and inland fisheries.  This bill would remove the ability of any political subdivision (city/towns and their conservation commissions, etc.) to enact any bylaws and regulate activities (such as hunting, trapping) on municipal land.
Sponsor: Senator Stephen Brewer (D- Worcester)

House Bill 831: Relating to the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.
This bill would make the DFW board advisory, and transfer decision-making power to the Commissioner rather than the Board in many instances.
Sponsor: Representative George Peterson (D- Worcester)

House Bill 744: Relating to Deer Hunting.
This bill would allow deer hunting on the Saturday and Sunday immediately following Thanksgiving.
Sponsor: Representative James Fagan (D-Taunton)

House Bill 890: An Act Relative to Hunting or Trapping on Private Land.
This bill requires that hunters must get written permission before to engage in these activities on private property, rather than placing the burden on property owners to place signs.
Sponsor:  Representative Martin Walsh (D- Boston)