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Whiskers finds a home

We are thrilled to share that Whiskers, the smokey black tabby, and face of our Whisker Patrol reduced adoption fee campaign, was adopted this past weekend! After 2 months at the shelter it was time for this sweet 13-year-old fella to go home. Not only was Whiskers the oldest cat at our Boston shelter, but he had also been here the longest of any of our shelter cats this summer.

Liz, one of our dedicated shelter volunteers, got to know Whiskers very well and shared her own experiences with him in a post on her personal blog. In this story she also addressed that ever present question of “How do you not want to take them all home?” After all with Whiskers being here so long, he was becoming one of those cats that we wished we could take home.

Thankfully this past weekend someone recognized just how special Whiskers is. His adopter, James, came in on Saturday and said “I just can’t stop thinking about him.” James is proud adopter of 3-year-old Cleopatra and Betty and knew he and Whiskers were meant to be.

Liz put it best when she wrote “[t]o know that Whiskers had touched someone else, someone who was able to take in a third cat—an old cat—was the best feeling… Whiskers went home last Saturday, and he’s now in a home with someone who will love him, unconditionally, for his remaining years.”

We are so happy that Whiskers is in a loving home with his ARL Boston buddies. Thank you, James!

Whiskers and his new dad, James.

Adoption Spotlight: Meet Whiskers

Meet the face of our Whisker Patrol, Whiskers, the black tabby cat!

Whiskers is a delightful 13-year-old cat. Don’t let his age fool you, this handsome fellow has a lot of personality and a lot of love to give. If you’re looking for a laid back, relaxed, and affectionate companion, Whiskers is the cat for you!

We chose him as the face of our campaign for three good reasons. 1) His name fit the bill, 2) He’s just so charming and wise, and 3) he’s the oldest cat at the shelter and he deserves to be spending his golden years in a caring home.

Summer is a particularly difficult time of year for the Animal Rescue League. Many cats are being surrendered and our shelter is nearing capacity. During these busy months, cats like Whiskers are sometimes overlooked by adopters. 

Please help adult cats like Whiskers find their forever homes by participating in our “Whisker Patrol”. From August 17th until August 31st, the Animal Rescue League of Boston has reduced its adoption fee for adult cats 1 year and older to $50! Discounted adoptions will be available at all three of our shelters. Check us out on Twitter and Facebook to follow the #WhiskerPatrol!

This Mother’s Day, Adopt an Older Cat

With a mild winter and warm weather, mothers and kittens are filling our shelters. Kittens never fail to delight our staff and visitors. Irresistibly cute, it’s no surprise that they find their forever homes so quickly.

However, their mothers often remain here with us after their litters have gone. Moo (pictured left) has been at the shelter since March 21. While her kittens settle in with their new families, Moo is still eagerly awaiting for her new home.

This Mother’s Day give cats like Moo the gift they deserve, a forever home.

Even if you can’t adopt an animal right now, you can still be a champion for one. We need your help in continuing to provide the love and care that these cats – and all of the animals in our care – need to grow and thrive. Please consider making a gift to help a shelter animal today.

Meet Kaya

Kaya is a 3-year-old cat at our Dedham branch. She has been here since February and is still looking for her forever home.

Kaya is a special cat  – she is blind but gets around just fine because she is able to rely on her other senses.

She is a sweetheart who loves to be petted and spoken to. Will you help her find her forever home?

If you are interested in Kaya, call or stop by the Dedham Shelter today.

281 Animals Adopted in January

Starting 2012 on a strong note, 281 animals were adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s shelters in Boston, Dedham and Brewster.

Among the January adoptions were 202 cats; 31 dogs; 11 birds (two doves and nine finches); 12 guinea pigs; 11 hamsters; seven rabbits; two degus; a ferret and a chinchilla.
Older dogs for whom the League’s Animal Care and Adoption areas found forever homes included: 12-year-old Obie (Labrador Retriever); 11–year-old Diva (Miniature Pinscher) and 9-year-old Cooper (Cocker Spaniel).

Among the older cats were three special 11-year-olds Angel, Fluffy and George – all adopted within one week (see http://home.arlboston.org/2012/01/23/in-praise-of-older-animals/); 10-year-old Jelly; 9-year-olds Diamond and Dr. Hazel (shown above with volunteer Amy Eisenman); and 8-year-olds Bandit, Little Dee, Stormy and Margo.

You can view a list of all available dogs here,  all available cats here and other animals here.

Dedicated effort and enthusiasm lead to 30 weekend adoptions at Boston

Ever wonder what it’s like finding forever homes for the animals that come to the Animal Rescue League of Boston – particularly not-so-easy-to-place animals – possibly older or shyer or having a harder time adjusting to new situations?

This past weekend saw 27 cats 2 guinea pigs and a dog adopted from the Boston shelter, and the staff-volunteer internet grapevines were humming! Some comments:

“Whoo hoo! We had both quantity and quality in adopters this weekend! Best of both worlds!”

“Great day for adoptions … Sooo glad I could make it in for my Sunday shift! Special shout-out to the volunteers and staff who rocked it today :-): Javier (left) went to a phenomenal couple who have an older, deaf dog at home… I looooved these people!!! Valkyrie (below) went to an awesome lady within the first 10 minutes of adoption opening! She walked in and asked if she could see Valks who she had fallen in love with online. Valks climbed into her lap and sat there for 20 minutes while she filled out the app – the decision was made by 1:10.”

“Today was great not just because so many animals moved out the door, but also because all the adoptions that happened were great ones.”

“[Initially shy] Dusty was amazing with her adopters. She let both of them pick her up and hold her and she gave them headbutts. They could not have been happier. [Eight-year olds] Moe & Bandit’s people initially came in for just one cat but fell in love with M&B’s looks and had to have them both. (Note: two 8-yr adoptions cost less than a single kitten: $150 compared to $155.)”

“[Initially very shy cat] Top Hat’s adopter was super awesome, too. She came in for Javier (met him yesterday) but was a few minutes too late today; she adopted Eloise 2 years ago (tabby w/ white face) and has an 11-year-old dog. She liked Top Hat (top right) more than [not-so-shy] Sherlock because Top Hat was more of a challenge. But by the time she was done with Top Hat, he was curled up in her lap and taking treats out of her hand. Great adoption! ”

“Schone was adopted from the back. She’s going home to a really nice couple who have another cat at home. Two younger females adopted [longer-time resident] Hunny Bunn. They wanted an older cat and spent time with our older cats in adoption, but fell in love with Hunny Bunn in the feline suite. She was a total love and lap cat with them – maybe she’s just particular!”

You can view a list of all available dogs here, all available cats here  and other animals here.