Last week we had a very special surprise for the good Samaritan who found Oliver Twist in Dorchester almost a month ago! 

We invited Jeff, the FedEx delivery man who called us about Oliver back on April 3, to come to our Boston shelter, so that we could honor him for his swifts actions that helped save Oliver’s life. What we didn’t tell him was that Oliver would be stopping by for a surprise visit! By that time Oliver had already been adopted, and Jeff thought that he would never have a chance to meet him. Oliver’s new adopters were in on the surprise and were delighted to have opportunity to meet the person who saved their pup’s life!

From Left to Right, Jeff (the FedEx driver) Oliver, and Kalani his adopter.
Oliver Twist gives a “thank you” kiss to the FedEx Driver who found him. From left to right: Jeff, Oliver Twist, and Kalani his adopter. Photo Credit: Peter Cross