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Your Winter Pet Health Questions, Answered

Dr. Schettino’s Answers to Pet Health Questions from Yesterday’s Twitter Chat

01-11-14 Dr SchettinoThank you to all who participated in and submitted questions to yesterday’s twitter chat with the ARL’s Director of Veterinary Medical Services, Dr. Edward Schettino.

In cased you missed it, you can see a transcript of the conversation below. We’ll be organizing another twitter chat at the end of February about spay/neuter, so stay-tuned!

Introduction: @ARLBoston: Hi everyone. Our Winter #PetHealth Twitter chat starts NOW! #ARLAskaVet

Q:@pawspluspals: @ARLBoston #ARLAskaVet Should dogs always wear doggie boots/booties when they go walking on snow/ice?
Dr.Schettino: Doggie boots help protect your companion’s pads from salt and ice so depending on location they can be helpful. #ARLAskaVet
A: however, some dogs may not like them #ARLAskaVet

Q: @ubergirl4: My cats shed a lot during the winter and get indigestion from hairballs. What should I give them to help?” #ARLAskaVet
You should give them love and affection by grooming them on a regular basis. This will help reduce shedding! #ARLAskaVet 

Q: @Dobrska: How do I remove sap from my pet’s fur? #ARLAskaVet
A: The best way to remove sap is to use some type of cooking oil (Olive oil ..) and gently rub into the sap. #ARLAskaVet
A: ‏
Once the sap is lose you then can use a liquid dishwashing detergent to wash out the oil. Problem solved!! #ARLAskaVet

Q: Do dogs need flea/tick treatment in the winter if they rarely interact with other dogs?

A: Yes! Fleas can live inside during the winter months. Year round protection is very important. #ARLAskaVet
A: And depending on the temperature outside and your location … ticks can still be a nuisance during the winter months. #ARLAskaVet

Q: @MRegan102205: #arlaskavet – If someone has an indoor/outdoor cat, when is it too cold for the cat to remain outside?” 
A: When the temperature starts to dip below freezing you need to be very careful with outdoor pets. #ARLAskaVet
A: You need to keep a careful eye on your cat when they are outside. They will let you know when it is too cold. #ARLAskaVet

A: If it is too cold for you … your cat is probably cold as well! Be very careful and monitor your cat carefully. #ARLAskaVet

Q: What is the longest a pet should be outside when the temperature is below 32F? #ARLAskaVet 
A: Some pets love the cold weather and can spend hours outside in the snow and cold. However, you need to keep a watchful eye #ARLAskaVet
A: on your pet and when they show signs of cold: holding up their paws, shivering and becoming less active #ARLAskaVet

Q: @BostonDailyNews: Can animals get frostbite? #ARLAskaVet #Boston cc:@ARLDrS

A: Yes! Usually on their paw pads, the tip of the tail and the margins of the ears. #ARLAskaVet #Boston

Q: Cats seem to eat plants frequently during the winter. Why and is this a cause for concern? #ARLAskaVet #Boston cc:@ARLDrS
A: You are either home more often or you have moved your plants inside for the winter months. #ARLAskaVet #Boston
A: It is vital that you are familiar with what type of houseplants you have and their degree of toxicity! #ARLAskaVet #Boston

Q: @AlyssaKane: @ARLBoston @ARLDrS Should I vaccinate my dog for lepto and canine flu? I’m not sure if I should be worried about these illnesses #ARLAskaVet

A: It all depends on the lifestyle of your dog. You should have this conversation with your local veterinarian.

Q: @CamillaRFox: @ARLBoston @ARLDrS #ARLAskaVet Any winter exercise tips for large dog whose arthritis lets him swim, but little else?

A: You can find a canine physical therapist who generally have underwater treadmills that you can use.

Q: @norwoodsworld:@ARLBoston @ARLDrS what’s the difference between kennel cough and canine flu? #ARLAskaVet

A: Great tweet! They both have similar symptoms but are very different – canine flu generally contd #ARLAskaVet
A: … is more severe. You should speak with your regular veterinarian regarding risks of each. #ARLAskaVet

Q: When should a dog wear a coat? #ARLAskaVet
A: It all depends on the dog. If you feel your dog is uncomfortable in the cold, feel free to try a warm winter coat.

A: Generally dogs lose heat through their paws, ears and respiratory tract.

Boston Globe Subscribers, You Can Help the ARL

Please Choose the ARL to Receive a Globe Ad Grant

The Boston Globe is enabling readers to show their support for their favorite non-profits by choosing which ones are given free advertising space in The Boston Globe. If you choose the Animal Rescue League, please know that you’ll be encouraging shelter animals to find loving homes faster and helping the ARL get the word out about important initiatives like spay and neuter through the free advertising provided in the Globe.

The Boston Globe is mailing vouchers to each of their subscribers. Seven-day newspaper subscribers’ vouchers are valued at $100; all other subscribers (including website-only readers) have been sent vouchers valued at $50.

It is up to the readers to decide which non-profit deserves his or her voucher the most. This is an easy way for you to help animals in need, so when you get that silver envelope in the mail, please write in the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Learn more about Globe Grants.

01-14-14 Globe Subscribers Photo


Pet Photos with Santa Today!

All Proceeds Benefit the ARL

Come in from the cold and join Boston Veterinary Care today from 1-3PM to have your pet’s photo taken with Santa! Hot cider and treats for both pets and humans alike will be provided. All proceeds benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Donate to a good cause, enjoy some refreshments and have a lasting keepsake of your furry family member – a photo with Santa! Check out the event on Facebook! Your donation will help shelter pets find a ‘Home For The Holidays’!

Please be sure that cats and small pets are in a suitable carrier for their safety.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

We hope to see you there!


The ARL and Cruelty Prevention

How We Give A Voice to the Victims of Animal Cruelty

Ollie, one of the original Middleboro Puppies who has already been adopted! (Photo: Amelia Hughes)

Ollie, one of the original Middleboro Puppies who has already been adopted! (Photo: Amelia Hughes)

The public and media attention to the recent cases of Puppy Doe, Kitty, and the Middleboro puppies has shined a light on the issue of animal cruelty, and many are calling for tougher laws.

We wholeheartedly endorse legislation that helps to protect animals in Massachusetts to the level that they deserve. Heightened awareness of penalties not only helps reduce the number of tragic cases of animal suffering, but also moves us closer to a more just and humane society where both people and animals are valued.

The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys released a strong statement of principles regarding the prosecution of animal cruelty crimes which we applaud.

Now some of our readers might be thinking, that’s all well and good, but what exactly does the ARL do about it?

First, we can tell you that we meet with elected officials and legislators at the local and state level to help them understand and craft animal welfare policies and laws.   Members of our staff attend and testify at public hearings as different legislative committees and state agencies review practices, policies, and laws.

We also actively collaborate with the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, the Massachusetts District Attorney’s Association and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in pursuit of legislation that advances animal welfare and protection.

To further influence positive change for animals in our state, we also work with organizations and agencies such as Massachusetts Animal Coalition, the Department of Agriculture, and the Animal Control Officers of Massachusetts on a variety of animal welfare issues.

Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore

Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore

By way of specifics on our legislative and policy work…..

  • The ARL’s Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore serves as the chair elect of the AVMA Animal Welfare Committee.  This committee makes policy recommendations for issues related to animals on a national level and influences national animal welfare law and practices by working closely with federal agencies such as the USDA, APHIS, and others.
  • We have prepared a friend of the court brief in conjunction with Animal Legal Defense Fund for the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the state’s highest court Massachusetts, in support of granting police the ability to enter a property without a search warrant if they believe any animals are in immediate danger. A hearing will be held at the SJC on December 3rd.
  • The ARL also participated in the development and passage of the Homeless Animal Prevention and Care Act (HAPCA), the tax check off that will help to provide training to Animal Control Officers in Massachusetts to advance the level of humane care of animals.  The HAPCA also supports the spaying and neutering of homeless animals and animals owned people of limited economic means in the state.

Learn more by visiting arlboston.org/take-action


Pet of the Week: Cuddles

A Favorite of the Shelter Volunteers

Cuddles has quickly become a favorite of the volunteers at the ARL’s Boston shelter! She’s been with us since September, so we’ve really had a chance to get to know her.

This four-year-old kitty came to us after having a litter of kittens in her foster home. Cuddles was very shy when she first arrived at her foster home, but she quickly warmed up. Now she’s back at the shelter and ready for her furever home!

We think this sweet kitty would do best in a quiet, small home such as a studio apartment, with an someone who is understanding of her need to be comfortable in the space.

Cuddles loves to burrow under the bed or covers, but once you start petting her, well, that’s a different story! This kitty love attention and will sit by your side.

We’ve found that when someone approaches her cage she immediately starts to purr. She also likes to eat when her humans are nearby too!

Please consider adopting this very sweet cat. She needs someone with a little patience and a lot of love! If you’d like to meet with her, stop by our Boston shelter!


PUPPY DOE UPDATE: Suspect Faces 11 Counts of Animal Cruelty

ARL will continue to support what remains an active investigation

The Quincy Police Department announced an arrest in the Puppy Doe abuse case and today the suspect was charged with 11 counts of animal cruelty in Quincy District Court.

Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey, Quincy Chief of Police Paul Keenan, and ARL president Mary Nee joined together for a press conference immediately following today’s court proceedings.

Watch the complete broadcast of the press conference on NECN: http://www.necn.com/10/29/13/NEWS-CONFERENCE-No-known-motive-in-Puppy/landing.html?blockID=856317&feedID=11106

10-29 Puppy Doe Update Press Conference Screenshot


Howl-o-ween Party Today at the Seaport Hotel

Join the Seaport Hotel and the ARL for a dog-friendly Howl-o-ween Party today from 1-3pm!

10-22 Halloween Safety Tips_ThumbWe encourage you to dress-up your dog, but remember that your pet’s comfort should be your number one concern, i.e. avoid anything that covers your dog’s face and ears.

The Seaport Hotel will he handing out some awesome prizes for best costumes, so start planning your pup’s costume now! Cash bar Homemade treats for the dogs Prizes for best costumes.

Anyone who signs up to be a Champions Circle member (a.k.a. a monthly donor) at the event, will be entered to win a one night stay at the Seaport Hotel!


R.S.V.P. here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/8699391113/es2/?rank=2&sid=98ffa5a835ac11e39e1912313b01148d

Since October is also Adopt-a-Dog month we will have fun facts and information for you to share with family and friends to spread the word about shelter pets who need homes.

86 Cats Spayed And Neutered Yesterday

Wrap-Up of the Last Feral Cat Clinic of 2013

We’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers who helped with yesterday’s Feral Cat Clinic at our Boston shelter. A total of 86 cats were spayed or neutered. It turned out that two of the cats were friendly and we were able to take them in to our Boston shelter. They should be available for adoption soon.

Our Feral Cat Clinics are in their 4th year and are gaining momentum with each clinic. Yesterday’s clinic wrapped-up our 2013 season. Great job everyone!

If you are interested in becoming a trapper and helping TNR (trap/neuter/release) a feral cat community near you, please email feralcatinfo@arlboston.org today. We are always in need of more feral cat trappers.

Learn more about feral cats: https://arlboston.wpengine.com/fix-a-feral/


Upon arrival all of the cats go through a registration process.

Upon arrival all of the cats go through a registration process.

This is one of two cats who were discovered to be friendly at the Clinic and will be available for adoption at our Boston shelter soon.

This is one of two cats who were discovered to be friendly at the Clinic and will be available for adoption at our Boston shelter soon.


Volunteers arrived at 8am to help with the Clinic.

Volunteers arrived at 8am to help with the Clinic.


10-21 Feral Cat Clinic-Heat Lamp Cat

In order to prevent hypothermia after surgery, we surround each cat with warm rice bags after surgery and check the temperature of the cats every 10 minutes. Any cats who seem to have a lower than normal body temperature are immediately placed under heat lamps until their normal body temperature is restored.



Happy Adopt-A-Dog Month!

October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog-Month



Homeless dogs need your help. If you’re thinking about getting a dog, then please consider adopting. There are numerous benefits to adopting a dog, but most importantly, when you adopt you’re saving two lives, the life of the animal that you adopted and the life of the animal that’s going to take its place at the shelter.

Here at the Animal Rescue League of Boston we’re going to spend this month honoring all of our wonderful, adoptable shelter dogs and offering canine tips throughout the month. Stay tuned for important information regarding canine health, grooming, exercise, training and nutrition. In addition to sharing helpful tips, we’ll also be tweeting some incredibly touching quotes and photos.

If you’re currently not in a position to adopt a dog, but would still like to help, there are plenty of ways that you can help shelter dogs.

  • Spread the word. Talk with your family and friends about the importance of supporting local animals shelters and adopting pets.
  • Follow your local animal shelter on Twitter and retweet stories by them.Use the hashtag #SaveDogs. You can share the stories of shelter animals on Facebook and dedicate your Facebook status to an adoptable dog. Social media is a powerful tool and you can use it to help homeless animals.
  • If you’ve adopted a dog, write an op-ed about your experience and share your story with your local newspaper.
  • Become a volunteer or foster parent. We’re currently in need of volunteers at our Dedham location.
  • Donate to your local animal shelter. Every dollar makes a difference and no contribution is ever too small.


YP Event this Wednesday in Beacon Hill

Sip & Shop at J. McLaughlin on 10/2

If you’re a young professional in the Boston area who loves helping animals and shopping, don’t miss this Wednesday’s event! J. McLaughlin, a clothing boutique on Charles Street in Beacon Hill is hosting an exclusive Sip & Shop event for members of our YP group and their friends. Enjoy light refreshments while you shop and feel no buyer’s remorse because J. McLaughlin will be donating 15% of all sales, so you’ll be shopping for a good cause!

This event is open to the ARL’s Young Professionals group and their friends only. However, it’s not too late to register for the group. In order to join you must be between the ages of 21-35 and have a passion for animals! You can learn more about the benefits of joining the group on our website or become a member now by registering below. Once your membership is processed we will send you a link to the official Facebook Group where all upcoming events and news are featured.


Sip & Shop