This spring, a Needham woman was on her daily walk when she came across a filthy crate in a remote area, finding a scared and hungry dog inside. Trapped inside a small carrier caked with inches of waste – the dog (later named April) was suffering from starvation.

April arrived at our shelter in need of corrective gastrointestinal surgery to combat the effects of starvation. She also needed extensive behavioral training; she did not know any basic commands or how to interact with people or other dogs.

As her physical wounds healed, our behavior team worked carefully to coax out the happy, confident girl they knew April could become. We arranged for April to live in foster care because, in a home setting, she would receive the one-on-one attention she needed to prepare her for the final step in her journey toward a forever home.

April is now a beloved family member and her new mom and dad absolutely adore her.

We want you to know how much it meant to all of us at the League to be able to provide this level of care to April. We had the resources to focus on addressing April’s physical and behavioral needs – from providing special food that would be gentle on her delicate digestive system to having a dedicated team of shelter veterinarians and behaviorists committed to her well being.

In spite of such terrible circumstances, a starving, forgotten dog was able to receive the same level of care as our own beloved pets and is now living the life she deserves. Thank you.

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