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Thank You Thursday: Girl Scouts Going for the Bronze

Girl Scouts Donate Treats & Toys for Shelter Pets

02-27-14 Thank You Girl Scouts_PhotoThese Girl Scouts from the Learning Project Elementary School in Boston have been working hard at earning their bronze award. For their service project they’ve chosen to help the animals at the ARL and they keep stopping by our shelter with lots of new goodies for the animals here.

Over the past few months they’ve donated handmade cat toys, dog food, peanut butter, treats and towels for the animals at our Boston shelter.

We’re always so thrilled to see kids getting involved with animal welfare from a young age! Thank you for all that you do to help shelter pets! Keep it up girls!

If you’d like to donate items to the ARL’s shelter pets view our shelter wishlist.

02-27-14 Thank You Girl Scouts_GroupPhoto

Tomorrow: World Spay Day Twitter Chat with Dr. Schettino

Learn the Facts & Myths About Spay/Neuter

01-10-14 Dr Schettino Photo

Dr. Edward Schettino

Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of World Spay Day, a day that allows us to shine a spotlight on spay/neuter.

Spay/neuter represents one of the most humane ways to lessen the number of homeless animals in our communities.

To celebrate the occasion we’re hosting an Ask the Vet Twitter Chat on February 25,12pm -1pm. You can join fellow supporters of animal welfare and Dr. Edward Schettino, our director of veterinary services to discuss this important issue.

Conversation topics include:

  • How to encourage more people to spay/neuter their pets
  • Common myths about spay/neuter
  • Health benefits and cost savings

To participate in the conversation, follow the ARL on Twitter (@arlboston) and submit your questions using the hashtag #ARLAskaVet. Questions may be submitted real time or in advance.

For more information about spay/neuter and low-cost resources visit arlboston.org/spay-neuter or download our “5 Good Reasons to Spay/Neuter” flyer.

Thank You Thursday: Facebook Status Sparks Generous Donation

Boxes of Pup-Peroni & Blankets All the Way from Jersey

02-20-14 ThankYouThusDonationPicA few weeks ago we put out a call for Pup-Peroni (great for dog training) and our usual request of towels, blankets and poop bags and were completely overwhelmed by the generosity of one person in particular.

Rachel, an ARL volunteers, shared the Boston shelter’s Facebook status requesting these items. Out of nowhere, all of these boxes, pictured right, showed up at her office. They were filled with goodies for the shelter, completely unexpected. Sami, a former co-worker of hers who now lives in New Jersey, had seen the ARL’s request on Rachel’s timeline and surprised her by shipping several boxes of much needed items for our shelter.

According to Rachel, Sami had a dog many years ago, but because he travels a lot for work, he’s not in a position to have one right now. It’s obvious to us all that he’s a huge animal lover and is making a difference for animals in need.

Rachel said “he’s a pretty great guy, so genuine and obviously very, very generous. I’m so thankful to him for this gift. It’s simply amazing.”

Even when you can’t make a donation, simply by sharing the ARL’s status or photo, you could help animals just like Rachel and her friend did. You never know, who will see and feel moved to make a donation.

Thank you Rachel and Sami for being such fantastic supporters of shelter animals!

World Spay Day is One Week Away

Join Our #ARLAskaVet Twitter Chat on 2/25

02-18-14 SpayNueter Billboard

One of our billboards generously donated by Clear Channel Outdoor.

An annual campaign of the Humane Society of the United States and animal welfare organizations like the ARL, World Spay Day focuses attention on the important issue of spay/neuter.

Spay/neuter represents one of the most humane ways to lessen the number of homeless animals in our communities.  The surgery comes with low risks and offers a variety of benefits to pets and the people who love them.

We’re raising awareness about spay/neuter all month long – February is Spay/Neuter Awareness month after all! –  with our “good for pets and the people who love them” public education campaign and billboards across Eastern MA, courtesy of our friends at Clear Channel Outdoor.

To mark the 20th anniversary of World Spay Day, we’ll host an ARL Ask the Vet Twitter Chat on February 25, 12pm-1pm. Join fellow animal welfare supporters and Dr. Edward Schettino, director of  veterinary services at the ARL, to talk about:

  • Ways to encourage more people to spay/neuter their pets
  • Common myths about spay/neuter
  • Health benefits and cost savings

To participate in the conversation, follow the ARL on Twitter (@arlboston) and submit your questions using the hashtag #ARLAskaVet. You can submit questions real time or in advance.

For more information about spay/neuter and low-cost resources visit arlboston.org/spay-neuter or download our “5 Good Reasons to Spay/Neuter” flyer.

01-11-14 Dr Schettino

Join Dr. Schettino on 2/25 for the #ARLAskaVet Twitter Chat and follow him on Twitter: @ARLDrS.

Thank You Thursday: Boston Globe Subscribers and GRANT Vouchers

ARL Currently in Globe GRANT Top 15

Thank you to everyone who has mailed in their Boston Globe GRANT voucher and selected the Animal Rescue League of Boston as the non-profit recipient!

A new program, GRANT enables Globe readers to show their support for non-profits by choosing which organizations get free advertising space in The Boston Globe.

Over the past few weeks, Globe subscribers received a voucher in a stylish silver envelope in their regular mail.   The enclosed instructions asked recipients to fill in a charity’s name and mailing address, and return the voucher to the Globe in the pre-paid envelope by March 1.

Very importantly, only the top five organizations with the highest voucher donations will receive free ad space.

The ARL currently stands in 15th place out of 952 non-profits… Not bad, but we need your help to jump into a top position.

View the leaderboard

Submitting your voucher is an easy yet meaningful way to help animals like MARGIE (pictured below) find permanent, loving homes!

With free advertising space in the Globe, we can reach more people with information about our adoptable animals and services that help animals suffering from cruelty, abandonment, and neglect.

So if you haven’t sent in your Boston Globe GRANT voucher yet, please mail it in before March 1 and write in the “Animal Rescue League of Boston” as your non-profit choice.

SPECIAL NOTE: Our mailing address for the voucher is 10 Chandler Street, Boston, MA  02116.

Margie Globe Voucher

Margie hopes you’ll mail in your Boston Globe GRANT voucher and choose the ARL!

BREAKING NEWS: 35 Animals Rescued from Unlicensed Traveling Petting Zoo

ARL & MSPCA-Angell Combine Efforts to Rescue Cold, Sickly Animals

02-10-14 Ludlow Rescue PonyOn Friday, February 7, the Animal Rescue League of Boston and MSPCA-Angell joined forces to rescue 35 cold and emaciated animals from an unlicensed traveling petting zoo in Ludlow, Massachusetts.

According to the MSPCA, the majority of animals were underwieght.

The ARL’s Rescue Services team brought 12 of the rescued animals, including mini-donkeys, donkeys, ponies, sheep, and goats, to the organization’s Dedham Shelter for immediate care. The MSPCA-Angell’s Law Enforcement department transported the more severely emaciated and sickly animals including pigs and alpacas to the organization’s Nevins Farm facility.

Today, the MSPCA-Angell’s Law Enforcement department charged the animal’s owner Dean Manual of Ludlow with multiple counts of animal cruelty. Manual, 43, faces up to 36 counts of animal cruelty with additional pending charges for assaulting a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

02-10-14 Ludlow Rescue Mini Donkey

According staff at the Dedham shelter, the Ludlow 12 are settling in, though they have a long road to recovery ahead.  Some may require extensive and costly veterinary exams.

Help these animals and others like them as they recover from cruel living conditions. Click the button below to make a contribution today!


02-10-14 Ludlow Rescue Goat & Brian

Your donations are GREATLY appreciated. 

Meet Gus the Degu. What’s a Degu?

Degu 101

Our Boston shelter has a very special and very tiny guest who’s waiting for someone who wants a unique and spunky small pet like him. His name is Gus and he’s a degu. Never heard of a degu? Neither have most people, so here’s a little introduction to the species!

Relative newcomers as pets, full-grown degus are about the size of a pet rat, but with a long fluffy tail, large eyes and mouse-like ears.

Most degus are social and like to live with others of their kind BUT not our GUS! The reason he was brought to the ARL in the first place is because he didn’t get along with his Degu buddy. In essence he’s the exception to that rule.

Another important note, degus don’t like to be handled, but do enjoy human companionship. Their antics, often accompanied by excited chattering or gentle coos, can keep you entertained for hours. Their average life span is five to ten years.

Here’s a random fact about degus: they have yellow teeth. Unlike humans, if their teeth turn white it typically means they’re not healthy.

Before adopting a degu, consider the following:

  • Degus need nutritious food, fresh water and a clean habitat.
  • Degus clean themselves by rolling in dust, so you’ll need to provide a dust bath.
  • Degus need daily exercise and play.
  • While they are excellent companions, most degus do not like to be handled, but Gus loves getting his cheeks scratched. Watch the video below.
  • Degus require a larger habitat than most rodents.

Now that you have some basic info about degus. We hope you’ll be that special someone Gus is waiting for!


Hop to It! Adopt a Rabbit.

February is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month

If you’re trying to decide on a new pet consider this: rabbits make perfect household pets for the right people, especially for apartment dwellers.

You won’t have to rush home from work to let a rabbit out. They need some time outside of their cage every day, but they require less attention than dogs or cats. Rabbits eat salad and hay, and love carrots as treats – in moderation.

Rabbits are curious and friendly by nature. They’ll entertain you with their silly antics, and love to cuddle next to you on the sofa. They’re also quiet and clean – they can easily be trained to use a litterbox (huge plus).

Right now all three of our shelters have more rabbits available for adoption than usual including shorthaired, albino mini-lops, mini rexes and several others.

View our adoptable rabbits online, or come to one of our shelters to meet them, and possibly adopt one of these furry loves into your home.

If you don’t have room in your home for any more of these lil’ guys, you can spread the love by sponsoring an adoption fee and helping a deserving bunny hop on home this Valentine’s Day.

Sponsor an Adoption Fee

Thank You Thursday: Clear Channel Outdoor is Spreading the Love

Thank you Clear Channel Outdoor

Clear Channel Outdoor is helping the ARL’s shelter pets find loving human companions and spreading the love this February. The company first partnered with us back in August for our Adoptathon and have been extremely supportive of all of our adoption efforts and campaigns ever since. Partners like Clear Channel Outdoor are so crucial to getting the word out about pet adoption.

Clear Channel Outdoor has generously donated several electronic billboards to us in key areas for our February campaign, so keep an eye out on your commute! Look for our billboards in the following places:

  • Medford: I-93 driving south
  • Medford: I-93 driving north
  • Stoneham: I-93 driving south
  • Peabody: I-95 driving south

Please visit one of our animal shelters to find your valentine. There are many shelter pets waiting for that special someone!

We are very grateful to our animal-loving friends at Clear Channel Outdoor Boston for spreading the love!

02-06-14 Thank you Clear Channel Logo

See What ARL Rescue Does in 90 Mins or Less

NECN’s Ally Donnelly Reports: When Temps Drop ARL Suits Up

The New England Cable News Network (NECN) hopped on our Rescue Truck yesterday for an exciting afternoon of cold weather rescues.

In just under 90 minutes, a turkey with a broken wing from Malden, a swan frozen to the ice from Stoughton, and an abandoned cat found shivering on a farm in Dover were brought into the ARL.

With the recent abundance of cold weather snaps our Rescue Team has been extremely busy and we’re grateful to NECN for coming along for the ride and sharing the work of the ARL.

Watch Ally Donnelly’s report by clicking the video below!


01-29-14 NECN ARL Rescue Video Screenshot