Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) have become a popular way to support your charitable causes, like ARL.
They are a powerful way to support animals and establish a strong commitment to animal welfare.

What is a DAF?
Donate now through your DAF

What is a DAF?

A DAF is like a charitable savings account that offers a convenient way for you to give. It is managed by a charitable sponsor of your choice, and you instruct when and where to make distributions to nonprofits like the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL).

What is a DAF Infographic

Things to know when establishing a DAF:

  • DAFs offer tax benefits that are different from cash gifts. Talk to your financial planner for more information.

  • You can choose your own gifting schedule, as you advise the charitable sponsor where and when grants are made. In times of crisis, DAF grants can have a profound impact on the causes you care about.

  • DAFs can be established immediately, though most charitable sponsors require a minimum initial contribution.

  • DAFs can be part of your legacy. Depending on your charitable sponsor, your DAF may be passed to a family member or other successor, or the remainder may be given to the charity of your choice.

  • DAF grants cannot be used for donations in which you receive a good or service in exchange, such as an event sponsorship or raffle tickets.

Donate Now Through Your DAF

There are two ways to give through a DAF:

1. Initiate a Request Online

Use this widget to initiate your request to send a DAF grant to give animals the second chance they deserve.

2. Contact your DAF manager to make a recommendation

When recommending a grant through your DAF, please use the following information:

Legal Name: Animal Rescue League of Boston
Tax ID: 04-2103714

Mailing Address:  Animal Rescue League of Boston, 10 Anna’s Place, Dedham, MA 02026

Always consult a financial planner when making decision about investments or philanthropic giving vehicles.

Questions about making a gift through a DAF?
Contact Jackie Smith at (617) 226-5608 or jsmith@arlboston.org.