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Senior Adoption Spotlight: Gwendolyn

Though she is 9 years old, don’t let Gewndolyn’s age fool you. She is a spunky feline with a ton of pep in her step.

A resident of the League’s Brewster branch since October 26, her personality has captured the hearts of many. Gwendolyn loves her little mouse toys and enjoys playing in general. She also likes to watch the birds outside, but will always make time for a good petting session.

Gwendolyn came to the League with some medical concerns that a more experienced owner will be able to handle. You can find more information on Gwendolyn’s condition by taking a glimpse at her profile. Though she has some special needs, Gwendolyn’s heart is full of love and waiting to give it all to her new family.

Interested in giving Gwendolyn a forever home this holiday season? Stop by and visit our Brewster shelter or, if you liked to help Gwendolyn out, make her a star by purchasing an ornament in her name for our Holiday Tree today!

Feline Focus Sneak Peek: Mondays at the League

As some of you may know, the League is closed on Mondays, but have you ever wondered why? Today’s Feline Focus is going to give you a sneak peak into Mondays at the our Boston Adoption Center.

Mondays go to the cats!

The playgroup starts at 1pm and goes until 3pm. The group is organized by several volunteers and the cats the idea behind it is to allow cats some out-of-the-cage time. Cats are permitted to explore our adoption center reception area at their leisure. 

One of our devoted cat volunteers, Liz, shared that a cat is qualified to participate in feline playgroup when:

  1. “They’ve been fully health-checked by the vet and have no signs of an upper respiratory infection (URI) or other disease.
  2. There are no signs of stress-related behavior (for instance, cats that have not been eating consistently).
  3. They are comfortable in their cages. Super shy cats aren’t going to benefit from being thrown into a new environment. Even cats that have been improving in behavior in their cages are sometimes not allowed out so that they don’t regress.
  4. They haven’t had a recent surgery. Neutered cats have to wait 2 days and spayed cats have to wait 7 days before being able to join or re-join playgroup.
  5. Any cat that is adopted or on hold for someone is not allowed unless the new owner has specifically requested they be tried in playgroup (for liability reasons).
  6. Cats that we know for a fact hate other cats. If that information is unavailable, we use playgroup to test and find out.”

This was a relatively new concept when we first implemented almost two years ago and its popularity has not waned, feline playgroup is loved by both humans and cats alike. The size of the playgroup can range from 2 to 10 cats. Once the cats start to become acclimated to the the freedom of the playgroup their true colors start to come out! Many cats take this opportunity to play and mingle with other cats, others observe from a distance and others relish in the attention that they receive from their human friends. You might see a cat sitting next to an Adoption Agent’s computer watching the mouse on the screen, hiding in a tunnel and surprising another cat, leaping for a toy or sitting on the windowsill and looking out to the world beyond.

This playgroup is an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each cat’s individual personality, which helps us find a better fit when adopting out the cat.

To read the full story about our feline play group please visit our original post from 2011.

“We Are Fond Of Her Weird Cat Nature”

Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month is the perfect opportunity to share this particular “Happy Tail.” There are many fabulous reasons for adopting a senior pet, but when Joy shared her reason for adopting a senior cat with us, we knew that our readers would find this story to be very touching and admirable.

Originally Joy had intended on adopting a young black kitty, but on her way home, with plans to pick up the little kitty the next day, she realized that at 70 years of age she didn’t want to create a potential situation where, several years down the road, an older cat would have to be given up due to her (Joy’s) moving, illness, death, etc… When she had walked through our shelter she had noticed these were some of the reasons for why older animals had been ended up at the shelter. Joy is in great health, but acknowledged that at her age anything can happen and she thought to herself that she would rather experience the loss of a cat who had lived out his/her last years in a wonderful home than possibly have to give up an older cat who would have a lesser chance of getting adopted. So, the next day Joy went back to our Boston Adoption Center with her mind set on adopting a senior cat. She decided on adopting a stunning 10-year-old female tortoiseshell cat named Tabby now called Persnickitty alias Chirpie (she chirps!). Chirpie is having the time of her life and Joy has grown fond of her “weird cat nature.” Here’s what Joy had to say about how Chirpie is doing now:

Chirpie is the most unusually curious and alert cat I’ve ever had.  She tries to open doors to see what’s there, and tho’ she stayed away from our greyhound for a long time, in a few days time we realized that she was more disliking him than fearing him.  She would run or walk slowly, but with her back to him while hissing.  She still doesn’t like him, and peruses the area to see where he is, but she’s made herself quite comfortable WHEREVER she wants to be. (not on tables or counters)…….Her adoption weight was somewhere over 13 lbs, but she’s now down to 12.6.  Her obsession with food has lessened only slightly.  I feed her in 3 stages (within 10 min) so that she paces herself, and have begun adding a food that is a bit healthier which she doesn’t like, so she eats around those bits, and eats the remainder only when she is desperate!  She is not deaf, but she certainly acts it, not responding unless she wants something……food…….or affection.  She is definitely not a lap-cat, unless you are on the floor with her, and even then she isn’t fond of staying on laps.  Oh well, we have all adjusted, and though I don’t think she and Star will become bosom buddies, they will tolerate each other…..and we really are fond of her and her weird cat nature.

Joy- we thank you for adopting a senior pet and for sharing your adoption story with us. May Chirpie continue gracing you with her “weird cat nature” for many years to come!

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Senior Adoption Spotlight: Mittens

Our senior pet of the week is Mittens, an 8-year-old tortie and white cat. She is currently up for adoption at our Boston shelter and eager to find her forever home.

Mittens was brought to the League when her owner could no longer afford the costs of keeping her, though “she was a joy to have.” Mittens comes from a home with another cat and would fit in very nicely with a home that already has a feline companion. While she enjoys the company of other cats, Mittens came from a quiet home with older children and would benefit being adopted into the same environment.

Mittens favorite thing to do is cuddle up to her human companions. If you sit down, expect her to join you very shortly and in need of lots of petting. Mittens is very affectionate so she will return the favor.

If you are interested in Mittens, stop by our Boston shelter today!

A Look Back at Adopt-A-Dog-Month


With the end of October, Adopt-A-Dog-Month also came to a close. The League is delighted to announce that 30 dogs were adopted during this special month. Even some of our Pup-kin Picks of the Week left for their forever homes.

Twix, a stray dog found suffering from severe mange, came to the League on August 6, 2012. Approximately 2 months later, she left with her new family in wonderful shape and an open heart. Oliver, a Labrador Retriever mix, came to find that he can be given more. He left the League’s Boston shelter on October 26, 2012 with his new dad.

The League would like to thank all who participated in Adopt-A-Dog-Month, especially all adopters who gave 30 dogs their new forever homes.

Celebrate Cats Today: It’s National Cat Day


Today is National Cat Day and all of these amazing cats are available for adoption. You can learn more about these cats and others on our website. National Cat Day was founded in 2005 to help the public recognize the importance of rescuing cats and to give cat lovers an opportunity to celebrate the unconditional love and companionship that cats gives us each and everyday.

Though we are closed today, please visit our Boston, Brewster and Dedham adoption centers later this week to see some of these fabulous cats and get to know their unique purrsonalities.


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Pup-kin Pick of the Week: Fluffee

Fluffee, a 4 year-old Shetland Sheepdog, is hoping to be the next pup to find a forever home during Adopt-A-Dog-Month.

She can be quite shy at first, but once she gets to know you Fluffee is a bundle of love. After running around, Fluffee likes to curl up for a nice petting session. She would do best in a quiet home with a patient family. Fluffee is a social eater, so keeping her company will lead to lots of sweet kisses.

If you are interested in spending some time with this Fluffee, stop by our Boston shelter today!

Feline Focus: Meet Kelly

Kelly is an approximately 5-year-old female cat and has been at our Dedham Shelter since May 11, 2012. She is a black tabby with short fur. She was brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston from an animal control facility and was originally found as a stray. Kelly is a beautiful girl (just look at those eyes) with a great personality! She is very sweet, enjoys playing, and loves getting attention from the staff. She is curious and watches everything that’s going on around her. She didn’t like other cats initially, but since we put her in a larger room with another cat, she has learned to tolerate them. Due to her slightly fresh nature, she would do best in a home with older children. She enjoys being petted, but will let you know when she’s done by swatting or gently nipping. Kelly is spayed, microchipped, up to date on vaccines, and healthy. It’s about time for this lovely lady to find her forever home. If you are interested in adopting her please call or come by our Dedham Shelter.

Kelly likes showing off in front of the camera.

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Adoption Spotlight: Meet Happy

“‘Don’t worry, be Happy.’ Someone will adopt you soon.” That’s what we keep telling him, but Happy has been here since July 10th and he really hopes someone adopts him soon. Happy is a 7-month-old neutered male, pit-bull mix, who came to us from Revere, MA as a stray. Happy’s favorite things to do are: playing, exploring, running, going for walks, chasing toys and being with people. He’s super energetic and curious about everything, so he’s going to need some puppy training classes to help teach him the ways of the world. If you’re looking for the full puppy experience, Happy is the dog for you. As his name indicates he has a happy personality and a lot of love to give!

Photo Credit: Maria L. Uribe

This Sunday, August 26th is National Dog Day. Wouldn’t it be nice if Happy had a home for this special day? You can meet him at our Boston Adoption Center. We’re open today and this weekend from 1-4pm.