Job Posting: Animal Rescue Agent

Reports To:  Associate Director of Community Services


This entry level full time position is key to the Rescue Services Department operations because it involves every aspect related to animal rescue.  This position will respond to calls for the rescue of animals in distress, animal surrenders, and community cat assistance through Trap-Neuter-Return.  This role will also include assisting with direct animal care in our shelters as necessary. Being comfortable and confident working with and around a wide range of animal species, be it domestic, wildlife, and livestock is a requirement for this position.

A high level of professionalism, organization, cultural competency, and superior skills in the areas of communication, planning and customer relations are mandatory.  Working in a busy and reactive environment requires an absolute team player.  Working alone in stressful and precarious situations requires attentiveness and sound decision making abilities. Training for safe and best practices in Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) protocols as well as animal rescue techniques, and proper animal handling will be provided for this position.

This position directly reports to the Associate Director of Community Services and has to be flexible in the duties and responsibilities to best fit the changing needs of Community Services and the mission of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. *Must be honest, dependable and be of good moral character. Must complete a ninety (90) day orientation and probationary period. Must have and maintain a good attendance record.
  2. Must present a neat, clean appearance and wear the League issued uniform while on duty.
  3. *Must have a calm and even disposition so as to deal effectively and politely with the public.  This is especially important when dealing with emotionally charged situations;
  4. *Must be willing to learn to handle a wide variety of animals effectively and in a humane manner.
  5. * Must be willing to be trained in certain aspects of animal rescue operations. This could include but is not limited to technical rescues such as; swiftwater, large animal, high angle, boat operations, ice, tree work, and disaster response, also humane animal handling and capture techniques, Trap-Neuter-Return and search and rescue.
  6. Must be responsible, nonjudgmental, and have the desire to help animals in need as well as their owners/caretakers. Must be comfortable meeting new people who might have different views from you;
  7. *Drive rescue vehicles and respond to routine and rescue calls for injured or distressed animals as calls are dispatched. The ability to prioritize tasks is a key function and excellent map reading skills are essential.
  8. *Must be responsible for the rescue vehicle and equipment used on a particular day or shift including keeping it clean inside and out, well stocked and ready for use and reporting accidents and the need for repairs to your supervisor at once.
  9. *Must be able to learn, articulate and perform the League’s policies regarding its care, treatment, evaluation, placement and euthanasia of animals. Perform rabies suspect specimen preparation.
  10. * Collect and record detailed pet history on animals being surrendered for possible placement. Collect and record any information that aids the League in determining the most appropriate disposition of an animal.  This includes but is not limited to possible owners, animal bite information, and abandoned animal information.
  11. *Must be able to complete all computerized shelter data entry and paper work in a legible, detailed, accurate manner.  This includes but is not limited to log book entries, detailed pet history, kennel cards, ID tags, controlled substance log sheets, adoption agreements, shelter paperwork and periodic reports.    Must be able to work efficiently in a busy office performing multiple tasks including answering telephones, computer data entry, accessing the computer system for information, completing paper work and assisting the public.  Must also perform other duties associated with dispatching.
  12. *Must be willing to work a reasonable amount of overtime or when duties require it at night, weekends and holidays.  Must be willing to work a weekend or rotating schedule. Must be willing to be part of an on-call rotation for after hour’s emergencies.
  13. *Must be well versed and articulate about the League’s policies regarding its care, treatment, evaluation, placement and euthanasia of animals. Must know and perform the Leagues approved techniques for the euthanasia of animals, as well as preparation of suspected rabies specimens.
  14. Must be readily able to solve practical problems regarding operational logistics with emphasis on limited resources. Must practice good time management skills and be able to organize and prioritize workload;
  15. Must have effective internal and external communication skills. Must understand when to alert the Manager when any problems/issues arise that need additional attention or further action outside of the normal scope of work;
  16. Must be able to handle the rigorous physical demands of a rescue situation and show the ability to work cooperatively, as a member of the rescue team, following the direction of the scene coordinator, or senior rescue agent.
  17. Must assist in the care, maintenance, storage and upkeep of rescue equipment.
  18. May be assigned various personnel to accompany them on the road to observe daily functions of the rescue department.  This may include but is not limited to new ARL employees, volunteers, and ARL’s Marketing Dept.
  19. May be asked to assist or train volunteers for specific rescue functions.
  20. *Must be willing to be cross-trained to be able to assume the duties of the Shelter Intake Office, Dispatcher, Shelter Agent, Kennel Attendant, and any other duties as assigned.  May be assigned to branch shelter operations if personnel requirements dictate the need.
  21. *Must be willing to take part in public presentations, demonstrations, and events. This may include public speaking in front of large crowds.



  1. Must have a current and valid Massachusetts Driver’s License and be insurable with the ARL Insurance policy for driving a League vehicle.
  2. Must have and maintain a good driving record. Should be familiar with the local community streets and areas.
  3. Must be a high school graduate or equivalent.
  4. Must be of good moral character and must have an even disposition to be able to deal effectively and politely with people from diverse backgrounds.
  5. This person must have definite abilities to evaluate problems accurately and display good, sound judgment when working in a fast paced environment without supervision and under emotional stress.
  6. Must maintain a caring, humane and safety conscious demeanor.
  7. Must be able to respectfully communicate and work with all rescue, non-rescue personnel, and volunteers. Good verbal and written communications skills required. These are extremely important and critical qualifications.
  8. A high level of professionalism, strong interpersonal skills and teamwork are required.
  9. Must learn to perform all rescue techniques for a rescue according to the training and qualifications provided.
  10. Must be physically capable of performing all the duties of a rescue Agent including moderately heavy work.  Required to lift at least 50 pounds.
  11. Prior experience with animals, preferably working in a Humane Organization or Veterinary Clinic is a plus.


*Essential functions of the job in compliance with the ADA.

Please submit cover letter and resume to (please include the job title in your email subject line)

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is an equal opportunity employer, and we make all employment-related decisions without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetic information, veteran’s status or any other protected characteristic.