#GivingTuesday 2016 Wall of Honor

Thank you for expressing your love, compassion, and kindness for animals on #GivingTuesday

The results are in and you did it – you helped raise more than $120,000 for animals in need on #GivingTuesday 2016! Thanks to your generous donations, animals like Manny and Rey, Izzy, and Mayfield will get the care and assistance they need to lead safer, healthier, and happier lives.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Board Chair, Malcolm McDonald, and our anonymous challenge match donor for encouraging others to give back to the animals we love on #GivingTuesday!

Many ARL supporters chose to make a gift for animals in need because of their special relationship with their own pets. It’s our turn to honor you, along with the pets and animal-lovers who inspired your generous donations, on ARL’s #GivingTuesday 2016 Wall of Honor.

Malcolm McDonald Emilia Foley in honor of Tucker and Jingles Foley Marni M. Centor
Anonymous Challenge Match Donor Emma Baumgartner in honor of Bogey S. Baumgartner Martin Carter
Adam Shamus Eric Cigan Martina and John Roth
Adelaide M. Tingley in honor of Dottie Erik and Jody Saarmaa Mary Beth and Robert Persons
Adriane Niehaus Erin Bell Mary Buckley
Agnes D. Huot Ethel Downey Mary Buonanno
Alexander Senchak Eve Perkins Mary Cadigan in honor of Abigail, Rocky, and Murphy
Alexandra Grady Frances M. Polverini in memory of Peri-Winkle Mary Ellen Kelly and Robert Lexander
Alice C. Marullo in honor of Baci and Dolce Francine Montemurro in honor of Michael Montemurro Mary Jo Foti
Alice O’Neill Gail C. Lussier Mary M. Dawley
Alicia D’Alba in honor of Giovanni Gary and Michele Brown Mary-Ann Greanier
Michael and Debra McAleer
Alicia Simpson in honor of Yello Genevieve and Christopher Niessen Michael and Jennifer Stevens in memory of Maximus Awesomous Dogamus Stevens
Alison Barnett in honor of Rocky Geraldine Spies Michael Bartlett in memory of Elwood Mesner
Allan H. Ropper Gia Casale Michael Baumann in honor of Doc
Allison Jones Greg Grunwald Michael Denomy and Katrina B. Anderson
Allison Sawyer in honor of Brooks Sawyer and Coco Chanel Hallie Dyer Michael English
Allison Stoddart in honor of Brooklyn, Greta, and Lulu Latte Heather Lee Michael Gangemi
Alpesh Patel in memory of Bella Heidi Dooley Michael Shamrell
Althea Tetrault in honor of Cadence Luce and Snotface Heidi Ekland in memory of Ashley Michael Wang in honor of Cassidy Chandler Fawkes
Altman and Company in honor of Penny Altman Henrietta Menco Michael Woodhouse and Holly J. Young in memory of Jack
Alyssa K. Holzman Ian and Bonnie St. Germain Michele Topor
Amy Eisenman and Xavier Arki in memory of Xander Arki Isabel Smith Michelle Harvey
Amy Siebert Jack Carlson in memory of Lisa and Ruby Mimi Rabinovitch
Andrea Estes Jackie Blombach in honor of Elsie Morgan Russom in honor of Anna
Andrew Gouldstone James and Barbara Rathmell Morgan Tracy-Fortner in honor of Roo
Mr. Brian E. Boyle and Ms. Polly Marmaduke
Angela and Robert Ventola James and Jeanne Cavanaugh in honor of Graham Ms. Sarah A. Phillips and Mr. Frank L. Reis
Ann Boyajian in honor of Skootch James and Michelle Lapides Nadine Pellegrini
Anna Holzhauer James and Nancy McConnell Nancy A. Bolanis
Anne Booth James Bartlett Nancy A. Skowyra
Anne Continelli James Leon in honor of Donald Leon Nancy E. Spolsino in honor of Pebbles Grossman
Anonymous Jane Lampman Nancy H. O’Day in honor of Maggie, Mikey, and Josie
Anonymous Jane Soucy Nancy Heinemann
April F. Clark Janet L. Belsky Nancy Morrisroe
Arleen Fallon Janet Lipponen and Edward Frenette Nancy Z. Bender
Arthur N. Rabe Janet Sinclair in memory of Marita Nakashian Neelima Karipineni
Ashley Unruh in honor of Ashley, Stella, and Panda Janet Wigren Neysa Kalinen in memory of Miss Cecilia
Audrey and Orlando Tomlinson in honor of Burr Janice A. LeBlanc in memory of Carly, Irma, Lily, Moco, Leah, Buster, Nicholas Bozard in honor of Nick, Garry, and Brownie
Audrey Petermann in honor of Steve Chapman Janice Parky Nick Emmons
Aurelie Tye Janna Drake Nicole and Christopher Brookfield in memory of Doreen Wilkie and in honor of Panda
Barbara and Richard Murphy in honor of Heffy Jayson Bowers and Tanya Sokolsky Nicollette Dailey
Barbara J. Dunay in honor of Kobe Jeffrey and Cynthia Schechter in memory of Kenneth Roberts Niki M. Vettel in honor of Stuart Vettel
Barbara Romano Jeffrey and Diane Newton Noor and Diana Hasan in honor of Chester
Pamela Bankert
Barbara Sird Jeffrey Goldberg Pamela N. Shanley Daube
Barbershop Deluxe in memory of Melly Mae Jennifer A. Marchand Patricia and Peter Spencer
Becky Willoughby in honor of Grace and Boots Jennifer and Bill Clark Patricia La Valley and Geoff Hargadon
Benjamin and Kelly Hall Jennifer L. Ford Patricia N. Taylor
Benjamin Pomicter Jennifer Rodts in honor of Samson Patricia Richards in honor of Zoe Richards
Beth and Larry Minear in memory of Sammy Minear Jeremiah and Karen O’Sullivan Paul and Beth Drew
Beth Pfeiffer Jessica L. Carlone Paul and Kathleen Kerwin
Beth Sutherland in honor of Amy, Scott, Penny, and Walter Sutherland Jim Bishop Paul B. Lembo in honor of Winkle, Cleo, and Gio
Bo Kim Joan Langsam MacDonald Paula D. Giblin
Peter and Constance Lacaillade
Bonnie J. Mason Joan O’Handley Peter C. Brown in honor of Bandit Brown
Bonnie S. Jones in memory of Zoe Jones Joan S. Strauss Philip Lambert in honor of Sarah Lambert
Bradley Scott Joanne and Phil Smith Philippa and David Nava
Brenda and Clarence Strout Joelyn Livingston Phyllis F. Adams in honor of Ella, Pegasus, and Scrappy
Brenna and Sudeep Venkatesh John Burns Pierce Liefeld
Brian and Kelly McKernan John Kubicek Priscilla M. Cobbv
Brond Larson John O’Brien and Aline Yurik Rachel McCleary
Bruce and Christine Miller John Simeone and Ellen Gates in honor of Kirk and Maverick Randall and Linda Nash
Bruce and Rosalie Hanson in honor of Curtis Hanson Jonathan D. Kean Rebecca E. Tarby
Caitlin Roseen Joseph J. Donnelly Rebecca L. Schuster in honor of Milly and Moochie
Caitlin Swofford Joseph Lopez in honor of Matilda Rebecca M. McCarthy in honor of Remy and Nala
Candace Jones Joseph Marullo Rebecca Sander
Carl L. Siegel Joyce D. Clapp Rebecca W. Fagone
Carl Stimson Judith and Edward Long in honor of Chip and Dale Rebecca Welch
Carleen and John O’Brien Judith Doe in honor of Biscuit Reid and Debra Leonard
Carol A. Hill in memory of Barbara Hill Julian Richards Richard and Joan Salisbury in memory of Cocopuff Salisbury
Carol Iancu in honor of Joanna Mostov and Aaron Thompson Julie A. Beck in honor of Jack and Pluto Richard and Lisa Carona
Carolee Fogg Julie M. Mead Richard and Melanie Kugele in honor of Max
Caroline B. Armstrong in memory of Edgie Whittall Ginns Justin O’Brien Richard and Nancy Allen in honor of Alan Borgal
Carolyn Oldenburg Justine Saccoin honor of Dex-Mex and K-bot Richard and Stephanie  Yirikian
Catherine Mesner Karen and Richard Sullivan Richard Armando
Cathy Albanese in memory of Jazzy Karen Drewitz Rick Tagliaferri
Celeste and Shaun Mellett Karen Dunnett and Rick Murphy, Jennifer and Ken Girvin, Lia Sgourakes and Isaac Machado in honor of Riley, Bella, Moses and Derby Robert Bachelder in honor of Trixie
Charlene Arzigian Karen Dunnett and Rick Murphy, Jennifer and Ken Girvin, Lia Sgourakes and Isaac Machado in memory of Maurice, Hermes, Boomer, Shadow and Sweetpea Robert MacKay
Roger and Kristin Servison in honor of Mia
Charles Ackerman Karen Gondoly in honor of Maybel, Milo, and Zuni Russell Entrikin in honor of Khaleesi
Charlotte A. Woodworth in memory of Grayson Woodworth Karen Schwartzman and Bob Melia Ruth A. Kupfer
Cheryl Sexton Karin Elliott Ryan and Jennifer Saltmarsh in honor of Dash, Chance, and Toby
Cheyenne and Sharon Greatorex Kasey O’Chiltree Sadie Cheshire in memory of Barbara Aznavoorian
Chia Lin Lee in honor of Oreo Kate Morreale in honor of Biggie and Smalls Morreale Sally L. Adams
Chris Farrell Kathleen and Robert Mahoney Sam Guptill and Jill Garzik in honor of Jill Guptill and Shirley Manson
Christina Paulo Kathleen McCormack Sandra Scott in memory of Derry
Christine Hoage Kathleen Ryan Sarah A. Rothermel in honor of Susan Kazanas and Cushing Anderson
Christopher And Julie Nahil Kathleen Seiders Sarah Roche-Mahdi
Courtney Donahue in honor of Kaya Kathryn M. Dinovo in honor of Roary and Mewsette Sean and Jeanne Smith in honor of Belle
Cushing Anderson and Susan Kazanas in honor of Sarah Rothermel Kathryn Shane Sharon E. DeLeskey in honor of ARL employees
Cynthia Moore in honor of Tobey Katrina Miaoulis in honor of Anderson, Ballou, Fletcher, and Kiwi Sharon L. Alexander
Dana M. DeSimone Katryna Hadley Sharon L. Wright
Dana Wixted Kelly and Lincoln Greenhill Shaun Marston
Daniel and Carol Marple in memory of Luke Kenneth Gasper Sheila Murphy and Sherene Aram in honor of Zander and Anya
David and Patti Curran in honor of Maui Kenneth P. Gordon Shelley Wordsworth
David Carls and Maria Mackavey in honor of Jonathan Carls Kim Payne and Chris Fournier Shirley and Ken Hinckley in memory of Jet and Ossy Hinckley
David Fike Kimberly A. Fluhrer Sonya Granahan
David Vitiello Kristen McNiff Stacey Weaver
Deborah Donahue Kristin Burgh Stacie Simon
Deborah N. Mauger Kristin Frederickson Stephanie and Gregory Torski in honor of Topaz, Pippa, and Penny
Deborah Tassone in honor of Minnie Moo Kristina T. Powers Stephen and Denise Spiegelberg in memory of Tucker
Debra L. Keene Kristine P. Nagle Stephen and Gail Chapman in memory of Zoey Chapman
Denise M. Langhammer in honor of Kai Flores-Langhammer Laura and Stephen Lear in honor of Frankie and Daisy Steven Eimert
Diane M. Brown Laura Deschenes Steven F. Smoot
Diane Zinn in honor of Grover Laura Rood Sue Kearney in memory of Bella
Susan and Alan Tuck
Dina Theodore in memory of Mouse Theodore Laura Sullivan in honor of Bailey Boy Sullivan Susan C. Lemont
Donna M. Kantarges in honor of Celeste Mellett Laura Tannenbaum in memory of Mishu Susan E. Bromley
Donna Stenwall in memory of Bosie Stenwall Lauren and Matthew DeMatteis in honor of Carlos Susan Gordon
Douglas and Judith Krupp Laurie Arnone Susan McCoy
Lee Ann and Michael Leahy
Douglas Zeghibe in honor of Alisa Plazonja Lillie Tang Susan Vickory in honor of Willie and Ben
Douglas Zeghibe in memory of Dizzie Linda Eason Susanne Concannon
Dr. Amy E. Spooner Linda M. Ameri Suzanne Curran in memory of Lexi Curran
Dr. Barbara A. Bean Linda M. DeCelles in honor of Lucy Berner Suzanne E. Nagle
Dr. Harvey Bidwell and Ms. Nancy L. Binner Linda Walsh in memory of Heidi and Ella Suzanne Thompson in memory of Algo Mas
Dr. Karla Rose in honor of Tuffy Lisa A. Clifton Sydney Rosen
Dr. Karla Rose in memory of Tuffy Lisa Glover Tara E. Bamford in memory of Ozro
Dr. Nancy Blum and Mr. David Potel Lisa Plato and Marcus Isenberg Tara Eschbach in honor of KitKat
Dr. Peter Gray in memory of Ellen B. Gray
Dr. Pamela A. Chatis Lois Macek Terri Schmidt in memory of Dottie, Ollie, Buddy, and Sassy
Dr. Veronique S. Moterle in honor of Your, Lara, and Kolya Lois Russell in memory of Jennifer Wahoske Terrill L. Gadde in memory of James Lipshires
Dylan and Leigh Alexander Lora Shea Thomas C. Harris
Edward D. Conway in memory of Barney Lorraine S. Theroux and Christopher L. Jones Tiffany Dowd in memory of Onyx Dowd
Eleanor Ramsay Louis Laz Tina Donnarummo
Elena Kirkiles Lynne Champion Toby and Tom Schwartzman in honor of Kate and Mabel Schwartzman
Elizabeth A. Keeley Malisa and Andrew Schuyler Torrey C. Campbell in memory of Virginia T. Campbell and in honor of Skye
Elizabeth A. Schaller Marc Baumgartner Vicki Kaufman
Elizabeth and William Near Marilyn Minus Victoria and Rhoda Roman
Elizabeth B. Hall Marilyn S. Bregoli Victoria Coburn
Elizabeth Boyles in memory of Daisey Mark and Samantha Cornebise in honor of Clio, Jasper, Tiger, and Snow Viktoria Shulevich
Elizabeth Martin and Richard Dudley Mark Trilling William Winterer
Elizabeth Moroney Marlena M. Richardson Zoe Keller
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