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Senior ARL Alums, Puff and Frances, Make A Move
Puff & Frances

Puff & Frances

Senior cats make amazing pets. Just ask Robyn who adopted Puff and Frances from the Animal Rescue League of Boston in December of 2010. Both cats were 12-years-old at the time of their adoption. The good-looking duo recently moved to Arlington, Virginia. They handled the move in stride and have settled into their new home without a hitch. Robyn said that “both [cats] are extremely affectionate and very well-behaved (for the most part) and I am so lucky to have them.” These two kitties were very popular among staff and volunteers during their time here at our Boston Adoption Center and we all loved them. We are so happy to see that they have such an awesome home. Puff and Frances are super affectionate and love their human companion they have learned to share Robyn, i.e. Puff sleeps with her at night, and Frances gets to lie in Robyn’s lap when she’s on the couch watching TV! These fabulous felines must be living the good life, because they don’t look a day over 5! Wishing Puff, Frances and Robyn all the best in 2013!



If you’re interested in adopting a senior cat 12-year-old Mittens and 10-year-old Honey are waiting for their forever homes at our Cape Cod shelter in Brewster. The Adoption Center is open Tuesday-Sunday.

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The Need For Speed: Meet TURBO!


Turbo is a speedy little 2 year old robo dwarf hamster. He is about the size of a mouse and is full grown! He enjoys burrowing, digging, exploring, climbing, and generally being on the go! Turbo has been at our Brewster Adoption Center since November 29, 2012 and is in a hurry to scurry on into his forever home.

Turbo is not used to being handled and anytime he’s in someone’s hands he’s planning an escape (and his small size and quick speed make him a good escape-artist!). We’ve concluded that Turbo is more of a “watch and observe” type of pet, rather than one to take out and hold all the time. For this reason, he would not be a great choice for a child. However he is not fearful and does not try to bite at all when held – he just squirms away and then takes off! If you’re interested in adopting this little guy, please visit our Cape Cod Adoption Center in Brewster or give them a call at (508) 255-1030. They’re open this weekend from 1-4pm.

11 Years Old And Still The Cat’s Meow

SpockPhotoSPOCK has been waiting patiently for his forever family since early November! This handsome neutered male cat is 11-years-young and is the epitome of a lap cat.

Spock was brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, because his owners moved and couldn’t take him with them. He has been tested in our Feline Play Group and did very well, so he will likely do well in a home that already has a cat.

Spock CollageHere’s some more info about Spock:

  • Spock enjoys relaxing in a warm spot with his human friends.
  • He loves being petted, especially under the chin!
  • He’s been declawed, which means he must remain indoors, because he now has limited defenses against the outdoor elements. If you’ve been looking for a declawed cat, then look no further.
  • He makes pricless facial expressions.
  • He may be 11 but he acts like he’s 6!

If you’re looking for a loving, gentle and relaxed lap cat to cuddle with you on a cold winter evening then Spock is the cat for you. Stop by our Boston Adoption Center Tuesday- Sunday and visit with him. If you want to learn more about Spock you can also call our Boston Adoption Center at  (617) 426-9170. Once you meet Spock you’re sure to fall in love!


Adoption Spotlight: Bridget-A Big Pup With A Lot of Love

BridgetBridget is a beautiful, big and strong, 11 month-old female pup who found her way to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, because her owner could not provide her with enough time. She knows some of her commands already and responds very well to them, but does need to learn not to pull on her leash so much! She loves to play with our bigger dogs here, but because of her size, she might spook some smaller ones. Occasionally, she will bark at strangers, but she recovers quickly and comes up to her human companion nearby wagging her tail and looking for attention.

If you’re looking for a big puppy to raise and train to be a wonderful pet, please consider adopting Bridget and giving her a forever home for the new year!

Elsie Reminds Us That Happy Endings Do Exist
Elsie & her dad in our Boston lobby.

Elsie & her dad in our Boston lobby.

Remember Elsie Maude, the sickly, stray cat that was found shivering in the bitter cold in February of 2011? The poor girl was so badly frost bitten that she lost both ears and her tail. Yet hers is a touching story of survival. We were delighted that lovely Elsie and her new owner, a North Andover resident, stopped by the Animal Rescue League of Boston yesterday to pay us a little visit and spread some holiday cheer. Stories like this remind us all that happy endings do exist.

Back in 2011 you helped the League rescue, shelter and care for Elsie. Your donations provided the resources our rescue team needed to pick her up, for our shelter veterinarian to care for her and your support helped Elsie Maude find her forever home.

Her adopted dad the following to say about her:

“Elsie is doing really well. She is the sweetest cat I’ve ever had – and I’ve had some very nice, sweet and gentle cats over the years. I have never had a cat that likes people so much – she can’t get enough attention.  She will run right up to someone new, flop over on her back and wait for the belly rub. I couldn’t be happier and judging from Elsie’s behavior, I think she feels the same way.”

Thanks to your support we were able to rescue, shelter and care for Elsie. Please help us continue to be there for animals in need.

Elsie explores our lobby!

Elsie explores our lobby!

Help Us Find A Forever Home for Wiley

WileyEblast “Wiley is one of my favorite dogs to greet in the shelter each day and I can’t imagine how he’s been in our care for 229 days!

I’m writing all of you, because I need you to help me find Wiley a home for the holidays.  You may read this article and say ‘gosh he’s cute but I can’t take him in my house’ but you’ll share this post with a friend and they’ll pass it to their friends and pretty soon you’ve helped to find Wiley his new home!

He started off his journey in Cape Cod at our Brewster branch where staff and volunteers became enthralled with his personality and fell completely in love. Sadly he didn’t get many interested people in Brewster.  Perhaps his ‘rough exterior’ (short cropped ears do make people think a dog is mean) was one of the reasons. So even though Brewster was madly in love with him they decided to ask me, the Shelter Manager in Boston, if Wiley could come up and live with us.  Maybe a bully breed would get more interest in our  city shelter.

So Wiley has been with the Animal Rescue League of Boston since 5/4 and has been in Boston since 11/28. 

He’s well-mannered in his kennel which is why he is a favorite of mine.  He is quiet when you greet him and he does the cutest little dance to get you to say hi.  Picture a dog that is half lifting his paw to wave at you while the same time trying to give you an adorable play bow – that’s Wiley!

He loves to play with toys especially to play fetch.  He attends our morning playgroup with some other dogs.

WileyBlogMy ideal match for Wiley would be a family with older children who understand bully breeds are lovable just like any other dog.  If the new home had a dog it would be best if that dog was not too rambunctious during play because Wiley can get easily overwhelmed by another dog that wants to wrestle him to the ground.  The new family might have experience with crate training or be willing to learn because Wiley enjoys the crate that he has at the shelter and crate training prevents a dog from getting into items that are off limits.

So, come on!  Let’s get working on this together and find Wiley a home for the holidays!

Mariannne Gasbarro
Manager of the Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center

Watch a video of Wiley being his usual adorable self below!

 If you have room in your heart and home, we hope you’ll stop by our Boston Adoption Center to meet Wiley.

Help Bambi Find A Home By Christmas

BambiBlogWith Christmas just around the corner, the League would like to take this week to focus on several of our shelter animals who have been with us for a long time and who are most deserving of a loving home for the holidays. These are amazing animals who for some reason have been at our shelter for much longer than the average stay. We think it’s about time that the fabulous animals we’re going to feature this week found their forever homes. Today we’re introducing you to Bambi.

Bambi is a friendly, playful, and absolutely gorgeous 3 year-old spayed female cat who was brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, because she had too much energy for her previous owners. If you’re looking for a beautiful, social cat, who plays like a kitten, then Bambi is the girl for you! This week we need your help to find her a home before Christmas. Please share her adoption profile with everyone you know.

Here is a little bit more information about Bambi:

  • What a face! While Bambi is listed as a Domestic Shorthair, she has a face that strongly resembles a Red Abyssinian. Although we don’t do DNA testing here at the shelter, it’s possible she could be mixed!
  • Bambi is playful and particularly enjoys feather toys and things she can jump up and catch.
  • She enjoys the company of her human friends and loves being petted on her head and along her back.
  • Because of her playfulness and desire to explore, she would probably do best in a home without very young children.

If you are interested in meeting Bambi stop by our Boston Adoption Center (we’re open Tuesday-Sunday) and ask to meet her. She has her own room in our Feline Suite, so you won’t find her on the adoption floor!


Bird Lovers, Meet Salty

detailMeet Salty! He is a 4 year old cockatiel looking for a new home and he’s available at our Brewster Adoption Center. Salty has been in a few homes because he does not want to be friends with other animals. So, this time around he is looking for a home where he doesn’t have to interact with other birds.

He wants to interact with people but is timid of hands of new people. He is therefore looking for an experienced home with knowledge about bird behavior. Salty loves to chatter with his family. He wants to be affectionate but sometimes gets scared. Once he trusts you, he bonds strongly. Salty loves to share your lunch – he hangs out in one of the offices and plops himself down on the desk at lunch time.

Salty is a timid guy and tends to be afraid of hands. With some people, he immediately is trusting and will hop right onto their shoulders. Other people he is more cautious of at first but after some bonding time he trusts them enough to go to them too. He likes to sit on your shoulder or arm (or leg if you’re sitting), or on the desk / chair near you. He prefers not to be picked up by your finger.

In his cage or out, with someone he is not yet fully used to, he will shy away from fingers and make “threatening gestures” with his beak if you reach for him. As long as you don’t continue to reach right at him he doesn’t bite. He is a really great, fun little guy as long as you understand him.

Salty has been living in the office of our Assistant Manager, Pamela. We would want anyone interested in him to spend some time with him to get to know him and let him get to know you, and also to speak with Pamela because she knows all his ins and outs.

Please call at 508-255-1030 or stop by to meet Salty.

A Merry Mutt and Her “Happy Tail”

Daisy & her owner, Tammy at Singing Beach

Happy belated 15th birthday to Daisy!

This sweet ARL alum was adopted in October of 1998 from the League’s old branch in Salem. Here’s what Daisy’s owner had to share with us:

“I adopted Daisy in October 1998 at the League’s old branch in Salem.  She appeared to be a whippet/lab mix with boundless energy.  At 11 months old, she was all black, with an angel-shaped white patch on her chest and white splotches on her paws.  She came with her name, which seemed to fit her, so I kept it.  Daisy has been the best dog a human could ever ask for.  She loves to go for walks and rides, and she is happiest when she’s lounging in the sunshine in her back yard. We celebrated her 15th birthday in November 2012 with a romp on Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea. 

I organize a social group for dogs and their owners called Merry Mutts Meetup of the North Shore (www.meetup.com/merrymutts).  Since its inception in 2007, Daisy and I have led more than 200 events, including three bowling fundraisers for the ARL.  Initially the group’s doggy leader, Daisy is now more of the senior stateswoman.  She doesn’t hear too well anymore, and she experiences occasional arthritis in her hind quarters, but she’s still quite spry for her age.  Everyone who meets Daisy loves her sweet disposition and often comments on her happy, dainty prance.  It is because of the Animal Rescue League that Daisy and I found each other.  I don’t know how much longer she will be with me, but I count every day with her as a blessing.  Thank you, ARL!”

Feline Focus: So Glad I Adopted An Adult Cat


Remember Kelly the 5-year-old female cat from Dedham who was featured on our blog and adopted shortly after? Well, her new dad, Tim, recently sent us an email with an update on her progress. The most important thing to take away from his message? “For anyone who is thinking that adopting an adult cat isn’t a good idea: … Kelly is wonderful and I’m so glad I adopted her rather than a kitten.

Tim, thank you so much for updating us on Kelly’s progress. We are so thankful for amazing adopters like you!  You can read Tim’s entire update below:

“First – thank you to all the staff at the Dedham shelter. You are all great and I really appreciate your help in adopting Kelly.

‘Kelly’ (I do want to give her a non-shelter name) is doing great. She started purring as soon as she got home, and has been purring regularly since. She has been slowly opening up and becoming a very affectionate cat, and has become more playful each day. She greets me at the door when I get home, excited to see me and get attention. She also excitedly greets all my guests at the door, introduces herself and gets a good scratch from each new entry.

She’s the perfect kitty for me. She came with a little attitude – likely to nip or swat when she was done with getting pat. But I found that she’s usually trying to move from pat to play. She stopped with the nipping (but the swatting is there – and only playful) and now I can tell when she has had enough pat and I need to pull out the ‘stick’ toy and play with her (stick being mouse on cord attached to stick) – she’s a lot of fun to play with.

Currently, she’s snoring fiercely on a windowsill behind me where she was looking out at the neighborhood. I expect as soon as I move from my office nook she will follow me to the sofa and curl up against me as I watch a movie.

Again thank you very much for helping me adopt this wonderful kitty.

If I could ask one more thing: I want to give her a new name (post shelter) and if you have any suggestions I’d appreciate it. I just call her ‘Kitteh!’ now, but would like to find something else that would suit her.

Oh – last – for anyone who is thinking that adopting an adult cat isn’t a good idea: ………… Kelly is wonderful and I’m so glad I adopted her rather than a kitten.” – Tim

Cat lovers, don’t forget to order an ornament for your beloved feline for our Holiday Tree for Pets!heart-example-with-cat2