Sponsored Adoption for Cats Over 5 Years

We currently have 15 cats over five-years-old available for adoption and most of them have been here for over a month. Now here’s the good news, thanks to an incredibly generous donor the fees for all 15 cats have been waived! We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the donor who stepped up to the plate to help our older cats.

With so many kittens and young adult cats at our shelters, our older cats really need some time in the spotlight. With this promotion we hope to highlight the beauty of adopting a fabulous adult feline.

Maryann Regan, Director of Shelter operations at the Animal Rescue League of Boston says, “There are many reasons as to why you should consider adopting an adult pet. For the most part, older pets have passed their critical development stages. Therefore, the personality you see is the personality you get.” Maryann goes on to say that “This might help an adopter make a successful match for his or her lifestyle. For example, senior animals can be calmer and perhaps better trained than their spunky, younger counterparts.”

View our adoptable cats online or stop by our Boston or Brewster shelters and we’ll help you find the purrrfect match! 07-12AdoptableOlderCats