Thank You Thursday: We’re Celebrating Our Volunteers

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!

This week is volunteer appreciation week and we’re dedicating today’s “Thank You Thursday” to all of our outstanding volunteers, without whom we could fulfill our mission! They are such a vital part of our organization.

We’ve been celebrating them all week with special events at all three of our shelter locations. Dedham’s volunteer event was held on Tuesday, Boston’s was yesterday and Brewster’s is tonight – the winners are still a secret!

Thank you all for your commitment to animals and the ARL We truly appreciate everything that you for us and animals in need!

Kate Hanson one of the Best of Boston winners. [Photo: Maria Uribe]

Kate Hanson one of the Best of Boston winners.
[Photo: Maria Uribe]

Several volunteers particularly stood out this year and we’d like to give them an extra shout-out below:

Best of Boston –  Jane Urban and  Kate Hanson

Cape’d Crusader – Will be announced tonight!

Dedham’s Most Dignified – Rachel Sisson

Medicine’s Most Marvelous – Maryanne Hertel

Boston’s Unsung Hero – Laurie Gail

Admin’s Above and Beyond – Marilyn Wales (Dedham) and Margaret Wirth (Boston)

Four Footed Friends Best Foster – Will be announced tonight!

Thank you Image