Last Feral Clinic of the Spring Yields 5 “Friendly” Cats

Feral Clinic PhotoThank you so much to all of our volunteers and staff who participated Sunday’s “Fix a Feral” cat clinic. These clinics rely on volunteers and we were happy to see so many new faces! We admitted 65 cats to the clinic, five of which were found to be “friendly” and were admitted to our Boston shelter.

One of the cats who we admitted has a microchip. After tracing her chip we found that she was adopted from one of our shelters several years ago. Unfortunately, all the phone numbers that we have are no longer in service, but our Boston shelter manager sent a certified letter to the last known address and we’ll see if an owner is found!

This serves as an important reminder to 1) microchip your cats and 2) keep your contact information up-to-date. If a cat that has gone missing is brought in to one of our clinics and has a microchip with current contact information. We’ll be able to reunite the cat with his/her owner. Remember, even indoor cats escape sometimes!

We’d also like to thank Bertucci’s for generously donating lunch for our volunteers to help get them through the long day!

feral cat clinic catOur next Fix-a-Feral cat clinics will take place in the fall.

If you’re interested in becoming a trapper and helping TNR (trap/neuter/release) a feral cat community near you, please email today. We’re always in need of more feral cat trappers.

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