Vision for the Future

Mission: The Animal Rescue League of Boston is an unwavering champion for animals in need, committed to keeping them safe and healthy in habitats and homes.

ARL'S 2024 – 2028 Goals
ARL'S Values


Our vision is to confront animal cruelty and neglect at its root causes. Through programs, services, and facilities focused on accessible animal care, public advocacy, and sustained anti-cruelty efforts, we are a resource for people and an unwavering champion for animals most in need.

Our focus is to meet people and animals where they are, bringing veterinary and wellness services directly to those who need it most, so that animals are safe and healthy living in communities and out of shelters. We have aligned our resources to support this vision through a coordination of existing programs and the development of new, community-based services.

The impact of our work is seen in the lives of animals most in need across Massachusetts, with the greatest effect in our primary service areas of Greater Boston, Eastern Massachusetts, and the Cape Cod regions. We strive to provide high-quality direct animal care which meets best practice standards in animal welfare. To meet these standards, we pursue continuous improvement and innovation in program models and administrative operations, and we continually measure and evaluate our performance and impact.

Acknowledging that our success rests upon the skills and commitment of a well-trained and supported team of staff and volunteers, we are committed to cultivating an organization where they can excel. In turn, this ARL team will collaborate with community groups and other animal welfare organizations to leverage even greater impact and positive outcomes for animals.


ARL’s 2024-2028 Strategic Plan reflects our unwavering commitment to helping animals heal and thrive, keeping pets and people together, and protecting animals from cruelty and neglect. It will ensure we can continue to respond to the needs of animals and support a community in which animals are protected, safe, and healthy – in homes and out of shelters.

We acknowledge that we cannot achieve our vision without investing in our most vital resource, our people. We are committed to making ARL a great place to work and volunteer. We are also committed to investing in our facilities, laying the foundation for our future in Boston by rebuilding a state-of-the-art Animal Care & Adoption Center and Veterinary Hospital.

Goal 1
Provide high-quality care in our Animal Care and Adoption Centers.
Goal 1
Goal 2
Support animal health with our professional services.
Goal 2
Goal 3
Keep pets and people together.
Goal 3
Goal 4
Improve the lives of animals.
Goal 4
Goal 5
Invest in our people.
Goal 5
Goal 6
Invest in our infrastructure.
Goal 6


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Please contact Jackie to learn more about the plan and ways to get involved.