As noted in an earlier posting, after being rescued by Senior Rescue Technician Mark Vogel, the spunky, five-week-old cat he nicknamed “Mouth” was brought to the Dedham shelter for a checkup, inoculations and bath by Dedham’s Ashley Arseneau to get rid of some pesky fleas. Initially trembling from the procedure and unfamiliar surroundings, Mouth found himself being swaddled, comforted and dried off in a fluffy towel in Ashley’s arms, and within moments the trembling changed to contented purring.

Later that day the kitten was taken into foster care by the family of staff member Alyssa Kane, with 13-year-old sister Olivia taking on particular care and feeding responsibilities … as well as renaming him “Tux.” As you can see, “Tux,” stretched out on Olivia’s bed is being well taken care of. Taking her duties seriously, his young protector also made a sign to alert the family as to where Tux is and to be sure that they don’t leave any doors open. As her older sister notes, “She LOVES this little kitten and it is her first kitten to foster on her own. She has watched me for many years and is doing a great job on her own.”