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DID YOU KNOW… that the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is the only animal welfare organization in Massachusetts that has a technically-trained team dedicated to rescuing animals from a variety of emergency situations?

So far in 2015, ARL’s rescue services team has assisted 1,788 domesticated animals and wildlife that were trapped, displaced, injured or otherwise distressed. Click here to watch ARL’s rescue services team in action, as seen on

The team is only there to answer the call for help because of donors like you!

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The ARL counts down our top 7 animal rescues from 2015:

ARL's rescue services team#7 – Canton deer pushed to safety

In March, a deer in Canton, MA went for a dip in a neighbor’s in-ground pool. Unfortunately for him, the concrete pool was empty and too deep for him to climb out of on his own.

Cue ARL’s resourceful rescue services team and facilities director who constructed a special ramp that allowed them to push the deer out of the pool uninjured!


ARL's rescue services team#6 – It’s all upstream for the Gloucester Beaver Family

In May, three beavers were found stuck in a dry spillway off Dikes Pond in Gloucester, MA. The walls of the spillway were anywhere from 5 to 8 feet high, which was just too steep of an incline for the beavers to scale safely.

Three members of ARL’s rescue services team armed with catch poles and large nets successfully captured the beaver family. They then carried them a quarter of a mile downstream to release them in Lily Pond unharmed!


ARL's rescue services team#5 – Lancaster goats are on the run no more

In January, the ARL was called in to capture a pair of goats that had been wandering along busy Route 190 between Sterling and Lancaster, MA. The two goats had reportedly been on the loose for up to 6 months and had become somewhat feral.

Thanks to their specially designed ungulate trap, ARL’s rescue services team was able to carefully capture both goats in the same trap. The duo was transported to ARL’s Dedham shelter where they were eventually adopted!


ARL's rescue services team#4 – Lowell goat finds shelter before the big snowstorm

In January, an elusive goat wandering around the greater Lowell, MA area for over a month had a fortunate intervention. The “Lowell goat”, as he became known, had been spotted trekking through the snow and was inching dangerously closer and closer to I-495.

With the hope of bringing the shaggy two-horned rambler to safety before an impending major snowstorm, ARL’s rescue services team set up a humane trap. They were in luck! The goat was transported to ARL’s Dedham shelter barn for proper food, water, and rest in a fresh bed of straw. After regaining his strength, he was transferred to a sanctuary in Central Massachusetts and given the name Braveheart. Click here to read the full rescue story.


ARL's rescue services team#3 – Boxer escapes an icy situation in West Roxbury

In March, a happy-go-lucky family dog was overcome with spring fever and decided to wade into a stream along the outskirts of Millennium Park in West Roxbury, MA. Deciding the water was a bit too chilly for his liking, the Boxer turned back for shore, only to find an icy shelf blocking his path.

Working alongside the dog’s caregiver, Boston Park Rangers, and the Boston Police, ARL’s rescue services team extended a catch-pole across the narrow stream to grab hold of the dog and pull him back onto solid ground. The Boxer received a warm welcome- and towel rub down- the minute his paws touched land. Click here to read the full rescue story.


ARL's rescue services team#2 – It was all net gains for dog in Norfolk

In June, timid pup Faith had her wish come true and found her forever home! Within only 2 short hours at her new house in Norfolk, MA, however, she was spooked by gun shots fired at a nearby range and ran off with her leash dragging behind her. Faith’s new family was absolutely devastated.

Fortunately, Faith stuck close to the neighborhood for the next 7 weeks and after other attempts to bring her home had failed, the dog’s family called ARL’s rescue services team. A humane drop net was set and the lucky dog was caught and returned to her owners the very next day! Since then Faith has become a social butterfly who loves frolicking along the beach and is inseparable from her canine brother. Click here to read the full rescue story.


ARL's rescue services team#1 – One lucky duck rescued from Gloucester Harbor

In February, a duck swimming in icy water found himself in a tangled mess. The brown and white aquatic bird was paddling through the harbor in Gloucester, MA when his feathers and feet suddenly became entangled in netting that had been floating nearby.

Dressed in head-to-toe ice suits, the ARL’s rescue services team carefully swam between small ice flows to reach the Eider who was almost 300-feet off-shore! The team successfully pulled the duck onto dry land, slowly but surely untangled his feathers from each piece of netting, and set him free!

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FUN FACT: ARL’s rescue services team helped bring 104 cats stuck in trees to safety so far in 2015!