NEWS: Injured Puppy Receives Life Changing Surgery


Kelly Willett of BVC holds little Snowball.

***Breaking News: A 7- month-old Maltese puppy with a broken left paw was recently abandoned at the Metrowest Cat Shelter in Ashland. This little pup was left outside the building in a crate on a cold night with a note that read “I am sorry to do this but I am leaving this dog here [because] unfortunately, I have no money to care for him. His vaccines are not up to date and I believe his left foot is fractured.”

An X-Ray of Snowball's broken paw.

Ashland municipal officials quickly reached out to the Animal Rescue League of Boston to provide the complicated and costly orthopedic surgery necessary to alleviate the dog’s pain and allow him to walk normally again. League Veterinarian Dr. Hugh Davis, DVM of Boston Veterinary Care performed the delicate procedure, and the Animal Rescue League of Boston is covering all costs associated with this pup’s surgery, care and rehabilitation. The staff has lovingly renamed this playful bundle of joy, “Snowball.”

SNowball before his surgery with Dr. Hugh Davis of BVC.

Snowball before his surgery with Dr. Hugh Davis..

Thankfully, Christmas has come early for Snowball and he is now getting the love and care he deserves. Snowball is now recovering under the watchful eye of our dedicated staff at our Boston Adoption Center. For now he has to wear a cast, but he’s adjusting to it quickly and excitedly hops about whenever someone approaches him. Despite all of the hardships that Snowball has endured he is very affectionate and longs for human attention.

At this time we desperately need your help to offset the costs associated with Snowball’s care and rehabilitation. If you would like to help Snowball and other animals like him please make a donation today. Another way you can help Snowball is by making a wish for his swift recovery or dedicating an ornament to him on our Holiday Tree.

Any donations are greatly appreciated, thank you for helping us save neglected and injured animals like Snowball!

Snowball after his surgery with Naomi, Lead Adoption Liaison at our Boston Shelter.

Snowball after his surgery with Naomi, Shelter Supervisor at our Boston Shelter.