May 12, 2012 – Update on Miracle

Miracle is now living happily with a grandmother (Andrea), her granddaughter (Claire) and a friendly Cocker Spaniel. We hear that both dogs love to hog Claire’s bed, and Miracle is a big fan of Kong toys. We hear that she went to the park on Saturday for the first time and met another male dog who “she was very polite toward, she did not chase any squirrels or pigeons, which is huge for Miracle because she loves to chase.”

Thank you to the generous donors who contributed toward Miracle’s and Gracie’s care. Also, many thanks to Forever Paws Animal Shelter for taking such great care of them.

Stay tuned for an update on Gracie.


Miracle and Gracie’s Story

The two starving, emaciated dogs that were abandoned for weeks in a New Bedford apartment were discovered after the older dog, Miracle, jumped out of a third-story window in a desperate search for food, breaking her hip and hind leg in the fall.

Inside the filthy, flea-infested apartment, an Animal Control Officer then found the four-month-old puppy, later named Gracie, weak from starvation and neglect.

“Cities and towns often turn to us because they don’t have the funding to treat severely sick or injured animals – we are their last resort,” said Lt. Alan Borgal, director of the Center for Animal Protection at the League. Miracle needed surgery to repair her hip and leg and Gracie needed to be treated for severe malnutrition. The generosity of our supporters allowed us to cover all of their medical fees.

We received the following update on Miracle and Gracie from the Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River, Mass. where they are recuperating:

“Miracle went out to play ball recently, navigating around on her surgically repaired leg as if she were as good as new. She needed help with separation anxiety. Miracle would bark constantly, but with help from the staff, she has come a long way. She has gained 13 pounds and looks great!”

Miracle was adopted by one of the veterinary technicians who cared for her and is happy in her new home.

Gracie remains in foster care where she continues to recuperate. She is growing stronger and healthier and we hope she will be ready for adoption soon.

Please help us continue to care for animals, like Miracle and Gracie.