Horses Strawberry & Shortcake Make Progress

Both Mare and Filly are Making Excellent Progress!


Hoof soaking

We are excited to report that Strawberry’s surgery at the Myhre Equine Clinic in Rochester NH, was successful and her recovery at our Dedham Barn is going well. While under our care, Strawberry receives daily medical attention, including hoof soaking, bandage re-wrapping, and daily hand walks while she is on stall rest.  In conjunction with this, she is on daily antibiotics and pain medications. With the care and dedication of our loving staff, she continues to improve daily.

Shortcake at the League.

Shortcake at the League.

Strawberry’s two-year-old filly, Shortcake, has also made great progress. She has now successfully been weaned from her mother, with the help of “Fancy” her babysitter horse from the MSPCA. Through daily training sessions, Shortcake has gone from a challenging filly, who has had little to no handling experience, to one who is learning to enjoy human contact.  She now wears a training halter to help facilitate her training sessions.

At this point in her training she has learned to lead, be groomed, be bathed, and be bug sprayed (of which she has come to enjoy!)  But more importantly, she is lstarting to accept the touch of a humans hands without being frightened by the different stimuli that normal horses are exposed to on a daily basis.


Special thank you to Equine Veterinarian Dr. Pantano, the Myhre Equine Clinic and the MSPCA for their assistance.

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