Thank you for expressing your love, compassion, and kindness for animals on #GivingTuesday

Thanks to you, twice as many animals will have a chance at a better life in 2018. Your generous donations make it possible to continue ARL’s programs and services that are critical to our community and to animals in need throughout Massachusetts – and beyond.

Your support helps provide positive outcomes for over 18,000 animals annually. Animals like Brownie, Pierce, Hazel, and Lawrence, received the high-quality compassionate care they needed to thrive. 

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Thank you for being an unwavering champion for animals in need!

ARL does not receive government or public funding and relies solely on the donations of individuals like you to keep animals happy and healthy in their habitats and homes – YOU make our important work possible!

Adah Levens Gary and Lynne Callahan Mary M. O’Connell
Alan Borgal Gary and Michele Brown in honor of Blackie Mary R. Buckley in honor of Dewey Buckley
Alice C. Marullo in honor of Baci and Dolce Gerry and Jackie Hokanson Mary-Ann Greanier in honor of Nymphadora Tonks
Alice O’Neill Grace and Philip Berestecki Maryellen and Michael Nissen in honor of Herb and Kathryn Nissen
Alicia D’Alba Greg Grunwald Maureen O’Neill in honor of Brushes O’Neill
Alpesh Patel Gretchen S. Richards in honor of Fiona, Ollie and Zach Meg Bright-Ryan in memory of Mary Bright
Amy Annis in honor of Bear the Bunny Gurer Ozen Michael and Carolyn Grimes in honor of Nessi Grimes
Amy Salcido Herbert Huene Michael and Mary Berne
Amy Siebert Hilary and Bradford Allinson Michael Denomy and Katrina Anderson
Amy Simon Holly Young and Michael Woodhouse Morgan A. Harris
Andrea Estes Ian and Bonnie St. Germain Nancy E. Ridill
 Andrew and Julie Sammut Jacqueline and Julien Delbasty Nancy E. Spolsino in memory of Pebbles
Andrew Mancini in honor of Rhett Mancini Jacqueline Ratner Nancy Haverty
Angie Lint in honor of Zenny Lint Jacques Longerstaey Nancy L. Powell
Ashley Allinson James and Lynn Bartlett Nancy Sinclair in honor of Trixie
Ashley Cox in honor of Luca James and Nancy McConnell Nancy Ward
Audrey and Orlando Tomlinson James and Saundra Slater Nico Van Der Sluis
Barbara A. Darrow James M. Bracciale Nina and Wallace Lee
Barbara E. Plumeri James MacPherson in memory of John F. MacPherson Olga M. Donohue
Barbara H. Magruder Jane and Andrew Urban Pamela A. Chatis
Barbara V. Weidlich in honor of Minou Janet L. Belsky Pamela D. Gerardi
BB, Marilyn, and Joel Bregoli Janet Surrey in honor of Cinnamon Patricia A. Leighfield
Benjamin and Kelly Hall Janet Wigren Patricia and Peter Spencer
Benjamin Pomicter Janice A. LeBlanc Patricia Conroy
Beth S. Greenblatt in honor of Jackson Nieporent Janice Hartman Patricia Richards in honor of Zoe Richards
Bonnie S. Jones Janice Litzwin and Alan Wichlei Patricia Stone
Brenna and Sudeep Venkatesh Janice McHugh Paul and Liz DiMaria in honor of Beesly and Bailey DiMaria
Brian Sharkey Jean S. Higgins Peggy R. Ungerer
Brittney Baumgardner Jeffrey and Diane Newton Peter and Cynthia Schliemann
Camela Johnson Jeffrey Goldberg in honor of Peppah Peter Gray and Annie
Carol A. Hill in honor of Marmalady and Gracie Jeffrey Robbins Philip Lambert
Carol A. Legere in memory of Joy Jolie Legere Jennifer A. Marchand in honor of Zoe the Wonder Dog Philip Saul
Carol and William Caporizzo Jeremiah and Karen O’Sullivan Philippa and David Nava
Carola E. Cadley Jessica L. Carlone in honor of Shelby Phyllis and Martin Kornguth
Carole L. Eshleman Joan K. Shafran Priscilla L. White
Carolyn S. Morrill Joan M. Kirchner Ralph Brennan
Catherine Arnet Joan O’Handley Rebecca L. Rosier
Cathleen and John Sullivan John M. Vendetti Rebecca L. Schuster in honor of Chloe
Cathy and Steve DeSalvo John, Katy, and Pierce Hayes Rebecca McCarthy
Charles Ackerman Jon Drawbaugh Regina S. Pyle in honor of Monty
Charley and Kenneth Levine Jonathan R. Leehey Reid and Debra Leonard
Chava Abrams Joseph Marullo in honor of Kona Marullo Rick Tagliaferri and Jill Mackavey in honor of Carly Tagliaferri
Cheryl Champagne Joslin Murphy Robert Barro and Rachel McCleary
Chris Chapman Joyce Clapp Robert J. Poe
Christian Borrelli and Rachel Spatz Judith A. Holoway Robert Pavao in honor of Gronk
Christine Dowling Judith and David Brainerd Robert Young and Michelle Apuzzio
Christine Hoage Judith and Jeffrey Seifert Roberta Thall
Christine Kurpeski in honor of Vivian “ViVi” Garpeski Judith Rosen and Chuck Dresner Ronald W. Hull
Christopher J. Farrell Julie M. Mead Ruth A. Knopf
Clea Simon and Jon Garelick in memory of Musetta Julie Mackin and Daniel Clevenger Sajed Kamal and Rosie Kamal
Courtney Hushek Kara Hoar Sandra Azzalina and David Querusio
Daniel McLaughlin Jessica L. Carlone Paul and Kathleen Kerwin
Beth Sutherland in honor of Amy, Scott, Penny, and Walter Sutherland Karen Calabria in honor of Deb Ratner Sandra Fischer in honor of Penelope and Octavia
David and Becca Joy in honor of Albus Dumblemeow Karen Gondoly Sandra J. Hendren
David and Justine Ross Karen L. Garvin Sandra Scott
David Carls and Maria Mackavey Karen Lynch and Richard Madden Sarah A. Rothermel in honor of Sue Kazanas and Cushing
David Plantier Kate and Kevin Sullivan Sarah Dittemore
David Vitiello Kate Tetreault Sarah E. Ashby
Davy and John Ryan in honor of Carolyn Curran Kathleen and Kevin Beatty Sarah Roche-Mahdi
Debi and Mike McAleer Kathleen and Norman MacLeod in memory of Angus and in honor of Bodie Sarah Stanlick Kimball and Michael Kimball
Deborah and Randall Spicer Kathryn Stevenson Sarah Whittaker
Deborah Flynn Kathy Pocherstnik Sean and Jeanne Smith in honor of Belle
Deborah N. Mauger Katie F. Stewart Sharon A. Cunningham
Deborah Tassone Kebi Hong in honor of Molly the tuxedo cat Sharon L. Wright
Debra L. Keene Kelly and Lincoln Greenhill Sonya Ross
Debra Monday Kenneth Blumberg Stacey Weaver in honor of BB Beck
Denise Cheung in honor of Wolf OtteCheung Kenneth Freed in honor of Malcolm McDonald and Susan Pasoni Stanton A. Lyman
Diane Gilbert Kenneth P. Cordeiro Steven Cecil
Dominic Lloyd Kevin and Saray Jay Steven F. Smoot
Donna Galassi in honor of Amanda Woodbury Kimberly A. Fluhrer Steven Weitzman
Donna Stenwall Kurt and Louise Wulff Sunglim Shin
Douglas Zeghibe Kyle F. Moran Susan Doran
Dr. Stephanie R. Faucette in honor of Houdini and Reggie Laureen E. Regan Susan E. Bromley
Dyanne and John Ridill Laurie Vadeboncoeur Susan G. Davis in honor of Jakie
Edward and Gina Dubuisson Lawrence F. Brandon and Onyx the Bunny Susan R. Mungovan
Edward and Summer Blewett Lawrence F. Brandon in memory of Noir the Kitty Susanne Concannon
Edward Serues Leah Kotok Suzanne E. Nagle
Eileen M. Healy Leo and Dorine Albanese Suzanne T. Pedersen
Eileen M. McGettigan Leslie Bowen Sydney B. Rosen
Ekaterina Hurst Linda Booth Ted Tye in honor of Dr. Ilene Segal
Elisa Romero Linda M. DeCelles The Cestodio Family
Elizabeth A. Keeley Linda K. Peters The Hoskins Family
 Elizabeth McLagan  Lisa Cafferata The Girvin, Dunnett-Murphy, and Sgourakes-Machado Families in honor of Moses, Derby, Sweetpea, Shadow, and Hermes.
Elizabeth B. Hall Lisa Volkening Theresa M. Tanner
Elizabeth Boyles in honor of Rose Boyles Lorraine S. Theroux and Christopher L. Jones in honor of Pandora Thomas R. Quigley
Elizabeth Lydon Lourenco and Cynthia Dantas Tiffany Dowd
Ellen F. Ruland Mamie Wytrwal Timothy Haney
Ellen Forrester in honor of Jack Marc Arsenault in honor of Nala Peterson-Arsenault Torrey C. Campbell
Ellen Gates and John Simeone Marcia L. Ciro Tracy Firth
Ellen Wojdak Munley in honor of Katya Pooskaya Margaret A. Savage Vicki Kaufman
Elyse Horowitz and Kerry Reef Marianne Colacray Victoria Coburn
Eric Cataldo Marianne Doernis-Goldman Vincent Domestico
Erin L. Thompson Mark and Samantha Cornebise Virginia Berzin
Ernst and Joan Berndt Martha Rullman William and Barbara Hill
Evan Panich Martha Taft William and Katherine Slocum in honor of Billy, Wrigley, and Eddie
Eve Perkins Mary H. Utt William and Nancy Pratt in honor of Solstice
Frances Duffly in honor of Ditto Duffly Mary L. Brown William R. Eddows
Frederick Choi Mary L. Stone William Wilbur in honor of Jazz Cat
Sandra Proule Patricia La Valley and Geoffrey Hargadon Xuan Luo
Jane and Robert Deegan Zoe Friend in honor of Bizmark and Maple Pancakes  Susan and Alan Tuck
Michelle and Andrew Feinberg Jake Sullivan  Persis N. McClennen
ARL does not receive any government or public funding and relies solely on generous individuals like you – YOU make our important work possible!


THANK YOU to our Board of Directors and President for offering an incredible $100K Match!

Anonymous Richard Kelly & Carol Akerson  Alisa M. Plazonja
Barbara Burg & Priscilla Golding Dr. Holly L. Kelsey Kelly & Brian McKernan
David Cawley & Lisa Buesking Walter & Elizabeth Kenyon Mary Nee & James Chapin
Randi Cohen & Al Ossorio Lee Ann & Michael Leahy Tara & Christophe Oliver
 Richard Davey & Jane Willis Malcolm McDonald & Susan Passoni Malisa & Andrew Schuyler
 Jeffrey A. Kaplan