New Bedford Dogs Continue to Recover

Two dogs at the center of a heartbreaking case of abandonment continue to get the veterinary care, love and attention they deserve. The one-year-old female (dubbed “Miracle” pictured above) and a four-month-old puppy (“Gracie” pictured below) are now in foster care and slowly recovering from the effects of malnutrition. Miracle, who also broke her hind leg after jumping out of a three-story window, is healing after  undergoing orthopedic surgery to fix her broken bones.

Gracie suffered a minor setback this weekend and was briefly re-admitted to Cape Cod Veterinary Specialties after appearing sluggish and lethargic – a common occurrence following starvation – and is still in need of careful monitoring while she slowly begins to rebuild her body mass.  However, she is now back in foster care and is doing well.

We would like to thank Forever Paws Animal Shelter of Fall River, New Bedford Animal Control Officer Manny Maciel and Cape Cod Veterinary Specialties for their help and collaboration in the rescue of these dogs. The Center for Animal Protection at the Animal Rescue League of Boston and New Bedford Animal Control continue to move forward in investigating persons of interest.

Lastly, thank you to the many generous donors who have helped to offset costs associated with the veterinary care, rehabilitation and fostering of Miracle and Gracie.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is covering all costs associated with these dogs’ veterinary care, including spay surgery and all behavioral consultation. The puppy’s veterinary costs continue to rise and we are asking for the public’s support to help us continue to provide this critical care. Please click here to help.


No longer “just a dog”

Foxy, the Silky terrier who was almost drowned after her owner dragged her through chest-high water on Nantasket Beach near in Hull, MA, is enjoying a new life with her new family. You can read Foxy’s story here:

Foxy is doing great in her new home and is happy and healthy. She especially loves going to dog playgroup and socializing with the other dogs.

Photo taken on October 13, 2011

Because Every Dog Is Different

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Inc. (ARL) will host the Center for Shelter Dogs’ first regional Because Every Dog Is Different workshop designed to educate shelters and humane organizations on how to safely get to know, train, and re-home shelter dogs by looking at them as individuals.

We are honored to collaborate with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa for our first regional workshop,” says Dr. Amy Marder, Director of The Center for Shelter Dogs (CSD). “By working together, we are able to offer attendees a valuable, hands-on learning experience that will help them enhance the lives of shelter dogs.”

The workshop will be held on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa at 5452 NE 22nd Street, Des Moines, Iowa. Presenters include Mick McAuliffe, Operations Manager at the ARL and Dr. Sheila D’Arpino, Senior Applied Animal Behaviorist at the CSD.

“It is such an honor to host this conference,” said Tom Colvin, Executive Director of the ARL. “Looking at each dog as an individual and understanding every dog’s individual needs are crucial to finding the best matches for our shelter dogs.”

Through lectures and hands-on training, attendees will learn best practices on how to evaluate their shelter dogs, provide enrichment, and implement training solutions for some of the most common problem behaviors. This workshop will mark the first of many the CSD plans to hold through its shelter partner relationships across the United States.

“One of the major goals for the CSD is to offer a series of these workshops throughout the country, all offering a variety of topics for attendees based on our shelter partners’ expertise and the needs of the audience,” says Dr. Marder. “But all of them will have one major theme in common – saving the lives of shelter dogs – because every dog is different.”

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