Kittens, like kids, end up in the darnedest places!

Like the kid who gets his head stuck in the wrought iron fence, kittens manage to get themselves into the most challenging predicaments! Here’s an October  24 rescue related via Twitter:

“Received a call for a cat trapped in a storm drain in Revere, rescue tech on the way to investigate.”

“Kitten stuck in water run-off drain in Revere”

“The rescue of a kitten in Revere took 90 minutes. It was a very cramped space.”

“Not a lot of space to move around in. The rescue in process for the kitten stuck in the drain in Revere.

“Kitten after being rescued from drain in Revere”

“The rescue of the kitten in the drain was a good group effort between the Revere ACO [Animal Control Officer] and the Animal Rescue League of Boston.”

“Francis, the kitten that was rescued from the drain pipe in Revere resting at the shelter after a good meal.”

And finally, from Facebook: “Lil Francis was a super lucky kitty today … she was rescued from a drain pipe by our phenomenal RESCUE staff & then snuggled by all the staff and volunteers. :-)

via email: Cat Rescue


Our cat had been stuck in a large pine tree in our back yard. After several days of efforts, we decided to call the Animal Rescue League of Boston. We’d like to commend and heap praise on the organization and it’s people.

Mark Vogel arrived in less than 2 hrs, had us in awe of his kind, competent and professional skills. The man is someone who fits our profile for role model. He made the work of scaling the tall pine and putting the cat in a carrier seem like a walk in the park. And we learned a lot from our conversations with him.

I hope the rest of the organization appreciates what a 1st class ambassador he is.


Brian & Carolyn McPherson
Natick MA

Merry Mutts Meet Up of the North Shore

Merry Mutts Meetup of the North Shore raised $250 for the Animal Rescue League of Boston at its third annual Merry Mutts Bowlathon on Sunday, Oct. 16, at Andy’s Sunnyside Bowladrome in Danvers, Mass.

At 400 members and growing, Merry Mutts is a social group for dogs and their owners who wish to enjoy fresh air and exercise at dog-friendly venues around the North Shore and beyond. Over the past three years, the group’s fundraising efforts have raised more than $700 for the ARL.

“It is important for me, as a dog owner and animal lover, to help out in any way I can,” says organizer Tammy Ross. “I adopted my dog from the Animal Rescue League, and she has enriched my life tremendously. It’s only fitting that my group raise funds to benefit the organization that gave me Daisy.”

Merry Mutts Meetup was founded four years ago by Ross, who adopted her dog Daisy from a shelter in 1998. Merry Mutts is free to join, and the organizer’s bi-annual subscription costs have been absorbed by local pet-oriented businesses who sponsor the group.

To learn more about Merry Mutts, or for information about sponsoring the group, please visit http://www.meetup.com/merrymutts.

Angelo available for adoption

***Update: Angelo was adopted on Saturday 10/22/11 and no longer appears on the adoptable animals list

Angelo, the cat found in a duffel bag outside a pizzeria in Everett, took the first step towards a loving forever home today.

Since he was rescued last Friday, Angelo has been in the care of our Boston Shelter staff where he received food and rest, plus vaccinations and a medical and behavioral evaluation. He was found to be happy, healthy and friendly and is now available for adoption from the Boston Shelter.

To view all cats that are available for adoption, please click here. Angelo is on this list, but his photograph is not available yet; it will be posted within a few days.

You can view a list of all available dogs here, and other animals here.

Y3K Tutor In Your Home Kicks Off 9th Donation Drive


Donation drive open to Brookline, Dover, Sudbury, Natick, Needham, Newton, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston residents 

Dedham, Mass. – Y3K Tutor In Your Home is pleased to announce the launch of its 9th annual donation drive to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Dedham branch. Blankets, towels, pet toys and office supplies will be collected November 1, 2011 through January 1, 2012 at individual’s homes in Needham, Newton, Natick, Wellesley, Wayland, Weston, Sudbury, Brookline, and Dover. For more information or to schedule a pick up, please call 781-492-8700 or log on to www.Y3KTutorInYourHome.com.

“We are grateful to Y3K Tutor In Your Home for their support over the past nine years, especially in light of the renovation of ourAdoption Center that began this summer” says Dedham branch manager Lisa Lagos.  “Now more than ever, we’re relying on our supporters to help make this new shelter a reality, and we thank Y3K Tutor In Your Home for being a great community partner.”

To learn more about our Dedhamshelter renovation project, please visit www.arlboston.org/dedhamrenovation.

“The inspiration for the drive was the fact that throughout the workday we tutor children in their homes and come into contact with some very fortunate family pets,” says Arnold Goldstein, Vice President of Y3K Tutor In Your Home. “The Animal Rescue League of Boston is a cause that many of our clients tend to support. The welfare of animals is a cause that everyone can contribute to, including children.”

Y3K Tutor In Your Home

Y3K Tutor In Your Home is an educational services provider specializing in at-home tutoring services for students of all ages and academic levels. Y3K Tutor In Your Home tutors special education and regular education children and teaches children all major academic subjects, organizational skills, homework coaching, motivation, homeschool help, study skills, and time management. Y3K Tutor In Your Home also tutors students in MCAS test preparation.

Adopting a ‘Fearful’ Dog

Meet Fred (pictured right), my boyfriend and I adopted him from the Boston Shelter on March 17, 2011. His favorite things to do are sleep, beg for treats, give high-fives, play with the neighborhood dogs and run around the apartment. The dog you see pictured is a far cry from the dog we met six months ago.

When Fred arrived at the League’s Boston Branch in early March, he was shy and fearful. The first time he met us he ran away from my boyfriend and showed visible signs of fear (pacing, yawning, tail tucked between legs, licking his lips and his ears were pinned back). The League’s shelter staff took the time to meet with us to discuss the challenges that come with owning a fearful dog, a part of me was afraid that I would not be able to handle the responsibility. I was also afraid that Fred would never be a ‘normal’ dog or be comfortable around my boyfriend.

My fearful Freddy proved me wrong, on his first night home Fred climbed into his new father’s lap and fell fast asleep. He seemed to acclimate to us very quickly, but his first few weeks were difficult, it took us time to adjust our behavior to accommodate his fear (i.e. going into a different room to open a can of soda).

In preparation for his arrival I had purchased a of bunch of toys, a bed, a crate, and all kinds of treats for him – he was not interested in any of it. All he wanted to do was lay on the couch and sleep. On his walks he would cower, run away from strangers, shy away from other dogs (especially the vocal ones), and would cry at the sound of a flag waving in the wind.

With love and a lot of patience Fred is now the dog described above. He is happiest when he is in the dog park running with his friends, chasing after tennis balls and begging our neighborhoods to share the treats they are rewarding their own dogs with. He has brought so much joy into our lives that we would have missed out on if we did not take a chance on a ‘fearful’ dog.

December 3 Bark Place holiday pet shoot celebration to benefit League

The Bark Place South End pet spa and boutique will host a holiday celebration for Boston-area dog lovers to get into the spirit of the season and raise money for the Animal Rescue League of Boston. With the helping hand of Santa, professional pet photographer Jann Tenenbaum will style and photograph each pooch and provide digital prints perfect for holiday cards.

While pets are pampered for their shoot, owners can enjoy a little fun for themselves, too. Event features include exclusive in-store promotions and discounts on the season’s hottest pet apparel, accessories, grooming services and more; libations and noshes for pets and their owners alike; and complimentary holiday puppy pouches!

WHEN: Saturday, December 3rd, 12–3pm

WHERE: Bark Place, 1721 Washington Street, Boston

COST: $25 (a portion of all event proceeds to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston)

Want to learn more? Come take a tour!

Observe the care that is provided to shelter animals at the League and meet some of our four-footed friends. Learn about the League’s 112 year history, and about our current programs, including Rescue, Law Enforcement and the Center for Shelter Dogs.

Tours are free and available 8am-3pm weekdays. Please contact Caitlin Oates, Advancement Coordinator, to schedule a tour or with any questions at 617-226-5690 or coates@arlboston.org.

Big Papi can help a little puppy …

David Ortiz “Take Me, I’m Yours” Contest by PopChips

Please vote daily until Oct. 21 to help the ARL of Boston have an hour of Big Papi’s time!

Big Papi can help a little puppy!
Vote for us now so Big Papi can play ball with the dogs at the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s shelter in the South End! Big Papi would help us to find homes for animals in need, give love and care to our shelter dogs, and raise awareness of the importance of adopting shelter animals. Big Papi can hit a home run for Boston’s homeless animals by playing a ball game with our dogs as part of a special adoption day in honor of October’s national “Adopt-a-Dog” month. Go Red Sox!

Photo above courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

Rescuing the “Mouth” that roared

Witness Senior Rescue Technician Mark Vogel on an animal rescue mission, and it becomes evident that the stoic-looking, stocky Olympic-style wrestler and mixed martial arts participant embodies the League motto “Kindness uplifts the world.”

In response to a call from a concerned Roslindale next door neighbor about a cat loudly meowing on a third-floor back porch for over a day, Mark went to investigate. Sure enough, he could hear the cat, although he could not see it.

After unsuccessfully attempting to contact the tenants from whose porch the sounds seemed to be coming, he went back to the yard only to hear the sound coming from a different area. He then spotted, on the next door first floor front porch, a five-week-old kitty who hissed warily when he came close.

After getting a cage and a can of cat food to tempt him, Mark returned to find the kitty now sitting under a car in the driveway another house down. Even the delicious food wasn’t enough to tempt him, and the spunky cat scampered under a latticed back porch. After scoping out the territory with his pocket flashlight, Mark, reaching in with a stick from the yard, managed to maneuver the cat onto a perch on a bulkhead wall. He then was able to open the bulkhead door, reach in and gently grab the little tyke.

Mark brought the spunky protesting cat, which he nicknamed “Mouth” to the Dedham shelter for a checkup, inoculations and bath by Dedham’s Ashley Arseneau to get rid of some pesky fleas. Initially trembling from the procedure and unfamiliar surroundings, Mouth found himself being swaddled, comforted and dried off in a fluffy towel in Ashley’s arms, and within moments the trembling changed to contented purring. And later that day he was taken into foster care with the younger sister of a staff member.