Media Contact

Members of the media or students engaging in research projects* who are:

  • Seeking comment from the Animal Rescue League of Boston
  • An interview with a staff member
  • Permission to take or use existing photos or video of our facilities, animals or staff

Please contact Michael DeFina, Communications & Media Relations Officer, at press@arlboston.org
or (617) 293-3530.

Who we are: To help avoid confusion with other animal welfare agencies so that we can better serve animals in need in a timely manner, please refer to us in all reports as “the Animal Rescue League of Boston,” followed by “the ARL” for short.  Thank you.

*Students: please do not show up on site expecting to be able to take photos or video without prior arrangement. For reasons relating to the well-being of the animals in our care, please contact us in advance. Thank you.