Public Policy: Employee/Volunteer Animal Hold

Public Policy: Employee/Volunteer Animal Hold

  • Employees/Volunteers are allowed to adopt any animal who is available for adoption at a 20% discounted rate of the total fee (transport fees not included, if applicable). The employee/volunteer discount is only applicable once staff/volunteers have been employed for 60 days.
    • If an employee/volunteer pays the adoption fee for a friend or family member, the employee discount does not apply.
  • Animals can only be placed on hold for the employee/volunteer to adopt for themselves. Employees and volunteers cannot place holds on animals for friends/family and animals cannot be placed on hold with the intent to adopt the animal and then transfer ownership.
  • Approval Process:
    • All adoption holds first must be approved by the Director of Animal Care Operations (Vice President of Animal Welfare and Veterinary Services in the Directors absence) or by the Animal Care Manager on duty during weekend hours (see below).
    • The Director of Animal Care Operations may or may not approve the hold based on the number of holds in the past, or if anything interferes with the animal’s well-being in any way and it is not appropriate to hold a particular animal.
    • When interested in placing an animal on hold, contact Director of Animal Care Operations.
    • The Director of Animal Care Operations will put a memo in Chameleon to confirm the approval of the hold including dates.
  • Animals not yet available for adoption:
    • Employees/Volunteers can place holds on animals who are not yet available for adoption (the animal is still pending appropriate behavioral and medical evaluations/treatments).
      • Once the animal is medically and behaviorally cleared for adoption, the hold is only in effect for 24 hours.
      • Pending the medical/behavioral evaluations some animals may not be available for a “hold” (i.e. law enforcement animals who are not yet signed over).
      • Pending the medical/behavioral evaluations some animals may move forward with the adoption process “as-is” and any medical or behavioral expenses associated with the animal will be at the adopter’s expense.
    • Animals currently available for adoption:
      • Once an animal has been made available for the adoption (status changed in the computer system and listed on our website), employees/volunteers may only request an adoption hold:
        • Tuesday – Friday 1:00pm – 5:00pm with Director Approval
        • Saturdays and Sundays 1:00pm-6:30pm with ManagerApproval, any holds approved by a Manager during normal adoption hours on the weekend must be sent via email to the Director for documenting.
      • Holds are for only 24 hours (same as general public)
        • If the adoption is not completed within the 24 hour hold period and the employee/volunteer is still interested in adoption, kennel fees will be charged on a daily basis (varies by species, not discounted).
        • If the employee/volunteer decides not to complete the adoption, the animal is then made available for adoption again.

Exceptions from the policy for extraordinary circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the President of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.