Job Posting: Part Time Animal Care And Adoption Agent

POSITION: Part Time Animal Care & Adoption Center Agent (Dedham)

RESPONSIBLE TO: Manager, Assistant Manager (Dedham)


This position is key to the animal care and adoption center’s operation because it involves every aspect of the site. A high level of professionalism and strong customer service skills are mandatory.  Working in a small busy environment make strong interpersonal skills and a willingness to be a team player absolute requirements.  This position has to be flexible in the duties and responsibilities to best fit the changing needs of the branch and the mission of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.


  1. Must be able to handle a wide variety of animals effectively and in a humane manner.
  2. Must complete a ninety (90) day orientation and training period.
  3.  Must maintain a good attendance record.
  4. This part time workweek is eighteen (18) hours per week.  Must be willing and able to work a weekend or a rotating schedule.
  5. Must present a neat, clean and professional appearance and must wear a uniform while on duty.
  6. Clean and wash cages, kennel areas, exercise runs, and other shelter-related areas where applicable.
  7. Provide food and water for all animals in the shelter.
  8.  Inoculate, medicate, bath, groom, and exercise animals as needed or as directed by the shelter manager or consulting veterinarian.
  9. Evaluate and monitor on an ongoing basis, the health and behavior of all animals in the shelter.
  10. Must know or be able to learn and perform the League approved techniques for the euthanasia of animals.
  11.  Drive an animal ambulance collecting unwanted and stray animals, rescue animals in distress and do emergency calls whenever needed.  Keep the vehicle clean; well-stocked and ready for use at all times.  Report any accidents, vehicle damage or need for repairs to the shelter manager immediately.
  12. Pick-up supplies and deliver mail and other items to the Boston Headquarters and other shelters.
  13. Must be able to complete all shelter paper work in a neat and accurate manner. This includes but is not limited to log book entries, agent orders, trip sheets, cage cards, controlled substance log sheets, adoption agreements and periodic reports.
  14. Must be able to work efficiently in a busy office performing multiple tasks including answering telephones, completing paper work and assisting the public.
  15. Welcome clients as they arrive in the Animal Care and Adoption Center.  Provide clients with  information in a pleasant and professional manner.
  16. Answer telephone calls promptly with a friendly voice.  Provide callers with information in an agreeable and considerate fashion.
  17. Interview and counsel client’s surrending and adopting pets. Provide training tips and pet care information.
  18. Prepare,  process files, records, adoption agreements,  transactions, reports, and other paperwork for clients, callers, and  adoption staff accurately. Type form letters, prepare mailings,  account for money received and be able to perform simple business mathematics.
  19. Guide clients efficiently through the adoption process.  Must be able to assist other employees with adoption procedures and policies.  Must be  able to complete all computerized adoption  data entry and paper work in a neat and accurate manner.
  20. Since most of the shelter areas are either open to or visible by the public, a strong emphasis must be placed on site appearance.  Maintain all areas in a neat, clean and organized fashion.
  21. Must do general grounds keeping work including lawn care, snow and ice removal and trash pick-up.
  22. Perform custodial and limited maintenance duties at the site as required.
  23. When working alone, must assume responsibility for opening and closing the Animal Care and Adoption Center. This includes making sure the animals have been properly taken care of and securing the premises.
  24. May be assigned duties at the Headquarters office, or to another branch shelter’s operations if personnel requirements dictate this need.


  • Must have a current and valid Massachusetts Driver’s License and be insurable with the ARL Insurance policy for driving a League vehicle.
  • Must have and maintain a good driving record.  Should be familiar with the local community streets and areas.
  • Must be a High School graduate or equivalent.
  • Must be of good moral character and must have an even disposition and be able to deal effectively and politely with people from all types of backgrounds and experience and in all types of difficult situations.  This person must have definite abilities to evaluate problems accurately and display well, sound judgment when working without supervision and under emotional stress.  These are extremely important and critical qualifications.
  • Must be physically capable of performing all the duties of shelter agent including moderately heavy work.  Required lifting at least 50 pounds
  • Prior experience with domestic animals, preferably working in a Humane Organization or Veterinary Clinic.
  • A high level of professionalism and strong interpersonal skills are required.

*Essential functions of the job in compliance with the ADA.

How to apply

To apply for a position at the Animal Rescue League of Boston, please send resume, cover letter and application for employment to:

Human Resources
Animal Rescue League of Boston
10 Chandler Street, Boston MA 02116
Fax: (617) 423-6201