Euthanasia Methods

Euthanasia Methods

The Animal Rescue League of Boston strongly believes that any animal for whom euthanasia is the necessary decision must be provided with a humane death.  Euthanasia should only be performed by trained personnel utilizing the methods outlined in widely accepted reference materials. ,

The euthanasia process should be tailored to each individual animal to minimize fear and discomfort.  Pre-euthanasia sedation should be administered when necessary to facilitate a humane death.  The vast majority of euthanasias are best achieved utilizing an intravenous or intraperitoneal/intracoelomic injection of pentobarbital.  In some field situations, gunshot by a trained professional can be an acceptable alternative when pentobarbital injection is not possible.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston believes that any means of death that causes distress and suffering, such as drowning, is unacceptable.  Carbon monoxide chambers pose a serious safety concern for personnel in addition to causing a questionably humane death and should not be utilized in a shelter setting.

Therefore, the Animal Rescue League of Boston will:

  1. Ensure that any animal euthanized while in our care is provided with a humane and dignified death.
  2. Train and support our personnel such that they can perform compassionate and skilled euthanasia.
  3. Advocate for legislation that prevents the use of unacceptable means to cause death in animals.