Witness Senior Rescue Technician Mark Vogel on an animal rescue mission, and it becomes evident that the stoic-looking, stocky Olympic-style wrestler and mixed martial arts participant embodies the League motto “Kindness uplifts the world.”

In response to a call from a concerned Roslindale next door neighbor about a cat loudly meowing on a third-floor back porch for over a day, Mark went to investigate. Sure enough, he could hear the cat, although he could not see it.

After unsuccessfully attempting to contact the tenants from whose porch the sounds seemed to be coming, he went back to the yard only to hear the sound coming from a different area. He then spotted, on the next door first floor front porch, a five-week-old kitty who hissed warily when he came close.

After getting a cage and a can of cat food to tempt him, Mark returned to find the kitty now sitting under a car in the driveway another house down. Even the delicious food wasn’t enough to tempt him, and the spunky cat scampered under a latticed back porch. After scoping out the territory with his pocket flashlight, Mark, reaching in with a stick from the yard, managed to maneuver the cat onto a perch on a bulkhead wall. He then was able to open the bulkhead door, reach in and gently grab the little tyke.

Mark brought the spunky protesting cat, which he nicknamed “Mouth” to the Dedham shelter for a checkup, inoculations and bath by Dedham’s Ashley Arseneau to get rid of some pesky fleas. Initially trembling from the procedure and unfamiliar surroundings, Mouth found himself being swaddled, comforted and dried off in a fluffy towel in Ashley’s arms, and within moments the trembling changed to contented purring. And later that day he was taken into foster care with the younger sister of a staff member.