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Bar Mitvah Project For Animals

We’re always excited and touched when young people like Toby here, choose to do something meaningful for animals for their Bar Mitzvah project. Last Friday 13-year-old Toby from Needham dropped of this donation at our Dedham shelter. For months he collected towels, crates, carriers, food and pet supplies to donate to our shelter animals. Young people like Toby, are inspiring other teens to become more involved with helping the League. There are so many ways to donate and make a difference. How will you help? A big “thank you” to Toby for showing how it’s done! Keep up the great work! 


Toby K. at our Dedham Adoption Center.

5 Spring Safety Tips For Your Pet

Though it may not feel like it, today is indeed the first day of spring! While there may still be a few wintry days ahead of us, it’s not too early to start thinking about springtime safety tips for your pets. Please see our 5 tips below to ensure that your pet is safe this season:

Photo: Maria L. Uribe

Photo: Maria L. Uribe

Microchip your pets: Once the warm weather starts we inevitably spend more time outside. That means we’re opening our door more often, which is the perfect opportunity for your indoor cat to slip out of the house. When you’re strutting around town with your pup, make sure he’s in a collar or harness and most importantly make sure your pets are MICROCHIPPED. Even indoor cats should be microchipped as this will ensure that if they escape and are found by a local Animal Control Officer, they can be identified and returned to you.

Spring cleaning: While you’re sprucing up your place for spring don’t forget to keep the cleaning chemicals away from your pet! Almost all commercially sold cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to animals. Keep your vet’s emergency hotline in a prominent place, just in case.

Keep Easter lilies and candy bunnies out of your pets reach: Chocolate is toxic and Easter lilies can be fatal if ingested by our furry friends. And be mindful, cats love to munch on colorful plastic grass and ribbons, which can lead to an obstructed digestive tract, severe vomiting and dehydration if ingested.

Gardeners, beware: Fertilizers and insecticides are great for a pretty lawns and garden, but their ingredients aren’t meant for animal consumption and can be fatal if your pet ingests them. Fore more info you can call the ASPCA poison control hotline.

Carseats for your pets: It’s adorable to see a pup with his head out the window with the wind in his floppy ears, but this can be dangerous. Debris can get in their eyes, ears or lungs and cause injury or infection. Your pet should ALWAYS be secure in a carseat, crate or seatbelt harness when riding in the car.

Sprint Lends Us A Hand

A big “thank you” to a few people from Sprint who spent the day at our Boston Adoption Center helping us with some spring cleaning yesterday! They scrubbed shelter walls and floors and cleaned outdoor kennels – all with smiles on their faces. We appreciate your help, come back soon!


The Sprint team and Kobe.

Double Your Fun With Sancho And Jack

photo (20)This dynamic duo is sure to bring some fun into your life. Sancho and Jack are a pair of DECLAWED male cats who are best buds. Jack is often a lap cat and Sancho (the grey and white one) is most comfortable sitting close to you. In his previous home, Sancho responded very positively to “kiss” sounds! Jack is described as being friendly with visitors right away. He enjoys a scratch behind the ear and being petted. Sancho can play a bit rough and was known to be scared of children in his previous home, so we think this pair would do best in a home with adults only or older children.

Here’s a little more about Sancho and Jack:

  • They are 7-year old neutered males.
  • Allergies are the reason they were surrendered to the Animal Rescue League of Boston.
  • They are very bonded to each other. 
  • Their favorite things are hanging out together, snacking on treats, and attention from people!

Sancho&JackManCaveIf you’d like to meet Sancho and Jack, you’ll find them hanging out in their very own “man cave” at our Boston Adoption Center. Want to learn more about them before stopping by, give our Animal Care & Adoption Agents a call at 617.426.9170!

Even Our Cats Take The Challenge Seriously

Photo Credit: Maria L. Uribe

We’re getting pretty pumped for the ASPCA Rachael Ray 100k Challenge here at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. One of the keys to succeeding in the challenge, and having a shot at winning some grant money for our shelter animals, is planning! So, yesterday some of our staff and volunteers got together to brainstorm ideas for how to get more people to our 3 shelters this summer and what meeting would be complete without an animal? After all, they’re the reason why we’re doing this and quite frankly, Major, the cat, had some pretty good ideas for increasing our adoption numbers this summer!


Photo: Maria L. Uribe

In order to have a chance at winning a $100,000 grant for our shelters we have to adopt out at least 300 more dogs and cats throughout the months of June, July and August. There’s also a $25,000 Community Engagement Award. As the name indicates, this grant is all about community, which means YOU. We’ll need you to be active on Facebook and Twitter sharing and liking any of our posts that have the #100kChallenge hashtag in them. The more our photos are shared and liked, the higher the chance that we’ll win the grant!

Join A YP Group For Animal Lovers

VeronicaEAre you a young professional who loves animals and has a passion for animal welfare? The join the Animal Rescue League of Boston‘s Young Professional Group ARLBostonYP. Our first event was a huge hit! We had over 70 people attend our Boston shelter tour, which was followed by drinks and networking at Masa Restaurant. To become a member today sign up online and make a $25 (tax deductible) donation. Please note that you must be between the ages of 21-35 to join and we ask that you recruit your friends!  The benefits of joining the group are:

  • Exclusive access to YP events
  • Savings on Animal Rescue League of Boston events
  • Discount Card for local businesses
  • Great opportunity to meet and network with fellow animal lovers
  • A fantastic opportunity to become involved with an animal welfare organization
  • Lectures on animal related topics
  • Behind the scenes tour of the shelter
  • Exclusive time with the League’s expert dog trainers

Photos from our last event:

A Senior Cat With Pizzazz

raven1Happy Friday everyone! For today’s adoption spotlight we’d like to introduce you to Raven. She is a super sweet and declawed 13 year-young spayed female cat who was brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston because her owner could no longer care for her. She’s an adorable girl who can’t wait to find a forever home of her very own!

A little more about Raven:

  • She loves affection and enjoys being petted all over!
  • She came from a quiet home and would likely do well in a low-key home without small children.
  • According to her previous owners and from what we’ve seen at the shelter, she enjoys playing with toys!
  • Her facial expressions are priceless!

If you’re  looking for a cat with personality, Raven is the girl for you. Stop by our Boston Adoption Center or give us at call at 617.426.9170.


Cat Saved Just Before The Storm

dorchestercatintreeA stray cat was found stuck in a tree in Dorchester yesterday and with the impending winter storm our Rescue Team knew that they had to work fast to get the cat to safety! Working swiftly, Danielle, one of our Senior Rescue Technicians, got up to the cat’s level and was able to entice him with some cat food. After some coaxing she was able to extract the stray cat from the tree without incident and the cat is now warm and cozy at our headquarters in Boston’s South End. The video below shows the “TAIL” end of the rescue. Brian O’Connor, manager of Animal Rescue Services, says “the ride down is the fun part for us, especially when you’ve just rescued an animal in need of our help.” Though the cat wasn’t thrilled with being put in a carrier, he is doing fine now thanks to our talented Rescue Team!

Spay It Forward!

BambiBlogClose-UpEvery year, the League takes in thousands of stray animals struggling to survive without adequate food, shelter or hope. In honor of World Spay Day, please join us in sharing this simple but important message: spay/neuter saves lives and prevents the needless suffering of homeless animals on our streets and in our communities.

Preventing pet overpopulation has always been core to our mission. In addition to caring for our shelter animals’ veterinary, behavioral and physical wellbeing, each pet that enters our adoption centers is spayed or neutered before being adopted into a permanent home.

In 2012, the League performed over 6,000 spay/neuter surgeries for shelter animals, through Boston Veterinary Care, our public veterinary practice, and aboard our Spay Waggin’ which provides reduced cost spay/neuter surgeries throughout the South Shore and Cape Cod. The Spay Waggin’ has performed over 31,000 surgeries since its inception in 2000.

Please make a gift to the Animal Rescue League of Boston today to help us continue to provide this vital service to pets and their owners.

Additionally, the health benefits of spay/neuter surgery will help your pet live a longer, healthier life.