Debra & Zera Have Discounted Adoption Fees Thanks to Generous Sponsors

These two big girls have been at the ARl for two months and it’s about time they went home! Debra and Zera are five-year-old dogs who are housebroken, and get along well with other dogs. They started out at our Boston shelter and are now patiently waiting at our Brewster shelter. We are determined to find them the right home, but we can’t do it without your help. Their adoption fee has a $100 discount, thank to generous donors.

Debra and Zera may look similar, but each has her own unique personality. Debra is very outgoing, while Zera is a bit more shy. Both are incredibly sweet dogs, and would likely do well in almost any home, though we don’t know how they would be with cats. They are laid back and will never say no to a belly rub. They enjoy spending time outside, but most of all they want to to feel loved.

They have been together through thick and thin and we are going to do everything we can to make sure they go home together. Thanks to generous donors, their adopters will save $100 on each of their adoption fees. Visit our Brewster shelter to meet them and ask one of our adoption agents for more information.

You can make this the best Adopt-A-Dog Month for Debra & Zera.

Please help these wonderful dogs find a home together and share their story with your friends.

10-24 Debra & Zera Photo