Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society® Member Listing

Named after ARL’s founder, the Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society® is an exceptional group of 147 supporters who are passionate about helping animals now and after their lifetime. Members have chosen to include the Animal Rescue League of Boston in their plans as a personal legacy of compassion.

Susan Adler
John Allison
Susan Alt
Ms. Judith S. Anderson
Katrina Anderson and Michael Denomy

Marshall Ballou
Pam Bankert
Stephen and Sarah Barkhuff Larry Barnett
Jill M. Barres
Jon Barron
Nancy Z. Bender
Harvey Bidwell and Nancy Binner Ellen and Mark Borreliz
John Bradford
Linda M. Breen
Jackie Brenner
Lori Brids
Caleb and Edward Broach
Diane M. Brown
Barbara Burg and Priscilla Golding Cynthia Burwick

Cynthia W. Cadwalader
Pamela Caico
Evelyn and Walter Carleton Louise H. Cay
Janice and Karl Cederholm
Dr. Pamela A. Chatis
Genevive Ciampa
Michael and Julie Cicalese
Tracy E. Clark
Lisa Clifton
Dr. Randi Cohen and Al Ossorio
John and Mary Cotton

Richard Davey and Jane Willis
Christine A. Del Favero
Sandra and Douglas Denninger

Miriam A. Eber

Patti Faff
Quentin and Violetta Faulkner
Cynthia Fawcett and Joseph Webb Tracy Fischer
Lucille F. Flammia
Kimberly and Scott Fluhrer Deborah Flynn
Mr. Howard W. Fortner, Jr.
Mr. Kenneth Freed

Frederick D. Gawron
Julie Geving
Jen Girgen
Denise Goldstein
Dr. Peter Gray
Dr. Beverly F. Greenwold
Jeremy Griswold
James E. Gui
Douglas and Cathy Gustafson

Richard and Lois Hall
Mary C. Hallahan
Nancy and Philip Hamilton Elvira Hand
Carlo M. Hansen
Nathan S. Hasson
Richard and Martha Heath Ronald
   Heinricksen and Henry Anderson
Jean S. Higgins
Elaine Hill
Graham and Nicki Hird
Judith Horgan
Doris Hughes
Mary Lou Hughes
Brian Hyde and Joe Fiorello

Sandra Ilgen
Jeanne Isenstein
Harold K. Isham, Jr.

Holly Kaiser
Walter and Lee Kenyon
Barbara W. Kidder
Jan Kinkopf
Dr. Trude Kleinschmidt

Lee Ann and Michael Leahy
Carol A. Legere
Anne R. Lindsay and Dr. David J. Schwarz
Anne-Marie and Bill Litchfield
Janice Litwin and Alan Wichlei
Stanton A. Lyman

Erin V. MacKesey-Topp Kathleen and Norman MacLeod Leslie R. Mahn
Rose B. Mandelbaum
Lisa Mankita Fay
Sharon J. Matland
Malcolm McDonald and Susan Passoni
Stacy McGrath
Tom McIntyre
Kelly and Brian McKernan Kate Merritt
Laurie Messikian
Paula Minihan
William and Virginia Musker

Avi Nelson
Mary Jane Niemann

Mary M. O’Connell

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Parker, Jr.
Joanne R. Penta
Alisa M. Plazonja
Julie and Laura Polvinen
Susan M. Porazzo
Deborah E. Poto

Lorraine Ramsay
Wallace R. Rockwell, Sr.
José Rodriguez-Villalobos and Christopher Lapan
Brenda Rosenberg
David Rosenthal
Paul F. Rulison
Lois and Lawrence Ruttman
Cassie Ryan

William J. Salem
Denise Saltojanes and Dr. Stephen Spiegelberg Michael Samuelian and Sean Murray
Shira Sands
Ms. Lynne Schlossberg
Kelly Scott
Barbara J. Servis
Jacqueline Seuss
Paul S. Silva
D. Brenton Simons
Nancy and Ted Smethurst
Catherine St. Clair
Elaine M. Stout
Sarah Sullivan

Marna H. Terry
John L. Trepaney
Cynthia I. Tulloch

Charlotte G. Ventola
Evelyn Vigo

Deborah J. Washburn
Chris Waters
Teri F. Weidner
Christopher White and Angela Wehr
David Wisholek and
   Christopher McBride
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Worden, III
Louise and Kurt H. Wulff
Mamie Wytrwal and
   David J. Caponera

Susan A. Yauckoes
Richard and Elizabeth Young

Shari C. Zalkind

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