Help a Squirrel Out This Winter

January 21 is largely regarded to be National Squirrel Appreciation Day. This day was chosen to be on this date because mid to late January is when squirrels have the toughest time finding food. So now is the time leave out a treat for these funny furry friends!

Here are a few facts about squirrels:

  • There are more than 300 species of squirrel.
  • Different types of squirrels range in size from five inches (the African pygmy squirrel) to three feet (Indian giant squirrel).
  • The word “squirrel” comes from the Greek word skiouros, which means shadow-tailed.

Have the day off from work or school? 

If you have small children, play a game of squirrel seek with them.

Or why not take on a DIY project and build a squirrel feeder? Here’s an easy one:

Milk Carton Feeder
  • Squirrel/bird feeder

    Squirrel/bird feeder

    Use scissors to cut an opening on either side of a clean and empty milk carton. Apply nontoxic paint to the carton and allow it to dry. Paste a Popsicle stick on either side of the top of the milk carton, to create an attractive roof. Nuts (not peanut, because they’re not real nuts, they’re legumes) or seeds on the bottom of the feeder, through the opening that you cut. Pass a wire through either side of the top portion of the milk carton and hang it for the squirrels to feed on.