Volunteer Profile: Keri Nixon

This Place Saved My Life
For Greco, Nikita, Godzilla, Noel, Marvin and More…

Keri Nixon and I are sitting at a picnic table on a humid summer day, right outside the doors to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. She’s telling me about Noel a ferret that she held as he was put to sleep due to an insurmountable neurological disorder. Even now, it’s easy to see the weight of the memory; the innate desire she has to help rescue some of the smaller, more unusual animals at the shelter.

In 2006, Keri was presented with the opportunity to volunteer at the Animal Rescue League of Boston while living at the YWCA and searching for something substantial to occupy her time. In an attempt to save herself from an abusive husband, Keri ended up homeless and was left with no choice but to leave her son to be cared for by his grandparents. Making matters worse, Keri was riddled with depression and poor health as she began a journey in search of a simple, peaceful existence. With each visit, Keri learned a vital life lesson by helping others, we often help ourselves.

Most recently, Keri was offered a part-time position at the shelter. From monitoring the daily habits of animals like Snoopy the rabbit to maneuvering brazen birds like Marvin the Macaw, it is easy to see that these animals are Keri’s family. As we enter the back area where a few ferrets reside – an iguana, some rabbits, an assortment of birds and other small creatures her movements reflect the value of the human-animal bond.  These are her animals. This is her domain. The Animal Rescue League of Boston is her living, breathing sanctuary.

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