Barely 18 hours after tornadoes ravaged the western Massachusetts communities of Brimfield and Monson in June, rescue technicians from the Animal Rescue League of Boston were on the scene tending to pets, wildlife and livestock in danger.

League rescue technicians were able to save a horse that was badly injured by flying debris and in need of an emergency transport. Thanks to generous supporters like you, we had the right equipment on hand to bandaged the horse’s wounds and to move it to a hospital for large animals.

The tiniest survivor of the tornadoes was Toto (pictured above right shortly, after he was rescued).

A three-week-old kitten, Toto was found clinging to a tree limb in the storm’s aftermath. He was brought to our Dedham shelter where he was accepted by a surrogate feline family – a shelter cat who had just given birth and nursed Toto right alongside her own newborns kittens.

Toto was subsequently adopted by the same family who found him in the tree. They noted that “Toto coming ‘home’ to Brimfield was a great thing that came out of such a hard time for us and our town.”

We recently received the following update: “Toto (photo taken in November 2011) is doing wonderfully! He is an amazing cat! We are so thankful that we contacted the League to ‘reacquire’ him after the tornado. It’s almost like he knows what he has been through and thanks us every day by purring, cuddling and being so much fun! Thanks again!”

Please help us continue to rescue animals, like Toto, that are in need. Your donation ensures that we can be there when devastation strikes.