Like the kid who gets his head stuck in the wrought iron fence, kittens manage to get themselves into the most challenging predicaments! Here’s an October  24 rescue related via Twitter:

“Received a call for a cat trapped in a storm drain in Revere, rescue tech on the way to investigate.”

“Kitten stuck in water run-off drain in Revere”

“The rescue of a kitten in Revere took 90 minutes. It was a very cramped space.”

“Not a lot of space to move around in. The rescue in process for the kitten stuck in the drain in Revere.

“Kitten after being rescued from drain in Revere”

“The rescue of the kitten in the drain was a good group effort between the Revere ACO [Animal Control Officer] and the Animal Rescue League of Boston.”

“Francis, the kitten that was rescued from the drain pipe in Revere resting at the shelter after a good meal.”

And finally, from Facebook: “Lil Francis was a super lucky kitty today … she was rescued from a drain pipe by our phenomenal RESCUE staff & then snuggled by all the staff and volunteers. :-)