Big Papi at the League, Tuesday November 15th

The date has been set for David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz’s appearance at The Animal Rescue League of Boston — November 15, 2:00-3:00 pm! Ortiz is looking to hit a home run for the League by helping find homes for the animals in need, give love and care to the shelter dogs, and raise awareness of the importance of adopting shelter animals. The appearance is courtesy of popchips™.

“I’m honored to have just won the MLB Clemente Award for charitable giving, and excited to show my dedication to a cause close to my fans’ and my own heart by volunteering with the Animal Rescue League of Boston,” says Ortiz. “Charity has always been a big priority for me.”

If you want to watch one of our shelter dogs snag a pop-fly off of Ortiz’s bat be at the fence of the League’s play yard at 10 Chandler Street between 2:20 – 3:00 pm.

Note: Because of the event, the League’s Boston Adoption Center will open at 3:00 pm instead of its normal 1:00 pm opening time. It will close at its normal 7:00 pm time.

Enterprising 5th grader sells handmade jewelry to help homeless animals

The Animal Rescue League of Boston recently received a special donation of $109 from Brookline fifth-grader Lia Flenniken, who sold handmade bracelets and key chains to raise money to help homeless animals at the League. The beautiful and intricate pieces feature a special technique that Lia has developed over several years.

“All of us are particularly grateful for this wonderful gift from the heart,” says Melanie Sheffield, director of the President’s Council at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. “It means so much when philanthropy and the desire to help care for and protect animals begin at such an early age. The fact that Lia put so much thought and effort into this says a lot about the kind of person she is, and the adult she will someday become.”

Photo caption: Dr. Martha Smith (left), director of Veterinary Medical Services at the Animal Rescue League of Boston and Brinkley, a Shih Tzu recently adopted from the League’s South End animal shelter, take a moment to thank Brookline fifth-grader Lia Flennigan (right) who sold handmade bracelets and key chains, raising $109 to help shelter animals.


In six easy steps you can help make a difference in the lives of thousands of animals by creating your own Animal Rescue League of Boston fund­raiser! Examples of fundraising events are office “parties with a purpose” as well as birthday parties, bridal and baby showers and anniversaries where, in lieu of gifts, you request that your friends and family send a donation to the League. We will even provide you with a personal website to promote your event. For more information and to create your fund­raising event today visit www.arlboston.org/create_a_fundraiser.

For questions, contact Michelle Chandler at mchandler@arlboston.org or call (617) 226-5638.

Collaboration, yearlong care and help from a tractor, get three sheep to new home

The Animal Rescue League of Boston has a history of collaborating with other animal humane organizations locally and nationally to help meet specific needs – usually coping with natural disasters or a sudden influx of dogs or cats in a hoarding or law enforcement case. One facility with which the League has a close tie is the MSPCA’s Nevins Farm in Methuen, which, like the Dedham shelter, cares for farm animals and livestock. 

In November 2010, with space available and a staff fondness for sheep after previous work with the animals, the Dedham shelter acquired three  sheep from Nevins – Apollo, Daphne and Domino – as a welcome addition. Last month, the three ovines were placed in their forever home with a client in West Brookfield, Massachusetts, about an hour and twenty minutes west.

“The new owner, who has a small farm and orchards, is very experienced with animals,” says Dedham Shelter Manager Lisa Lagos. “He wanted to rescue some sheep to graze the orchard.”

For Assistant Shelter Manager Beth Finn and Livestock Liaison Ashley Arseneau, the adoption process had an unexpected twist.

“The day that we transported the sheep to their new home was cold wet and dreary, but the sheep did wonderfully during the drive,” relates Finn. “The drive itself was uneventful, but the drop-off was another story. As Ashley drove the vehicle towards the paddock she could feel the ground soften under the wheels, and when she got about 10 feet from the paddock the vehicle got stuck in the mud. Luckily, the adopter had a tractor that was able to pull the vehicle and sheep to their new paddock. Once the sheep were unloaded and settled into their new paddock he pulled the transport vehicle to the road.”

As for their new home, says Beth, “It’s a wonderful place great with access to loads of beautiful pasture and apple trees.”


Erin, an interior designer by trade, recently adopted Charlie from the League and wrote about it on her blog, including tips and tricks for stylish cat owners.

Click here to read her blog, and be sure to say thanks in the comments.

“Six months ago our household grew by one member, we rescued an adorable young cat from the Animal Rescue League of Boston (an amazing organization with the most loving and helpful staff) and we named him Charlie. He has changed our lives for the better, adding so much humor into our day-to-day lives. I have never been a cat owner (roommate) before so I’ve been learning as we go. Some of the major lessons I’ve learned…”

Professionals aim to muzzle dog fighting

The Animal Rescue League of Boston was featured in a recent article on BostonHerald.com about the Animal Control Officers Association of Massachusetts conference last weekend which was focused on stopping dog-fighting in MA. The article also shows a happy photo of Turtle, the pitbull nursed back to health by the League after her dog-fighting ordeal.

“I think people thought after the Michael Vick case that there would never be another dog-fighting case in this country,” said Lt. Alan Borgal, the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s law-enforcement director. Instead, he said, that case forced it deeper underground.”

Read the full article here.

PackPeople Features Center for Shelter Dogs for Interview Series

Thursday, October 20, 2011 4:44 PM

PackPeople, an organization dedicated to sharing informative websites, knowledge, and insights of animal rescues and humane organizations all over the United States, featured Dr. Amy Marder and the Center for Shelter Dogs as part of their Interview Series, which highlights some of the hardest working animal rescues and humane organizations in the country.

PackPeople, based out of Hollywood, CA, aims to inspire with informative and eye-opening looks at established animal welfare organizations, featuring written, audio and video interviews with directors and representatives of animal rescues, shelters and service groups.

Watch the PackPeople Interview

Katrina-rescued Malibu shows off pit bulls’ good side as Abigail and Knight look for forever homes

As this video shows, 5-year-old Malibu, who was rescued during Hurricane Katrina and subsequently adopted through the Animal Rescue League of Boston is a great ambassador for the pit bull breed. To quote her owner, “She has become the best dog I have had the privilege of knowing.” She was also featured in the book Dirty Bow Wow a tribute to dogs and the objects of their affections written by Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz with photography by Hornick/Rivlin.

Meanwhile, two other pit bull types at the Brewster Animal Care and Adoption Center, 2-year-old Abigail and 1-year-old Knight, are also looking for a forever home.

Abigail has been at the shelter since July 17 after being found as a stray in a different part of the state. According to the staff who have interacted with her, she’s a sweet girl and gets along with everyone she meets. She knows a few commands and is a people pleaser. She loves to go for walks and is fairly good on a leash. She gets along with some dogs (but “prefers dogs that aren’t in her face”) and seems to be okay with cats. Abigail also seems to get along with kids, but since her past history is unknown and she is a large dog, the staff are looking for a home without very young kids (ages 8-10 and up would be good). Her Shelter ID number is A222234

Knight has been at the shelter since September 10. According to the staff he’s a “knight in shining armor…” House trained and clean, he is very obedient and knows his commands. And the staff notes, “He is so focused and food-motivated he learns things quickly, so training is a breeze!” His Shelter ID number is A223408.

You can view a list of all available dogs here, all available cats here  and other animals here.

Sweet, displaced older lady seeks quiet, refined home in which to share several more years of love with someone special

Luna, a sweet and affectionate 11-year old spayed kitty, adopted from the Animal Rescue League a few years ago was brought back because she was scared of the new human toddler in her home. Although her owners loved her and said she was great, they felt a new home would be best for her.

She’s definitely become a Boston Shelter staff favorite – she loves to sit on laps and get chin scratches and responds to affection by giving head butts. And for those who love petting cats, her fur is super soft.

In her previous home Luna had regular vet care and was very tolerant of getting her nails clipped and going to the vet. (How many cats can say that!) When she came back to the shelter she received a full veterinary exam and even blood work done, and the vet says she is very healthy!

Update: Luna found her forever home on Saturday, November 5!

To view all cats that are available for adoption, please click here. Luna is on this list (ID number A117939).

You can view a list of all available dogs here, and other animals here.

Big Papi announces winner
Posted on October 25, 2011 by guest blogger, David Ortiz (Courtesy of the Popchips Blog)

what’s up red sox nation, big papi checkin back in. really wish we were playing in the world series, but it was an honor to be there to accept the roberto clemente award. roberto has always been a role model for me on & off the field, so it’s such an honor to play a small part in continuing his legacy. special shout out to everyone who has supported the david ortiz children’s fund over the years.

also a big thank you to everyone who submitted ideas & voted for different ways that i could give back for this contest with my people at popchips!  they are all great causes, and i wish i could do them all, but i’ve selected an idea that’s very near to my heart. congratulations to the winning submission from jennifer w. of the animal rescue league of boston

big papi can help a little puppy: big papi can play ball with the dogs at the animal rescue league of boston’s shelter in the south end! big papi would help us to find homes for animals in need, give love and care to our shelter dogs, and raise awareness of the importance of adopting shelter animals. big papi can hit a home run for boston’s homeless animals by playing a ball game with our dogs as part of a special adoption day in honor of october’s national adopt-a-dog month. go red sox!–jennifer w.

the animal rescue league of boston has done great work over the years rescuing and finding homes for dogs in the boston area.  i’m honored to do what i can to help raise awareness for this great cause.  my family has a dog of our own, so i know the value that a pet can have on a family.  stay tuned for more details about the event!