Vision for the Future

Over the past several years, the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) has embarked on a journey to evaluate the needs of animals in Massachusetts, to look beyond our borders to identify the innovations and best practices of animal welfare organizations across the nation, and to look within to assess our strengths and skills. All of this planning was undertaken in order to chart a new course for ARL’s future.

Along this journey we asked many big questions: what is our mission — our reason for being; what are our core values and beliefs for animals and people; and, what is our vision for the future?

We shared research and analysis and sought the counsel and feedback from our dedicated and talented staff, committed volunteers, donors, and our Board of Directors. From these learnings, we set out to craft a future vision not only for the organization, but also for the animals in our communities whose lives we seek to improve every day.

The outcomes of this effort are new expressions of our mission, values, and vision for the future. To achieve these ideals we have developed strategic goals to be met in the next five years.

Since 1899, ARL has responded to the needs of animals and has sought to foster a more humane community for both animals and people. The mission, vision, and plans outlined here grow out of and remain true to this rich history. It is our hope that this new framework will guide ARL to achieve even greater impact for animals in need well into the year 2029 and beyond.

Our Mission

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is an unwavering champion for animals in need, committed to keeping them safe and healthy in habitats and homes.

Our Vision

Animals are safe and healthy in the communities where they live. ARL staff member with dog

Our vision is to confront animal cruelty and neglect at its root causes. Through programs, services, and facilities focused on accessible animal care, public advocacy, and sustained anti-cruelty efforts, we will be a resource for people and an unwavering champion for animals most in need.

Our focus will be to meet people and animals where they are, bringing veterinary and wellness services directly to those who need it most, so that animals are safe and healthy living in communities and out of shelters.

We will align our resources to support this vision through a coordination of existing programs and the development of new, community-based services.

The impact of our work will be seen in the lives of animals most in need across Massachusetts, with the greatest effect in our primary service areas of Greater Boston, Eastern Massachusetts, and the Cape Cod regions.

We will strive to provide high-quality direct animal care which meets best practice standards in animal welfare. To meet these standards, we will pursue continuous improvement and innovation in program models and administrative operations, and we will continually measure and evaluate our performance and impact.

Acknowledging that our success rests upon the skills and commitment of a well-trained and supported team of staff and volunteers, we are committed to cultivating an organization where they can excel. In turn, this ARL team will collaborate with community groups and other animal welfare organizations to leverage even greater impact and positive outcomes for animals.

Our Values



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