Remember Elsie Maude, the sickly, stray cat that was found shivering in the bitter cold last February? She is now in a warm and loving home, enjoying her new life. You helped the League rescue, shelter and care for Elsie. Your donation provided the resources our rescue team needed to pick her up, for our shelter veterinarian to care for her and your support helped Elsie Maude find her forever home.

A call to the League’s rescue dispatch line on a freezing February day is how Elsie’s story began. An employee at Wentworth Institute of Technology needed us to help a visibly suffering cat with frostbitten ears shivering in the cold. League Rescue Technician Bill Tanguay made the short drive to Wentworth, but needed to spend time gently coaxing the poor cat – later named Elsie – out of her hiding spot near a busy loading dock. As she cautiously approached, he was eventually able to pick her up. He placed her in a carrier inside his rescue vehicle/ambulance so she could be warm as they drove back to the League’s South End headquarters. However, during the trip, one of Elsie’s injured ears actually fell off – her frostbite was that severe.

Unfortunately, Elsie’s troubles didn’t end there. Soon after her arrival, she lost her other ear and, due to the extent of her frostbite, her tail also had to be removed.

Despite looking a little worse for the wear, Elsie’s prognosis was otherwise very good. She was just happy to be in a warm, safe place. Although appearing small and frail, she was a tough little cat which only endeared her to everyone even more.

The local news even took an interest in her story. Impressed by her ability to survive – while managing to remain adorable without ears or a tail – Elsie also became a local celebrity that day.

She was quickly adopted by a North Andover resident who recently sent the following update:

“Elsie is doing really well. She is the sweetest cat I’ve ever had – and I’ve had some very nice, sweet and gentle cats over the years. I have never had a cat that likes people so much – she can’t get enough attention.  She will run right up to someone new, flop over on her back and wait for the belly rub. She is a bit uncoordinated – wherein the past my cats have had 5 or 6 foot vertical leaps – Elsie is closer to 5 or 6 inches.”

Her adopted dad also notes how smart Elsie is – she has learned how to open doors, drawers, cabinets, etc. Elsie’s favorite activity is to play with milk jug caps, which she prefers to all of her other toys. “I couldn’t be happier and judging from Elsie’s behavior, I think she feels the same way.”

Thanks to your support we were able to rescue, shelter and care for Elsie. Please help us continue to be there for animals in need.